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Idea Guy

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Joshua Wise
Idea Guy.png
Name Joshua Wise
Also known as Idea Guy
Date of Birth 22 August 1994 (age 23)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White

Joshua Wise (known to Chris as John Yamada and known by Chris's fans as "/pol/ troll", "Idea Guy", or "Ballzymaker94") was a troll who influenced Chris to add politically incorrect themes and historical references, Internet memes, and false rumors into his comic, social media posts, and videos. His aim was likely to see how gullible Chris was, and how little he understands about the world, though Chris's participation may not have been completely voluntary. Chris's interactions with Wise started when he informed Chris that the characters from Hyperdimension Neptunia were invading CWCville.


For months, fans wondered about Idea Guy's identity and fictional bio, as Chris did not disclose that he was in contact with a source. On 22 January 2018, moderators at Kiwi Farms decided to dox the user known as Ballzymaker94 for being Idea Guy, forcing an abrupt end to the saga. Chris has yet to react to, or show awareness of, the reveal of Wise's involvement.

With Idea Guy's doxing, Kiwi Farms users also found posts from his accounts there and on Reddit white knighting the Idea Guy from criticism and trying to publicize Chris's Idea Guy content in other communities.

Behind the scenes

A sample of the fake news Wise used to convince Chris.

While under Wise's control, Chris himself kept quiet about the situation, never implying that anyone was taking control of him. However, the many references that he did not understand were a clear sign of external influence. There were also signs that Chris was coerced or duped into using Wise's ideas, as he appeared uncomfortable in Wise-inspired videos and is often alarmed by the troll's "revelations" about Chris's fictional world.

Some believed that the Idea Guy simply paid Chris. However, fans quickly determined that this was unlikely. The closest anyone came to paying Chris to influence CWCville was when Waterman paid him $100 to feature his Bananasauros character in Sonichu #11, even providing a script, and Chris reacted by openly mocking Waterman and his character in the very pages of the comic, rushing through the plotline and then promptly disregarding the character. Furthermore, whenever people pay Chris for content, he has an established habit of dragging his feet and putting as little effort as he possibly can into the product. Examples of this include Paid Video Requests and his treatment of high-end clients such as DStecks and Ashuraglitch.

In marked contrast, Chris appeared to genuinely believe Wise, thinking he was talking to his friends, as evidenced when he freaked out over the revelation of Rosechu being transgender. The Man in the Pickle Suit also speculated that Wise posed as various characters from CWCville.[1] This was confirmed when Kiwi Farms users who Wise had contacted in private leaked the details of his methods.

He knows he's talking to a dude. The thing is that I used to be part of a roleplay community years ago, so the rest is kind of easy for me. What made this so much easier was telling him Kurome put a curse on the Internet so that any pics taken of the girls he wants to see appear elsewhere in her attempt to make it harder for him to believe. All you gotta do really is make a sound clip on audacity to the girls he wants to here talking, and he buys it.


—Wise revealing his master plan.[2]

Red forest
Stardate Unknown
Subject Matter Reality
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guy
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked AudioAudio Audio

Wise's means of influencing Chris were surprisingly elaborate, taking the form of fake audio clips and photoshopped images which he presented to Chris as documents from CWCville and Gamindustri[3]. Wise initially played the role of a soldier from Gamindustri named John.

The Kiwi Farms leaks also revealed a large amount of content that Chris made during the saga without releasing publicly, including several pages of Sonichu #16 covering the events Wise described to him. The pages show "John" – depicted in a gas mask and body armor from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games – asking (real-world) Chris whether he still owns his Dreamcast, which John believes to be a portal to CWCville. In a page-and-a-half wall of text, Chris summarizes his adventures with John and the Hyperdimension Neptunia cast, and the salvation of Gamindustri and CWCville from the invaders.

Wise told Chris that Magi-Chan had a vision that Crystal would be born from Chris anally raping Sonichu; despite so blatantly going against Chris's beliefs and wishes, the message was convincing enough that Chris drew a horrifying piece of artwork depicting the act, where Comic Chris apologizes to Sonichu but insists that "destiny called us to make this baby".

Wise also duped Chris into believing he would receive various magical abilities in real life. This apparently emboldened Chris to begin making plans to travel to meet the creator of Rosechu's Story and to confront Cole Smithey in New York, possibly with the help of magic powers that he expected to receive. According to the leaker, Wise actually did the responsible thing in these cases and convinced Chris not to go. However, he also told Chris that Neptune would be waiting to meet him at a GameStop; Chris went, specifically, to the Forest Lakes GameStop (from which he had been banned) and waited outside in his car, honking his horn and peering inside.


Below is a summary of ideas in Chris's work attributed to the Idea Guy.

