02 March 2010

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02 March 2010 (officially 03022010.MOV) was a video posted on 02 March 2010 by Chris. It is the long awaited (albeit half-assed) apology video to Alec and Mao (but not Evan or Sean) for their portrayals in the events transpired in Sonichu 10.

At the same time, Chris makes the official debut of the Asperchu medallion, confirming its strange appearance in Magical Man Potion (however, under his titanic ego, it is placed under the Sonichu medallion). As well as this, Chris seems to have resorted to using what appears to be the camera used in For Kacey II, confirming that the new camera from earlier videos wasn't his.


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Stardate 02 March 2010
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I am wearing this medallion that Alec has made, along with my own, because I feel that we can be friends and coincide with each other.


["Mo Ghile Mear" by Celtic Woman plays in the background.]

Huhh. Captain's Log, Stardate, March 2nd 2009.

It is with a... with heavy heart and, good and good con-sense, that I deeply apologize to Alec for the, uh, recent portrayal within the comic pages. With the uh, trial and the killings, and the electric chair, and on that sort.

[Chris's face scrunches up as he inhales deeply] I am sorry Mao- I am sorry Alec.

Anyway the trial, and the execution will be replaced with pages that are more accurate to the stories of Soni- of Sonichu and, of that, um, that genre.

[Puts glasses back on] And I am wearing this medallion that Alec has made, [fidgets with the Asperchu medallion hanging around his neck] along with my own, because I feel that we can be friends and coincide with each other. And uh, all people that-uh original Alec-heads or whatever, are welcome to come and view the original comics that inspired him on the CWCipedia. And the pages'll be uh uploaded as soon as possible. I just have to finish coloring them in. And I got a few more pages to draw.

[Removes the Asperchu medallion from his neck], and with that and uh, a bit of honor also, I take uh, Alec's medal here, [places the Asperchu Medallion in a box] gotcha- here. [grabs camera, moves towards wall] And I will place it on the wall of fame. [Camera displays a portion of the wall with three Sonichu mementos hanging from it. Chris hangs the Asperchu box on the wall under them with some difficulty.] It will be secured better after the filming. But the point is made. Thank you very much, and have a safe day.

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