Captain's Log, Stardate January 21st, 2009

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In this video, officially known as "CWCUpdate01202009", Chris announces that, the site he created just days ago following the hacking of, has also been hacked. He promises his fans (especially the female ones) that he will restore his true website soon.

In a bizarre aside, Chris acknowledges a recent revelation he made in #sonichu concerning the incident involving the principal of his elementary school. He assures us that this information will not be used to turn him gay.


.net and .info are BOTH DENOUNCED from the Sonichu Site, OFFICIALLY. Watch for a NEW Sonichu.COM to be the OFFICIAL Sonichu Site, ONLY from Christian Weston Chandler.


Captain's Log, Stardate January 21st, 2009
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Stardate 21 January 2009
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CWC Update 26 January 2009
I hate the homos.


January 21st, 2009 update.

I just wanted to, uh, let y'all kn—let y'all know in this update that, uh, in addition to my previous, uh… denouncing of the, I am als—I am also—I have also denounced, since that got hacked into…—earlier this week, back on—back about—uh, on the—around the—er, on—around the 18th of January. So, as of the 18th, I have denounced But I… promise… every one of you (my loyal, true Sonichu fans… especially the, uh, Sonichu Girls...—and, while I respect… men… in general… I hate the homos).

I actually do have a past story… as I have realized from repressed memories back from the Greene County days. But I will not go further than that, 'cause y'all would have a field day… and try and t—twist it into your own evil ways, so....

I'm straight, and nothing is going to change that.

But, now, getting back to the issue at hand... of Soni—of the Sonichu site. Rest assured… [removes glasses dramatically]… a brand new… sonichu.comwill be the official… Sonichu site. So… pay at—so… keep an eye out! Keep an eye out.


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