CWC Update 28 December 2008

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"CWC Update 28 December 2008" (officially "CWC Update 12282008") is Chris's first video log in over two months. He thanks his fans for helping him win a gift card in the GameStop "Be a Star" Sweepstakes, offers "condolences" to the family of Ryan Cash, and vows to complete the long-awaited Spring Break story for Sonichu 8.

His fascination with the power to cause Ryan's death is considered especially chilling.


Thank you all very much for voting for me in the Guitar Hero Contest; you know who you are. :D Move on and be happy, family of Ryan. First Official Sonichu Home Club Meeting is on January 2, 2009 at 9:00 PM, EST. Please Do Not Leave Me.


CWC Update 28 December 2008
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Stardate 28 December 2008
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Sonichu & Chris Chan in Guitar Hero World Tour
CWC AC: City Folk Update

Geez. So much power....


Captain's Log.

[inhales deeply] I wish to express my deepest appreciation for everybody who voted for me on the Guitar Hero "Be a Star" contest… and for win—before—and allowing me to be the first to win the four hundred—the first of the $400 gift cards… weekly there. And it’s b—going to be shared with my congregation… at my church… where, uh, pers—where people who would like… they m—they, uh… can write their name on a piece of paper I have over there. Uh… you know, one game per person. I'll get new—new or used for them after I get the gift card!

And, uh… and, uh, for Ryan Cash and his family, I—I, uh, feel for you, and I'm sorry, but—uh, best thing you can do for, uh, Ryan and yourselves… is just to move on. Try to be as hap—try to be… happy… in the future. That's what Ryan would want for—for y'all in the family.

Geez. So much power... That's—that's a lot worse than when that child locked himself in the room after he—after seeing Optimus Prime die in the original movie.

And then, also on the PlayStation Network on the Home, I started the, uh, Sonichu Home Club. It's official, and legit. The first official meeting will be on January 2nd, 2009, at 9:00 pm EST. Topic will be a pre-upload reading of the, uh, 18th episode of the Sonichu comic for the—to complete the, uh… Number 8 co—Number 8 comic book. And the—the coloring of that is—uh… I only got two pages left to go. So, it’ll definitely be done by then, and I will have it uploaded on the 3rd or 4th of January.

Thank y'all for your patience, and… do not leave me, fans, because… you know, more is—will—more is to be—more is to come, definitely. But, you know, it just depends on my inspiration. I get a lot of stress in my life! And it sometimes hinders me. And even my mental block. [makes an odd “static” noise] And I get distra—and I get distracted sometimes. I am… a little embarrassed from saying that, but… it's a truth. But you can depend on me to have the comics up as—as—when—as soon as possible, at my own pace. So… patience will be greatly rewarded.

Thank y'all very much, and have a pleasant day, and… Talk to y'all again in 2009.

CWC Update 28 December 2008

Sonichu & Chris Chan in Guitar Hero World Tour Chris's videos CWC AC: City Folk Update

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