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CLog 06072017 is a video Chris uploaded on 7 June 2017.

In it, he begs for money and comments on the progress of Sonichu 11


CLog 06072017
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Stardate 7 June 2017
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Sorbet's still recovering, with a nasal problem. Poor boy
Live Drawing Stream - 06072017


Pledge today for sneak peeks at the pages of the to-be-published books, and autographed copies of my past books.

Direct Donations are also accepted.


Good evening everyone on the internet! Here's Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again with another Captain's Log, stardate zero six zero seven two zero one seven.

(Short pause)

As you all may have heard through the uh, Facebook and Twitter of mine of which I will post a link for in the- underneath this video. We have expanded the Patreon.

And which uh, we have included now, sneak peeks of the pages of which I'm still- of which I'm drawing in book 11.

Uh, currently the previews are- that've been colored up to page to sixty one we're up to about page sixty-five or six right now in the book. And there's still a lot more content to go on including the clip show.

That'll start a few pages later, heh. And yes I finally got my own complete collection of my own books printed well by my publisher, and th- and also through Patreon thi- this'll a pretty much be the only way at the moment to get copies of my book, including those beyond book 4.

And especially to get them autographed.

Either a book of the month or a few- or a few at a time or all at once depending on how much you pledge and that completely gets through the payment, fully processed at the beginning of the following month.

Mmm. I'm tryin', alright - lemme see what else, thinking, thinking, thinking... Hmm.

Anyway also, uhm, within the Patreon I may end up adding more rewards, like I'm also thinking about... uh, which I think I will do anyway just be a while to do it.

Ah, my big Sonichu binders. Three of them now, counting the one with all the cards and my own Pogs. Mmm... Haha, That's a whole lot of crazy artwork actually there's a fourth book but that'd be a separate volume 'cause that is, uh... X-rated haha.

Anyway, volumes of my art book, art binder, art books, illustrations at least for my reference and available to y'all (short pause) at one point later on hardcover eight and a half by eleven pages just one idea I have.

Also, I might end up sharing my TCG play mat that I constantly used when I played the- at least a Pokémon card game.

Now definitely like drawing on this, I put my- I draw- I put my binder on here on... top the thing you know, less cluttered.

And love to draw my drawing pad and all that good stuff hmm yeah there you go that's the cover of book 12 when I get to that.

Hmm let me see what else. anything else, anything else, hmm hmm I'm still- I mean, I'm still thinking and processing and possibly further developments uh, actual and trying to keep... the... haters out of the loop about that so there.

So that they don't influence such um, speculations that inhibited me before. That's a whole different issue right there.

Anyway so I think that about covers it for this Captain's Log uh, ev- I've been really busy with the drawing and that's why I haven't been doing captain's logs in the past few weeks but i'll get- if I can get my- get another one next week then it's good if I can't then that means I'm very busy drawing, alright?

Anyway, go to my Patreon make pledges, you'll get sneak peeks before I make the book eleven finally publish this as well as future books including twelve thirteen fourteen so on. (short pause) It's all good thank you very much and have a good day.

Sorbet's still recovering, with a nasal problem. Poor boy Chris's videos Poetic Letter