3 December 2009

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"3 December 2009" (officially "12032009.MOV") is the video where Chris talks about uploading Sonichu's Edge, and then goes on about Little Big Planet for 5 minutes. Chris also uses this pair of videos as an excuse for why there would be no new page that day, seeing as running a short distance while stopping every twenty seconds is much harder.

Impressively, Chris confuses the acrobatic sport called "parkour" with the squeezable margarine called "Parkay". This probably has something to do with him being autistic. He also thinks he was doing the acrobatic sport, when he was clearly just running around.

In another example of his monstrous ego, Chris describes his running stunt as "comparable" to the trailer for the game Mirror's Edge. However, the stunts in Chris's video suck and are stupid, along with not existing.


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Stardate 03 December 2009
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Sonichu Powerpoint
Sonichu's Edge

I-tell-ya, my leg'll be botherin' me a bit tomorrow. [sighs] They're botherin' me a l'il bit right now, but anyway...
Chris, after running for four minutes



Captain's Log: Stardate December 3rd, 2009


I just wanted to let you all know on this—uhh, just... on this warm day, uhh... uhh, no new page today, but it's 'cuz I did something much harder. As you will see in a video that I am currently uploading—err, will be uploading after this one... it's, uhh—I ran the downtown mall trek today... in a effor—in an effort to show how ver—how... high—how I feel about my Sonichu, that I am definitely pumped up for... pushin' him out into merchandise and everything. You might say it's comparable to Mirror's Edge, the way I did it, as it will be described in the description on that page.

Yeah, so, anyway... whew. I got a l'il—I got tired from that. Huh-I-tell-ya, my leg'll be botherin' me tomo—a bit tomorrow. [sighs, then speaks quietly] They're botherin' me a l'il bit right now, but anyway... I'm man enough to admit that, and, you know, yeah... [coughs] I even man enough to admit, that, you know, after the matter, after I got back to my car, I even came down with a bit of the hiccups. [short chuckle] I mean, it happens to the best of us.

Anyway, uhh... I will be doin—I will def—I will definitely be doing a page or two tomorrow. So, you know, look forward to that. And... power... to... me... and the-city-of-CWCville, and s—all s—and all the electric hedgehogs. So, again, thank you, fans, for your loyalty and support. They will soon be... fulfilled.

Oh, and, also, as I had noted in a previous blog on the, uhh, CWCipedia... it is—I am—all the, uhh, quote/unquote merchandise that I dubbed as false in the past... are—I'm... now qu—I am now quoting as, uhh, official at this time. Unless—and with the exc—with the exception of... bootleg DVDs and books. Other than that, you know merchandise like action figures... backpacks... fabrics(?) [strange noise] that can be considered homemade, I will let those be considered official until when the merchandise actually becomes available in the retail stores everywhere... ...up to (and including) the, uhh, video game, possibly, and the DVD and Blu-ray of CWC... Yep, I'm on TV.

And, also, for y—the PlayStation 3 and Little Big Planet players, you may notice a few levels have been d—deleted, because of the recent 50-something megabyte update, we are now finally able to back-up our levels on the hard drive or on a flash driv—or on ex—or on a flash drive. So, with that, I... took my c—took my collection in my Toy Box—in my Collector's Case to my Toy Boxes, copied them to my mo—to my moon, and ba—and ba—backed them up. Ai—so, we no longer need to back up our toys online; we can finally back them up as individual files. That's just—that's just great.

So, with that, uhh... take—take my copyable Collector's Case level that is still up on the Little Big Planet server, and fill it up with your collectible items and such, and, you know, until it's up to the point where it almo—up to the point where... it can be overheating, but, yeah, don't know overboard, [giggles] all that you—all the... stuff you collected from the uploaded Little Big Planet levels... into your Collector's Case, between the objects and the stickers—even the Photo Booth stickers; you can... definitely back those up. At which, in that case, all you have to do is ye—on "My Moon", you-uh select your level you have created, uhh, with the Collector's Case, add—add your items... to it. You just, uhh, select—you just select that, then select "Back-Up". There you s—and then you create—then you get to create a new save file, or, if it's a saved level, you can overwrite it, as an update.

[gasps for air and holds up his index finger]

'Scuse me.

So, there you go. That's all—that's all good. And, also with that, I updated the, uhh, PlayStation 3 Level, where all the, uhh, XrossMediaBar icons have been moved to a... level ahead-I-shoulda created on the side, which was, uhh, previously locked to the public (gahh, didn't think of the key, until I just thought of it today). I replaced all those icons... in the pla—in—in the original level with blank score bubbles—with blank prize bubbles, and added the key that gets ya to the XrossMediaBar... icons. And, uhh, with each update, any new icons that come in on the XrossMediaBar... will be added... to that area. So... with that, use 'em wisely in your Little Big Planet levels. And you can back those up in the Collector's Cases and save them on your hard drive... or flash drive. Very good.

And, uhh, with that, uhh, I would-made(?)-one-thing, in the, uhh, PlayStation 3 level, I have stayed on top, because I have added a secret... that gi—that has a whole bunch of prize bubbles raining down... and I'll—and I'll let you—I'll finally let you in on that. There—the secret spot is a sticker ico—it's a sticker switch, and, where it is located: it is at... point B in the destination... of the "Sent E-mail" icon. ...Point B of the "S—of the... "Se—of the "Sent E-mail" icon.

With that, I'll leave you with the update, and... hopefully, you enjoy my run... my... French word—whatever, my "Parkay", I think it is uh whatever it is. But, anyway... the Sonichu's Edge.

Peace out, and have a great day.

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