CWC Update 29 April 2009

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CWC Update 29 April 2009 (officially "CWC Update 04292009") is a simple video uploaded to YouTube on the eponymous day in which Chris apologizes for delays in any new comics and then says he is leaving for a haircut.


CWC Update 04292009
Stardate 29 April 2009
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Captain's Log, Stardate April 28th, 2009
ShutUpBrain and WakeUpBrain


Ahh, Captain's Log, Stardate, uh, April 29th, 2009.

[sigh] I'm currently going through, uh, a lot of, uh, stuff in my mind right now, a, too many, uh, information inputs and all but anyway....

I am, uh, recording this video because I wanna apologize for the delay in the uploading of any new comic pages, but I assure you, I assure everyone in my fanbase that, uh, the comic pages are being drawn and uh, I'll have them uploaded, uh, as soon as possible. And if, uh, if possible, colored

So, I thank everyone for their patience and their loyalty and whatnot.

I'm about to go get my hair cut.


Captain's Log, Stardate April 28th, 2009 Chris's videos ShutUpBrain and WakeUpBrain