Live Game Stream - C-Log 050012017-1

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Live Game Stream - C-Log 050012017-1
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Stardate 1 May 2017
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt The Happy HagThe Happy Hag The Happy Hag
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And I'm coming to you live from home once again, [unintelligble], we're gonna make this a short one, just one topic, anyway captains log stardate 05... [chris glances to side] 01... 2017.

Anyway so it's May first and as promised I'm gonna decide winners, but I've gone through the uh, through the, through the, ebay sales from between March 26th and today- [sorbet walk's behind chris] here's sorbet, it's become a cat video again. [chris talks to sorbet]: "hello, you know I love you too."

Anyway, so we have only eleven possible winners, so everybody's a winner, but only one can get the whole set of sonichu figure and my figure. of course, everybody else gets... [chris holds up t shirt] t shirt- still waiting for those and card that's playable on "Skyliners Imaginators." So, we're gonna pick the one winner out of the eleven and I figured this out we're gonna do this simple, so everybody that's watching gets to see this live.

Alright so I'm gonna pretty much gonna go down the list, going like similar to a coin flip I have a die and a nice cup, I'm gonna go down the list and even numbers are heads, so the one with the most heads after doing down, after going down, and I'll be skipping over everybody who gets tails throughout each round.

alright so, round one going down from top one, biglady221, whoops, and I dropped my pen... heads or tails? [chris rolls the die] heads. even numbers are heads odd numbers are tails. [chris continues to go down list, and completing the game]...

(04:46) ...alright so it's down to the final TWO! finger lady and stefon, who gets, one of which will get everything here. because one purchased before the other, the big lady will be heads, 2,4,6 and Stefon will be tails 1,3,5. Last die roll, everybody ready? [chris rolls die while making noises]

ba da ba da ba dum ba dum ba dum brrrrrrrr... and the winner is... STEFON! Stefon you get all these prizes! Yaaay!

Alright so you will be expecting to recieve these, everything, in one big box, in about the month of.. april.. may.. about the month of June because I'm still waiting for the cards and I still gotta order the super- figures, but you are the big winner Mr. Stefon, yaaay. Alright that's it for this time, so maybe I'll do another captains log video later this week, I'm not sure yet, but I promised to do this and so I did. thank you and have a good evening.

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