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Live Game Stream - C-Log 04272017 is a video in which Chris complains that the buyer of his "classic" shirt isn't paying early. He attempts to partially dox the buyer only for the audio to cut out most of the personal information and insults he gives out. He then goes on to talk about going to a pride event at the University of Virginia, and caretaker classes to learn how to take care of his aging mother.


Live Game Stream - C-Log 04272017
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Stardate 27 April 2017
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing
Shirt The Toothpaste TubeThe Toothpaste Tube The Toothpaste Tube
Live Game Stream - C-Log 04192017 - The Shirt
Speed Sewing Announcement
Financial crisis aside uh, we're still faring okay
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This is the Official YouTube channel of the one and only creator and author of the Sonichu and Rosechu series, Christine Weston Chandler (AKA Christian, Christopher, Chris Chan, Ricardo); me. Links to my personal Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as my stores of Sonichu and Rosechu, and self, merchandise are available for purchase. Among which, more items are to come in the future, so stay tuned for the updates when I make them personally.


This is Christine Chandler live from home once again with another

[Rest is unintelligible, presumably the usual intro]

Captain's log. I got a lot on my mind, jus- whatever. Oh yes, currently I'm still having financial problems and I'm still waiting for the payment on that shirt. At least the first of three settled payments, uh- [Garbled, attempting to dox buyer]

Wisconsin, you're not so cheesy right now. Ya promised first payment tomorrow, well if ya don't make it I'm puttin' my foot down. Anyway, so uh, aside from that, um- I definitely want to remind everyone that, minimum thing that p- one person can do, cuz there's still the ti- There's still the time-frame window, buy the stamp album. Taken down to 500 dollars, that would get me out of the red in my bank account. My YouT- My- uh, PayPal has been rectified. The Totem has b- Has r- Had been made. That has been delivered, the Totem has. Anyways, I still have the shirt, uh, it is going to be repaired and restored as s- After I s- As soon as I get the money from the lady in Wisconsin. Apparently she's mother than- More than- Mother than just the one oth- [More garbled speech] Hey child I tell ya- [Rest is unintelligible]

Anyway so, anyway May fir- May 31st is coming- April 30th is coming up, I'll be picking the drawings on May 1st, which is Monday. For Everybody who ay- Gets the uh, little training card. Gets the card of my Skylander figu- Character on it. As well as the shirts, I'm still waiting on the shirts, I have all the cards. I just gotta wait for the shirts so I can send them out as a bunch. Anyway so, and o' course during this time- During this remaining time window, I definitely recommend you do this to not only help me but to give yourself a lot of goodies. For 500 dollars you get the stamp album with all the stamps included, including the bonus covers and stamps. And, you get a Sonichu figure eh- You get a Sonichu figure with all the accessories all in a custom package. And o' course, one of my self Skylander figures and a Skylander shirt. Of which da- Duh- Uh- Those among which have been viewed and showed off in my previous videos. Uh-

[Makes random noises]

Alright, so that is the first topic of matters, handled well. Uh- We can talk about other things I've been through the past week. I went ove- I went to the UVA a couple of times the past week actually um, I went to- To the U- To the pride week event last Thursday, went to the barbecue. I tell ya, when I got there- When I got to the UVA, over at the uh, building where the cen- where the LGBTQ center is. There was apparently some kind of fire drill going off or somebody set off the fire alarm, uh- They didn't know for sure so they treated it like a legitimate fire. And fortunately there was no fire, so everybody left and I was able to go in and we were able to have the barbecue. We have nice folks, we have nice pe- Nice people, of the o- Of the community over in the c- Over in the center and uh, they c- And we had a good time. I ma- I made friends with some mor- With some more of them. It w- It was good, it was real good. And then there was also the garden party on f- Last Friday, that was good too. It was held in uh, one of th- In one of the uh- Gardens, near the building with the rotunda. Uh, s- Any- Anyways so that was nice. It was good weather actually and we had shade. That uh- Well it was a warm day so the shade made it much cooler that day. Yeah, so anyway I good- I had a good little time between Thursday and Friday evening. Um, let's see what else happened. Um, Okay, last uh, last f- Last three Wednesdays I've uh, been attending a care-giving classes over at the Martha Jefferson. Uh, to help- To expand my mind on uh, care-giving for my mom around here and there. That was good, I have definitely learned a lot in my noggin' and I have paper materials to help out with that. Among which a few of the highlights, uh, definitely learned more about uh, dementia and that being the umbrella term for all the mental conditions and what not.

[Sing song voice] Umbrella, umbrella! [Blanks out for a moment]

Anyway, my mind's blank here and there it just went blank for a moment. I hate when it happens. Anyway uh, it was good. All the classes were good, I definitely recommend it if you're at least care taking for a family member, or have been pretty much doing it all your life if your- if one of your- both of your parents was 52 upon conception. [scoffs] 'Cuz I uh- Yeah I ended up with that twist of fate. Twist of fate twist of lemon, lime. Let me think um-

[More random noises]

I got so much in my mind I'm overwhelmed in the noggin. At least I'm able to read your comments. Anyway another thing I tried doing livestre- I tried to start live-streaming from my laptop today but the record button couldn't come up and apparently I had more setup to do so I'll do that another time, maybe. But in the meantime we're still doing this on the PlayStation. Um, what else, um-

[Blanks out again]

So yea- I've also been playing The Order: 1886 as the uh- My trophies will recently show within the past few nights. Yeah, the graphics wer- The graphics were really good, I did enjoy that and uh, the fact that it was all photogr- photographically well done like that. Take a screenshot of that, it's like you're taking a photograph of of somewhere in 1886, fighting werew- Fighting vampire werewolves, crazy am I right? Short story, bad uh- kind of a m- Mismatch ending duhduh-duhduh-duhduh-duhduh. Still gonna get the last few trophies for hunting the triangle button items. Uh, easy trophy set? All things considered maybe if you lower the difficulty because you don't need to be- Have it on high in order to get the hidden trophy, which is Completionist, that's for completing the game altogether.

[Massive sigh]

Anyway, the uh, financial crisis aside uh, we're still faring okay, we have food here at home and I'm still able to cook. at least I can cook a good meal and keep our house uh, lil' bit pleasant like that. Well, I really sh- I just take this to mind and realize I should have more document- More have things written about, you know, what I should talk about in these things. I mean shoot, before I started doing the Captain's Log again, and I was- Like how many years has it been since the last time? Oh well, I guess I'll just end it for now and uh, I'll g- I'll do another one next week where hopefully I'll have actually more things to tal- To talk about that are not financially related.


Have a good day, thank you.

Live Game Stream - C-Log 04192017 - The Shirt Chris's videos Speed Sewing Announcement