Congrats, Jack Black

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Congrats, Jack Black (officially 12122009 - Congrats, Jack Black.MOV) is a video uploaded by Chris on 12 December 2009. Chris offers his opinions about Jack Black's win of a Spike Video Game Award for voice acting in Brutal Legend, and breaking tables. The shirt he's wearing greatly enhances his generous silhouette and shows us that he's not wearing any support.

Note that within the video game industry and among most informed viewers, the Spike Awards are treated as a big joke and not a serious honor. The program is specifically tailored, both in its choice of awards and its general presentation, to focus on star-power, heavily-marketed games, and games produced by the show's sponsors rather than actual technical or acting achievements in gaming.


Congrats, Jack Black
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Stardate 12 December 2009
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Maybe you'll do better next time.


Hmm. Well, I guess I can call it a little bit of a Captain's Log. Stardate: December 12th.

[sigh] Anyway, I'm drawin' a couple more pages for tonight's update. It's gonna be a little bit late, but, uh, you know... still be able to do it— at least...tomorrow morning. But, anyway, uhh... I was watching the Spike Video Games Awards for 2009, as well— eh, mostly listening— but I watched the part, you know, where... Jack— where Jack Black— Jack Black, you know, won Best Voice Actor...of the Year for Brutal Legend! Hmm. Yeah.

But you know what? Rather than if that was an act or not with the, uhh, smashing of the table and all that...mmm...I...I think, you know, whether it was an act...or truly a— you know, an impulse of manhood right there.

Anyw—anyway, I feel for ya... Jack; i—it shoulda' been Game of the Year. I mean, aside from... you know, from the...little bit of a play back in the 2008 VGA Awards...that you did in the beginning of it... Still, I was lookin' forward to Brutal Legend the whole year [squeaky falsetto] long, and...we— I just see if it will become the Game of the Year as you called it. Hmm, well... Hey, you still got the award. And maybe you can— maybe you can do Brutal Legend II, and I'm lookin' forward to the movie...I've heard about. And, you know, I have seen the, uh, footage for...supposedly put on the weight to...pretend to...act as Jack Black 'till the game release. [more squeakers] I knew that was an act, 'cuz, you know... Yeah, you— you— you are nor— you are still as normal as you were last year.

But anyway, Jack, congratuwations, and...maybe you'll do better next— maybe you'll do better next time.


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