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"All Inclusive?” HA! They wouldn’t know All-Inclusive if it hit them with a mallet that said “Inclusive” on it. They Sullied their reputation BAD when they banned me in '18.
Chris, January 2020
The man himself, October 2015.

The End Games is a card-game shop in Charlottesville that Chris frequented until his ban in early 2018. Chris enjoyed playing Pokémon here, and made a few adult friends from the Pokémon League.


Chris was spotted here by the brother of a Kiwi Farms user in October 2015[1] wearing the Sonichu Medallion and a pink shirt and dress.

The first of the BraveryJerk Interviews occurred here in September 2016.

Cwc and cwc.jpg

In January 2017, he posted a photo of himself playing with his Christine Dolls while children play Pokémon around him.

Allegedly, in April 2017, Chris dropped his medallion on the floor and had an outburst over it.[2]

Christine had a meltdown today. He dropped his sonichu medallion and freaked. Screamed at everyone to not move an inch while he collected the pieces off the floor.

Although there is no concrete proof behind the allegation, there is a bit of circumstantial evidence for it. The incident was said to have happened on 2 April, a Sunday; during that day, Chris had tweeted, "Life is f***ed up. (I had a real stressful Sunday afternoon) Gawd! Just... GAWD!!!"[3]

In November 2017, amid his obsession with Hyperdimension Neptunia, Chris attended the club with bodyguards – in the form of Magi-Chan and Discord, figments of his own imagination.

I allowed Discord to enjoy some of the fun there. He watched a few Dungeon and Dragon-type games get played. I even allowed him to see if he could get one of my friends to notice and see him. But she didn't budge.
Chris's delusions spilling over into the real world again[4]

In early 2018, Emily spotted Chris loudly singing into his phone:

He had been going for Pokemon night every week. I was there a while ago to pick some stuff up and he was there singing/wailing into his phone. While he got a couple of glances, it was unsettling how nonchalant everyone was, like this was a normal occurrence.[5]

Management's perspective

Weens have occasionally harassed the shop's management with made-up stories about Chris. The management has given responses showing they do keep an eye on Chris.

We are aware of this customer and keep an eye on them because of their obvious strangeness. We do believe this person to be harmless
The staff


On 20 March 2018, Chris posted a message to the Pokémon Club's Facebook page:[6]

Yeah. How about telling Shan to let me back in so I can enjoy the fun again, Please?

Shan is possibly referring to Shane B., the owner of The End Games.

On 29 March, someone posted a comment on The End Games's Facebook about Chris. The staff responded:[7]

We hate to have to ban anyone as we try to be all inclusive. We do hope the environment will be more enjoyable for everyone now.

A fan asked Shane whether Chris was arrested, which he denied.[8]

Two explanations have emerged for the ban:

The first involved him arguing with a game judge:

Chris did get banned from The End because apparently he got into a disagreement with a new judge and the manager (unsurprisingly) took the judge's side. No idea about any other details, but I'm sure you all can imagine his reaction.[9]

The second involved a dispute over whether Sonichu was a Pokémon:

He had Sonichu stuck to the sign at End Games, they got a new sign, he found the old one in the trash with his loving son attached to it and rheed the fuck out. [...] it was the sign they put up for Pokémon league, not their main sign.

The manager in question said they Sonichu isn't a Pokémon and isn't Pokémon-related, and shouldn't be on the sign. You can figure out on your own how that went...[10][11]

Demands to be unbanned

On 17 January 2020, Chris demanded on Twitter that he be unbanned from the store so he can learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons (after becoming obsessed with the game after ProjectSNT cited it as inspiration in her redesign of his characters). In his rant, Chris also brought up the Dimensional Merge and claimed that the unbanning was necessary as learning how to play D&D from random nerds at End Games would help bring it to fruition.

We, personally, are in of need of better help in this restrictive Dimension that has been now getting in-flowing Magics and Powers now, and better so, Presently. I need the help that ONLY the staff and past/present patrons of @TheEndGames can provide. I am in requirement of learning and playing #DungeonsandDragons Offline and Mainly within @TheEndGames with the players who have been presently going there Before January 1, 2020.

My physical mind is still learning the details of the game, and I require further help in better comprehending the #DungeonMaster’s “Screen”, typical habits and wording of such relevant in this Dimension, and I am still befuddled by the Too Many Dice Variety this game utilizes. And I need offline Player EXP and learning, for myself for my personal Character Sheet. And No One Else Other than the Players at @TheEndGames, AND my past/present Friends of the #PokemonTCGLeague, There, as well, for my closest friends of the League are fated to work with us for the common goals and greater good for saving These Very Earths between both Dimensions.

And going out to their Pizza Parlor event is only a Pebble in comparison to that within the actual @TheEndGames Store. So, Sha and Bri, I respect you both, but Times Are At Hand, and Judgmental Hardships are Moot at this time. Your response to the parcel’s letter that I have sent to you all must be positive and posted online, now, please. Your Goddess, I, CPU Blue Heart, humbly Beseech Thee in this precipice. This Is Indeed Real and Serious. I Require Your Help in Helping EVERYONE, Period. ⚡️💙⚡️[12]

The End Games responded by simply blocking Chris's Twitter account. On 23 January, Chris discovered the block.

End Games block.jpg

Ahem. I see. I am not surprised by this result. No Matter. I have faith everything will still work out in our favour. It is a shame my projected presence with Magi-Chan in your establishment yielded this bitter parsnip. Kra-Kow. ⚡️💙⚡️

#TheEndGames @TheEndGames[13]

Note: Chris seems to have butchered an idiom, "fine words butter no parsnips", referring to how nothing is achieved from empty words.

Later, Chris read this CWCki page and commented:

End Games CWCki page.jpg

“All Inclusive?” HA! They wouldn’t know All-Inclusive if it hit them with a mallet that said “Inclusive” on it. They Sullied their reputation BAD when they banned me in ‘18. @TheEndGames

A day later, Chris evaded the block by following the End Games Twitter with his MagiChan111448 account.

On 26 January 2020, the End Games posted to their Twitter account a piece of mail that they had received without a return address which included a strange pair of eyes. The art style and handwriting are a dead match for Chris's, and he had previously mentioned sending them a letter. TEG tweeted:

TEG Mail 1.png

TFW you get an envelope with no return address and this is the first thing you see. #teglife #charlottesville #justLGSthings

On 29 February 2020, Chris played D&D for the first time, saying "Sorry, #TheEndGames, you’ve Had your chance to do me this favour."[14]


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