Live Game Stream - C-Log 05052017

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Live Game Stream - C-Log 05052017
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Stardate 5 May 2017
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis, BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt The Happy HagThe Happy Hag The Happy Hag
Live Game Stream - C-Log 050032017-2

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This is the Official YouTube channel of the one and only creator and author of the Sonichu and Rosechu series, Christine Weston Chandler (AKA Christian, Christopher, Chris Chan, Ricardo); me. Links to my personal Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as my stores of Sonichu and Rosechu, and self, merchandise are available for purchase. Among which, more items are to come in the future, so stay tuned for the updates when I make them personally.


Once again, Captain's Log, stardate, zero five zero five two zero one seven... On the first note, for today... for this fifth... for this final Captain's Log video for this week... [holds up The Classic] I'm starting with... [stutters] the shirt.

[looks down at the shirt, sets down the controller on lap and begins to show off the shirt]

[frequent audio cuts plague the rest of this video.]

Yes, I have finished it... [shows off the patched up collar] as you have seen in all the videos and bug and bug graphs in which I've uploaded, [Chris begins to ball up the shirt]

I've actually gotten a local phrase for the shirt locally from other people. I hate... I [audio cuts out; Chris says "loathe"] that haters [grabs controller again] have to feel like they continue hating. I'd like to see y'all do any better at sewing and mending not [falsetto break] everybody has even a small skill level, and instinct [holds up hand], to simple "Put a needle in a thread and bob it from, through, piece of fabric." You think it's so simple, you try it. [holds up hand] Go ahead, try it for yourself. Anyway as for the, uh, sale of the shirt, I had to... cancel that order, so, obviously I never received the payments from that lady in Wisconsin... and obviously her son would be quite disappointed. I... feel for them as, I feel for him as well but... she has been belaboring it, [raises arm to scratch scalp] I've been more than patient... and that's done, so... I have not received any money for the shirt [holds up shirt] whatsoever, but it has been repaired and that I am very proud of. Now y'all think it devalues in it but guess what? I think it makes it better in value. Not only does it, uh, put it back into a better shape than it was before with all the hoes mended and everything... it makes it more unique to the person that originally owned it. I can even offer, uh, an example off the top of my head from that, one of, from watching Pawn Stars, like, there was that, uh, baseball player who I think [puts arm up into thinking position] I don't know if he was illiterate, or... [sigh] never learned to write... yeah, but then- but he did... [points finger upwards] a draw, a drawing or some sorta artwork... [suddenly realizes who he's talking about and snaps his fingers] Oh yeah now I 'member his name was, he Shoewess... Shoeless Joe Jackson, yeah, so they came in with a drawing-painting that came from Shoeless Joe, and uh... his signature as best as he could write it on there [makes a "puhyet" type of sound] and I don't know how that came out but anyway, even before the final verdict about it [semi-inaudible] was good or not... it, it was highly praised for its value by... Rick Harrison... or [stutters] whoever it was at the pawn shop that time, I don't remember, it's still good show... Good show, anyway, so, let's see that's definitely one example. So, to take from that, I paint a painting, but signature of somebody who was illiterate, who was illiterate... was able to do all that, that's rare. I have been sh, I personally have been through number of years [brings up arms] of our classes throughout my whole... educational, scholastic, lifetime and throughout which I have learned lots of needle work, including the needlepoint with the plastic and the [trails off]... Hey, if you wanna reference that, the one I did inspired by Banjo Kazooie, that's in the [incomprehensible] water slide show photographs there somewhere. So you take all that to consideration [holds up the classic] I personally, best as I could to my sewing ability, and [falsetto break] I could, I could not do a sewing machine I tried [cat appears in the background] to learn how to work a sewing machine... from an Internet video but from watching how that work it just seemed too complicated, too over my head so I did all this patiently over [holds up hand with five fingers] five nights: [starts counting the days on his fingers. You can see the cat again as well] Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday night, by hand, starting with... [moves the shirt so the audience can see the right sleeve] the right sleeve which had mor, which had the really big hole here [tries to point to it] and here [tries to point to it] and looks like I got low I should do a little bit more working armpit in the back here I'm just a little bit came undone I had to fix that I'll go if it said tonight but aside from that left arm look at that great job on the left arm and my mother's shirt but saw that stitching here and there and all the holes on the front and back of the shirt I touched up the collar front and back and put my name on it so that's my autograph right there and it will gotten a frame that would be lockable open and close from the front would have the certificate of authenticity from me regardless of y'all think right I did good job or not and obviously I should have a little bit to redo here and there but that's beside the point do that bear one two three four five one two one two one two one two three four five okay okay so that's that anyway from all these concern this shirt is still very much valuable it is still the one iconic shirt constantly consistently drawn throughout my book series my side she comic book series go kept asking about this shirt it was in the laundry bag it was it continued to be damn from January 2014 to April 2017 because the other clothes in that same bag we're wet too that's how that's how I'd looked wet in that first photograph Hey one run through the washer the dryer good and clean like is like it was all good just the holes remained and I fixed up the majority of the holes still the same shirt the one shirt weren't then over the years this shirts is more than fourteen years old very valuable so there hmm Slater she'll have to spin angle towards me I was enough of that rant had her thought or to think right oh yeah so aside front so yeah it did not receive money for the shirt but yeah I am in a financial crisis once again after an automatic draft for one of my bill payments its of my bank account back into the red so that's why I invent this I am reminding everyone about the stamp album and thus its certified drawings from 2014 took them down by half the stamp album with everything with all the stamps included no figure bonuses no bonuses that just stamp it's the Esther stamps and all that and still is sitting the thing reduce down to two hundred fifty dollars will not go any lower and thus its drawings set certified drawings that sound a 1000 dollars all sets them one thousand can't get better deal than that so please somebody help me get out from the red once again by find the stamp album or better thus it's okay please and and then once again lost my train of thought I got the news a subject and my train of thought goes I have rough day emotionally mentally rough date mm-hmm oh well is there anything else okay well yeah this black bag right here I got one of the Skylanders shirts ordered so the remaining shirts have come in and oh boy after I sell either stamp album or the end or the drawings I'll be able to after many shirts get here within a few days or once a week I'll be able to send the cards and the shirts out to the ten people to the ten people from leg from that giveaway and also order the figures I still need to do that now takes it's nothing six yeah so yeah by the stamp album and the drugs I'll be out here please help me out that's pretty much the big topic on my mind finances is the big stressor in my life if the Lord for financial problems if we had a lot more money if we didn't have the frickin mortgage and all the credit card debts we bill up we'd be a lot more better off here home can actually use the money for you know just yeah well we did we do it off there but we can't ah just my life my life welcome to it welcome to my life

I guess that's it for right now, so I'll do another Captain's Log video next week... so until then, everyone take care and have a good night.

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