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In "CWC AC: City Folk Update" (officially "CWC ACCityFolk Update"), Chris announces that a deal has been made with Nintendo of America to introduce Sonichu and Rosechu as characters in the new Animal Crossing: City Folk game, although he seems to believe that early versions of these characters have somehow escaped onto the internet.

He then segues into the real big news, which is that Shigeru Miyamoto is also working with him to produce Sonichu video games, on the condition that he makes edits to his comics to remove references to real people and eliminate his fake advertisements. Chris is the king of the world right here and you can hardly tell that this is the same person who was so totally crushed by the trolls on September 11 and October 21.


CWC AC: City Folk Update
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Stardate 06 January 2009
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CWC Update 28 December 2008
CWC Update 8 January 2009
Y'know, make it more like “CWiiC”!


Captain's Log, Stardate: January 6, 2009.

[jump cut]

For the loyal Sonichu fan base: I have an important announcement. [clears throat]

For those of you who own a Nintendo Wii… [voice begins to crack with excitement] and the Animal Crossing: City Folk game… you'll be interested to know: Sonichu and Rosechu—actual villagers—coming to your town. February 24th, 2009: my 27th birthday. So, uh… yeah. Although there was an accidental—er, there was an accidental, where… one or two might’ve, uh, picked up a early version of Sonichu, but, uh, y'know, turn off your WiiConnect24 so he doesn't get away. [toggles something loudly] Turn off your WiiConnect24. [toggles that same thing back]

And, uh, also, with that… [clears throat] I am als—I am definitely in talks—uh, aside from the Nintendo associate, who I've b—who has informed me abo—about the Animal Crossing deal. As was, uh, law—as was their lawyer (the lawyer of Nintendo of America)… [inhales deeply] who I will not reveal their names. Keep them… sss—quiet there.

[jump cut]

[inhales deeply] If—if—if everybody popu—if everybody who owns a Wii… continues to—uh, continues to… praise Sonichu… and Rosechu and the franchise… then, we can definitely get into talks of actually makin’… the video game! And hopefully, I can make—and, y'know… I mean, Pokémon: Lightning Version… we can… see if we can get that on DS, and a Game Boy Advance version of Sonichu's Adventure. But also, y'know, I'm willing to… [clears throat] go mat—multiplatform between… Sonichu's Adventure or—and—as well as, uh, Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles… y'know, just a couple of video games idea. If not, then, uh, they'll at least be on DS and Wii. The Sonichu Adventure.

Yeah. So, uh… you know: between the Wii and the DS, the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. Never on Hex Bawx. But, uh, that doesn't mean—don't go ahead, trade in your… old Hex Bawx if you already have one and you're enjoying it. [clears throat] Because I do not mean to, uh, put down personally anybody who owns a Hek—who owns an Xbox Z360 or original Xbox. I mean… y'know, in my humble opinion… I just don't care much for it. But, uh, I'll let y'all worry about it in your own opinons, so… don't hate me because I hate the Hex Bawx…

[jump cut]

Also, another topic of, uh, interest that I feel I should, uh, mention: because of—uh, upon the lawyer's suggestion, as well as, uh, Mister Miyamoto, who has he—who has he had been talk—he has been in talk with… I have—uh, I am, uh, working on the, uh, edits among the comics, y'know, with name changes of some of the characters… 'cause they're—some of them are based on real life, but most are not. And also, I had to, uh, talk with the, uh, lawyer… and, uh, sort out which were, uh, rel—which were most relative to Sss—to Sonichu himself and the franchise… as well as, uh, those that are only relative to me and my person… and those that were… not relative to either one! So—but, y'know, I found… between the, uh, first eight com—the first s—ni—the first nine (Zero to Eight) all those comic books… are definitely relative for… y'know… linking past… references… in the Sonichu Adventure stories. Just past references, like, y'know, especially the origins… and, uh, y'know… the short adventures I had between… the Electric Hedgehogs over there, and those among those, and such.

But other than that, uh, you know, the fake advertisements I thought up… y'know, just to fill the—just to fill the void—to make it more comic book-like? [inhales deeply] Definitely, uh, most—I—I mean—only a few—only a few of which… were not relative to Sonichu franchise, like, y’know… y’know, couple of ads that I—th—I think there was, like, only three I found—only three: the Axe, the Got Milk, and the MySpace advertisements that I thought up. But, you know, not canon… and, uh, also, a few name placements among the—in the comic series, uh, I will definitely be, uh… changing those, as well. But that's, uh, within the—that's, uh, I'll take care of all that within this week… and, y'know, it's just a simple… edit the JPEG, and re-uploading it! Simple enough.

[jump cut]

Main topic. I'm gettin' off track here. Sonichu and Rosechu! In Animal Crossing: City Folk for Nintendo Wii! And also, make sure—also, I have imported my… Chris character from Wild World… into the Wii. And, y'know, I'm just getting started in City Folk… and, uh… I will be, uh, puttin' out the, uh, friend code… at least to a select few at first, and I may expand to, uh… more beyond that. And, uh, y'know, just to let y'all see what I did with my Wiimote and Nunchuk… look - Sonichu colors. And I painted silver Cs around the “Wii”… y'know, make it more like “CWiiC”! And then, y'know, just keepin' it CWC there.

Okay! So… on my bir—on my 27th birthday, officially… Sonichu and Rosechu become villagers in Animal Crossing: City Folk! So… enjoy. Continue to make Sonichu and Rosechu very popular, and praise them very much. Then, we can get the games made!

Alright! That's about it for now. Have a good day.

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