C-Log 01312018 - Selling my Older Pokémon Cards for my mother’s teeth

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Amount Chris got from Patreon in January.

C-Log 01312018 - Selling my Older Pokémon Cards for my mother’s teeth is a 16-minute video of Chris begging fans to buy his old Pokémon cards, allegedly for Barb's dental bills. Ironically, the video was made shortly after Chris's Patreon had hit its peak of $820 in donations[1].

End games jan2018.jpg
Chris's priorities.
Chris's Dark Arbok "memory card" he received on 9/11.

Notably, only three days prior, Chris was photographed at The End Games with his haul of new Pokémon cards.

On Facebook, Chris's Pokemon club friend Alexa P., who had attempted to give him advice on finding work through Virginia's DARS program in the past, posted:

Hey Christine! How much are you selling your cards for?

Buyers purchased the $150 and $200 sets on the same day the video was uploaded.

"Cabal Coffers", a trading card buyer and distributor, offered to buy the third for $500 on 3 February. According to Cabal, Chris had initially declined, but accepted within the same 24 hours. After receiving the binder, Cabal uploaded an unboxing video. The binder was shipped in a box with no packaging, allowing the binder full of valuable cards to slide around freely. Cabal used gloves to protect his health and the quality of the cards while perusing the binder. He proceeded to sanitize the entire binder page-by-page on camera. He found hair, original Chris art, E-mail printouts, and Pokemon deck lists in the process. Cabal is currently appraising the binder page-by-page on his website. In doing this, he found several Memory Cards, which seem to hold sentimental value for Chris. Cabal expects to sell these over several years for a combined potential profit of $3.5-4K. He also plans to release scans of the original Chris art, Checklists, Memory Cards, and E-mails.

Also on the same day, Chris purchased a video game, Blast Juggler for the PS1.


C-Log 01312018 - Selling my Older Pokémon Cards for my mother’s teeth
Stardate 31 January 2018
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Get Out, You D*** Nazis
Damaged original art for sale


CWC’s Old Card Binder



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'ello everybody, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again, Captain's Log: Stardate 01312018, haha! Yes, and uh... before we begin with this I would like to give a special shout-out, and appreciation to Bryanfrogboy on Twitter for... the, s--Chris-Chan Prologue comic book. Eh, we're gonna try an--I'm working with him, we're gonna try and get a few copies of that book going around. Personally doing that, I'm giv--it's the okay, [unintelligible] the stor--the details are a bit off here and there, it's still very good.

Anyway, this video, uh aside from that is about... in particular, my collec--my collection of old Pokémon cards. I am literally going to be selling these, on eBay, and I'm prety much showing you all what you get, here. I'll be listing both listings in the--underneath this video... after I get 'em up so, firstly you're definitely gonna get all the artwork that I have originally drawn throughout these p-throughout these pages and what-not, and... even the... huh, things I put together. Er, making a short card list. It goes all the way up to legendary collection in this book, all the way up to legendary, so you... you know there's... it's a random collection, but anyway. Uh, there's duplicates, so be aware of that. I'm just gonna thumb through this uh, so you can see everybody and, you can prove definitely that these are the real deal. 'Cause the text is right; I pulled out a double from right behind it, there ya go. Anyway, so it of course... personally verified they are non-transparent. But we got a little chip in that one, but that's just because the foil. [in a high-pitched voice] [unintelligible] It's an old card, but it's cool. Anyway, so I'm just gonna thumb through this and you'll get to see what you get. You get more than one-hundred fifty or so cards... you know go fi--you're not gonna find these elsewhere and you're gonna get plenty of bang for your buck not only because of of the cards but because of the bonus content that is mine and mine alone, between these and... there's some places where there's more than one double but that's right--that's my [unintelligible] on the back there, anyway these organized all alphabetically. [under breath] That's a legendary [unintelligible] but that's on the next page. That's on the next page, yay!

Yup. [singing to self] Do do-do do-do do do do-do do. [unintelligible] Non-holographic Charizard was in legendary collection, [unintelligible] haha. Hm, do do-do. Uh yeah, [unintelligible] that one's in the back. And just, giving y'all... feel free to pause at any time, or if you feel like, you need to catch up... but you're definitely gettin' bang for you're buck for... this big binder. Full of... I'd say like, more than a hundred-fifty cards definitely, I promise you that, more than a hundred-fifty cards, the old sets. Help you complete you're collection though. You know I had completed the base set at one time or another, but obviously, I traded some cards away and had to sell a few before but, not I'm selling the whole lot of my remainder.

[singing to self] Da dee-dee dee dee dee da doh.


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