Hyperdimension Neptunia

Throughout November, Chris made several posts,[4] some accompanied by drawings, on being possessed by Hyperdimension Neptunia goddess Uzume Tennouboshi and an invasion of CWCville by enemy forces from the Neptunia video games.

Halfway through the month, observers began speculating that a new troll had appeared, as Chris's posts began to include references designed to go over his head. On 14 November, he wrote that Silvana had been captured by a Russian billionaire and posted a photo of the soldier who would be rescuing her, recognized by spectators as part of the Remove Kebab internet meme. The same day, Chris recorded Freestyle Dance With Me, For Our World! while wearing a tinfoil hat to prevent "the man" from reading his mind.

Nazi CWCville

The Christine Doll, shortly before being executed.

A day after the "Freestyle Dance", Chris described in detail how Silvana had been saved in a military conflict titled Operation BARBarossa, thinking the name was meant to be a clever nod towards his mother. The post was littered with references to World War II, particularly on actions by Nazi Germany, such as "prison camps full of large ovens" built on CWCville soil.

Days later, Chris expanded on the new CWCville lore,[5] giving the names of the prison camps. He also warned that CWCville's supply of U.S. money had been tainted with a virus – a concept borrowed from the video game Tom Clancy's The Division – and encouraged travelers to use "Cwcsmarts" instead – a name slightly reminiscent of Nazi (and Weimar) Germany's "Reichsmark". Later, he mentioned that CWCville's ZIP Code had been changed from its previous Mexican designation to one in Germany.

Two weeks after the BARBarossa post, Chris had noticed speculation that he had fallen in with the Nazi crowd, and took offense to it, insisting that the ideas had come from Count Graduon.

On 26 December, the Idea Guy informed Chris that citizens of CWCville who refused to accept SLGBTQ formed a homophobic klan and attacked the CWCville Mall, and rioted after the trial of Jamsta for molesting Punchy Sonichu. In the same message, he mentioned that the TrollBusters have been reformed into the "CWCstapo", an obvious (though lost on Chris) reference to the Gestapo, the secret police of Nazi Germany, to "be better at stopping criminals".[6] The update contains the line "A police state is a Country run by CRIMINALS", a quote from Fatherland, a novel set in an alternate timeline in which Nazi Germany won World War II.

A few weeks later, on 16 January, Chris was told that the MLP doll he had customized to his image was, in fact, bugged by Nazis. He took vengeance by smashing it to pieces on camera. A few days later, Chris destroyed his Christmas tree and a photo of Hulk Hogan in Get Out, You D*** Nazis!‎ for the same reason.

CWCville elections

On 26 November, Chris broke his longstanding policy barring elections in CWCville by announcing that the position of mayor was up for election.[7] The mayoral candidates included several notorious historical figures, Russian president Vladimir Putin, actor Brendan Fraser, Ian Brandon Anderson and Payday 2 character Bob McKendrick. Incumbent Allison Amber did not run for reelection. Chris himself endorsed McKendrick, due to him sharing a name with his father, with a slogan ripped off from Pmurt's "Make America Great Again".

A few days later, Chris announced another election for chief of police.[8] The candidates were Ian Brandon Anderson (again), "Man-Ewell Noriega", and two serial killers.

Brendan Fraser won the mayoral election and took office sometime in December;[6] Ian Brandon Anderson won the vote for chief of police but Chris has yet to confirm that he has taken office.

Trans Rosechu

Cwc imaginary gal-pal's penis.jpg

A distraught Chris posted to Facebook and Twitter in early December, saying that Rosechu had informed him that she was actually transgender, and had a penis up until the events of Sonichu #8, at which point she underwent advanced gender-reassignment surgery to become "Fully Woman" and enable her to give birth to her children.[9]

Chris, agitated about the prospect of altering his canon in such a significant way, put up a poll to ask fans whether Rosechu should stay trans or be retconned back to his original concept of her being female from birth, pointing out that Rosechu being trans would hurt him and that the other option would hurt her. This reaction was seen by spectators as trans-shaming towards Rosechu, who he believes to be real in another dimension. In essence, Chris wants to be accepted as trans, added a ten-year-old trans-female to his comic, and forced Rosechu and the gang to fully accept and love Chris for coming out – but refuses to believe Rosechu herself could possibly be trans.

Other changes to Sonichu canon

Neo Silvana

Sonichu #15, a book Chris had wanted to use for a modern retelling of Sonichu #0 prior to his known interactions with the Idea Guy, has significant alterations to the canon of the comics. Sonichu's new birthday is given as April 20th, or "4/20" – representing the slang term "420", but also coinciding with Adolf Hitler's birthday and the anniversary of the Columbine massacre.

