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I get ants in my bed a bunch of times (annoying, just the same); I spray some Raid on the walls, and I’m safe.
Chris, replying to a Twitter comment on bedbugs[1]
A panoramic view of the dragon's lair.
There is no escape, YOUNG LADY.

Chris's room at 14 Branchland Court was where he formerly spent a majority of his adult life. It is where he kept many of his toys, video games, posters, art, and other assorted paraphernalia, and when he's not outside attempting to interact with others. As of July 2021, he no longer resides at 14 Branchland Court.

Pre-fire room

A rough map of Chris's room pre-house fire.

Chris's bedroom was on the second floor of his parents' house, with 2 windows on the northwest wall. Based on Chris's video tour of the house, his cluttered room was actually the cleanest room in the house, which may explain why so much of his time was spent there.

Chris's room, like most bedrooms, also summed up many of his awful habits and traits:

  • His incredible attachment to material possessions, as evidenced by the massive amounts of clutter.
  • His incredible laziness, as evidenced by how much of said clutter was scattered haphazardly on the floor, bed and couch.
  • In contrast, the careful and orderly arrangement of his video games, DVDs, trading cards, posters, and toys shows how they rank on his list of priorities against things like work, education, human relationships, or personal development.
  • The Megan Shrine, the definite and unquestionable proof of Chris's obsession with the only person that has ever been friendly to him, whom he drove away all on his own.
  • Next to the shrine is a large walk-in closet; rather than being used to store clothing, this appears to have instead been used to loosely store everything else spilling over from the main area of the room; in later photographs of the area, taken after the dismantling of the shrine, it appeared to be effectively inaccessible, filled to the brim with shelves, boxes, assorted video games, folders and other miscellany.
  • The prevalence of Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other franchises aimed at children — people of the same mental and emotional age as Chris.
  • The majority of his possessions are toys or video games — objects which perform predictably within his absolute control.
  • He also shows extreme hoarding behavior that is commonly found in the elderly, formerly abused children and the autistic.
  • The stench, not visible on video or photograph, can still be inferred from the many accounts of sweat, feces, and rotten food left around. Let's put it this way: he once told Ivy that one Glade air freshener wasn't enough.[2]
  • Finally, Chris retreated to his room whenever he felt the slightest bit of stress, refused to discard his detritus, and saw it as the gateway to his fantasy world of CWCville; it is safe to assume the toys which he claims to play with for 2-3 hours a day[3] are like a physical extension of his own imaginary world that provide a sense of safety and comfort.

In February 2009, Clyde Cash forced Chris to clean up his room a bit.

Besides Chris, only two other people have been seen venturing into the cesspool he calls his room: Bob Chandler, as exposed in a leaked video, and the Magical Man, as seen in Magical Man Potion. One animal, Kitty Chandler, was shown in Chris's room in another video.

After the blazing fires of 10 January 2014 and the brief residence-taking of the Rental House, Chris and Barb moved back into 14 Branchland Court in 2015. He moved into another room and left the old one to be used for storage.


These images are arranged beginning at the northeastern wall of the room, going counter-clockwise. Not included here are photographs of the southeastern wall and east corner.

The Tomgirl Pictures, released on 29 April 2011, seemed to indicate that the Wall of Originals was either removed or gone.


Chris's old room, pictured in 2016

As of 2016, the room is used for storage.[4] He also mentioned the room in a Facebook post from December 2016, in which he described Sorbet getting stuck in his "old bedroom" for the better part of the night.

Post-fire room

Chris, pictured in his new bedroom circa 2016.

Footage of the room, post-2014 house fire, after the house renovations, first appeared in HelloLadyFans. It is located on the first floor, near the stairs that lead to the upstairs kitchen[5].

In his room, Chris had a bed - which he had bought with DStecks's $1,000 donation; during 2018, at the age of 36, he purchased My Little Pony-themed bedding for it.

As if this wasn't enough fail, he also kept a drawing of his wife and husband taped to the ceiling.

The Sonic Totem was stationed in this room until he sold it. In a move reminiscent of the Christmas tree that was abandoned in the Kitchen pre-fire, Chris kept a tree in his room months after Christmas, as shown in IMG 3207, until Idea Guy tricked him into destroying it on camera in Get Out, You D*** Nazis!. In Tour of Chris's House III, we can see his new room is already cluttered with clothes and junk--and yet, it's still the least-hoarded area in the house. Some of what "decorated" the original room for over a decade (posters, drawings, plush toys, figures, electronic devices, etc.) was lost or put elsewhere in the house. The rest was scattered onto tables in his "work room."

The Idea Guys directed Chris to record himself pissing and shitting on a towel on the floor in this room[6] - one leaked example is in the All Star video. Chris spray-painted his shoes in this room, staining the carpet in the process.

It is unknown whether the room has been altered following Chris's arrest for incest or if it has been left untouched.


In August 2020, additional pictures emerged of Chris's current room. Surprising no one, it's still cluttered with his various accumulated junk and toys.

Work room

Chris, begging for money in the same room he keeps his thousands of dollars worth of toys that he could sell.

During the mid-2010s to early 2020s, Chris kept most of his vast collection of toys in this room. It is presumably the once-inaccessible living room seen in the house tour.

He mentioned it by name in IMG 3207, where he said that he was in his bedroom, which is separate from his "work room." By "work," he meant making products such as Amiibos and drawings for his Etsy shop. About a week after calling it the work room, Chris was banned from selling on Etsy for failing to fulfill orders.

Ironically, this is the room where he recorded himself begging for money the most during the Financhu Crisis. While begging, he kept his toys in full view behind him, demonstrating that he has no sense of self-awareness.

Most of his videos from 2015 onward were recorded in this room.

Chris's TV. Note the photo of Bob in the center. And, yes, Chris kept this TV even while he begged for food money.

He also has a large flatscreen TV, with his Nintendo, Sony, Sega and HEXBox consoles hooked up to it. His PSN shows that he keeps both the PS3 and PS4 connected[7], and Arthur Spatchcock has confirmed that he keeps the PS4 running constantly,[8] and that not even being late on his electric bills was enough to get him to reduce his electric consumption.[9] Chris has also been observed keeping his Wii U console powered on constantly without the benefit of the power-saving Standby Mode feature.[10]

In January of 2016, Chris revealed in Announcement and update 1/12/2016 that he had acquired a new addition to the Relics of Fail. He bought a schooldesk from Goodwill for $30. Chris might have bought the desk as a fond reminder of his days at Manchester High, when he was free of adult responsibilities. Depressingly, he has filmed many videos of himself sitting at the desk and bashing action figures into each other like a child.

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