29 January 2010

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29 January 2010 is a video Chris uploaded to YouTube on 30 January 2010 (giving the date as "January 25 or 26"). In the video, Chris apologizes to Alec, but in true CWC fashion, the apology is being made in the hopes of getting him to shrink the ads linking to Asperpedia. He also apologizes for his Mailbag replies that he deletes, edits or responds angrily, due to his 'tard rage. It also features the appearance of a new shirt to Chris's wardrobe.

Chris actually commented on this video in a Sonichu forum post, claiming that a friend had pointed out to him that his recent actions were very troll-like, causing Chris no small amount of personal embarrassment.

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Stardate 30 January 2010
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22 January 2010 Part II
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I can't deal with some topics...that get brought up; it's just beyond my comprehension sometimes. And it frighten- it bothers me.


[in a defeated tone] Hmm... January 25th or 26th, Captain's Log.

[sigh] Anyway, I wou- I'm making this video because I wanted to apologize to Alec for having said the things that I said before and the threats, and want to make amends and peace and, uh, I would appreciate it if the, uh, Asperpedia ads were no longer on the CWCipedia.

[Chris makes an angry face, but doesn't let the emotion overcome him, instead using a soft speaking tone, seeking sympathy.]

Seriously, just- I asked multiple times either shr- to shrink them down, put 'em in the sidebar. I have not seen shrinkage! I have to scroll down to even see anything on the CWCipedia, to even to log in! To even to make edits. And it's very annoying and frustrating. [shakes finger for a second] Get rid of those ads, all together. I still apologize for saying the things I have said before, but I feel like we can best be at peace if Mao of that group removes all those ads, all together. Please.

Anyway, and also, I apologize for appearing to be rude in the Mailbag responses [almost drops controller] and deleting and editing some letters, but, I can't deal with some topics...that get [waves hand around] brought up; it's just beyond my comprehension sometimes. And it frighten- it bothers me. [long pause] M'kay? So, I promise to be nicer in my responses. Okay.

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