Sorbet's still recovering, with a nasal problem. Poor boy

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Sorbet's still recovering, with a nasal problem. Poor boy. is a video Chris uploaded to YouTube on 29 May 2017. In this video, Chris simultaneously shows his pet cat Sorbet, who is shown having breathing problems, while we get a nice view of his massive hoard of toys and video games, only one video after yet another one begging for donations.

Although Chris says Sorbet is "recovering", the damaged dilation of his glassy pupils from the accident is in full display here, which possibly even have serious cataracts. Not only was this the cause of the road accident (a sign of traumatic brain injury), glassy eyes are also the result of infections, and if not taken to a vet, could cause serious problems in Sorbet's body.


Sorbet's still recovering, with a nasal problem. Poor boy.
Stardate 29 May 2017
Subject Matter OtherUnknownIcon.png Sorbet
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Saga Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
We Said Donations No Less than $1.00, US, Please
CLog 06072017


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[Sorbet tries to get away from Chris while crickets chirp and "Womanizer" by Britney Spears is being played in the background]

[Chris mumbles before speaking in a childish, sing-songy voice] Hey, Sorbet...breathing okay? [Sorbet coughs] No...sounds like you're breathing through your mouth.

Oh baby, mmm... you're not breathing through your mouth right now, you were though. Hope everybody's able to hear this... [Sorbet meows, probably wanting to get away from Chris, but Chris meows back at Sorbet] Yeah baby...

[Sorbet sneezes] Aw, bless you... that might be cute though... [Sorbet meows again while trying to escape Chris's grasp] Okay, I will let you go then. [Chris puts the camera down, briefly capturing a blurry image of his desk with pages of Sonichu 12]

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