Halfway through December, Chris exclaimed that Silvana had been lost in the past, but that there was a way to bring her back if his followers would "BELIEVE In Silvana Rosechu, and her Fullest Existence in Cwcville, Virginia, USA, Of All Timelines, Worlds and Dimensions!". She was revived in a new form, with her old one destroyed.[10]

On 5 January, Chris posted that Magi-Chan and his mentor, Mewtwo, had gotten married – showing that gay marriage is indeed legal in CWCville.[11] They now live as a "loving triage" with Silvana.

After Idea Guy was outed and his involvement ceased, Chris resumed uploading pages for Sonichu #12-9. In it, jokes and references inserted by Idea Guy survived: Night Star and Diamond Melody order a hotdog from a Tesco merchant (Tesco had a scandal involving selling beef with horse meat to customers). Night Star also rambles about her age, giving references to Gears of War.[12]

Similarly, in-progress work on Sonichu 14 shows Chris still using Idea Guy's suggestions.

Partial pages of Sonichu 16 were posted by Kiwi Farms users whom Idea Guy had confided in, the plot of which involves his explanation on how he got access to Chris and the nightmarish state of CWCville he had described to him. It is unknown whether Chris will retain the story.

"Translated" dialogue

In November and December, Chris drew what he believed to be artwork featuring Sailor Moon characters conversing with his comic counterpart in foreign languages. However, he was actually tricked into writing "I am carrying a penis", among other things, in Japanese.[13]

A month later, more "translated" art was posted,[14] this one featuring the SS motto as well as German lines from the video games Brothers in Arms and Wolfenstein: The New Order. In addition, Chris tried to write the "I am carrying a penis" line again, although he accidentally wrote it with a typo.

The German translations in particular put Chris's naïveté on full display, with some of the German dialogue featuring words such as "Zebra", "Evolution" and "Universum", which are similar or identical to English counterparts that are obviously absent in the supposed translations, yet he was none the wiser.

Chris's note congratulating Magi-Chan and Mewtwo on tying the knot contains Swedish text giving a shout-out to Kiwi Farms.[11]

Other content

On 7 December, Chris posted a "dark" Pokémon fan theory, lamenting that Pokémon are kept in suspended animation with "NO Simulated Fields made from Virtual Reality! NO Living Room Apartment Setting! NOTHING! Suspended Animation in Dark".[15]

On 11 December, Chris performed a supposed "Cherokean Chant", which in fact involved mimicking the "squatting Slav" meme and reciting Internet meme quotes from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video game series, all while drunk on half a fifth of vodka.

Gallery of leaked content

Private messages

As Ballzymaker94, Idea Guy had contacted several members of Kiwi Farms through private messaging to discuss his trolling efforts. After he was doxed by the site's moderators on 22 January 2018, the users came forward to post the content he had shared with them.

A Kiwi Farms moderator elaborates on why they forced the Idea Guy saga to end.

He had not shared all of his content and chat logs over PM, and generally summarized his interactions with Chris. He offered to trade in all of his information in exchange for the moderators removing the dox of his family members, however, they refused the deal on the grounds that they disliked his public trolling output.

One user had a lengthy conversation with him, spanning from 3 December to 18 December 2017, archived in Idea Guy Q&A. In it, Idea Guy discusses how he had gained Chris’s trust, how Chris reacted to some of his ideas and mentions content which had not been publicly released, such as Chris wanting intel on whether Jessica Quinn was actually a troll, how Chris tried to prevent Jamsta from being jailed for molestation and Chris’s attempts to interact with Neptunia goddesses.

Lasting impressions

Flat-chested women April 2018.jpg

After Idea Guy was doxed and gave up his trolling, Chris continued to wear the Gopnik outfit which Idea Guy had him don for the Cherokean Chant video, which became a staple of his fashion. Chris also modified his medallion shortly before Idea Guy was doxed, to feature an item from Hyperdimension Neptunia - this also continued after Idea Guy left and can be seen in Our signatures, a video recorded months later. In April 2018, Chris posted a drawing of him showing support for flat-chested women, with his character wearing both the Gopnik outfit and modified medallion. On 20 April, when asked by a troll, he affirmed that it was indeed Sonichu's birthday, that Magi-chan was born in 1948 (making him the oldest of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon), and that Sonichu's previous canonical birthday was actually the day "he came More into this world and in my life".[16]

Chris may not be aware that Idea Guy had been a troll the whole time. In March 2018, a ween brought up the Nazi camps, and Chris responded[17]:

That was Graduon’s Idea; NOT Mine.


While Wise himself appears to have disappeared after his doxing, in April 2018 Chris got involved with several weens and two new sweethearts at the same time that he began behaving (more) unusually in videos and social media posts, as he did under Wise's influence. This has led to speculation that newer would-be trolls have turned to manipulating Chris using Idea Guy-like tactics.

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