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April 2018 social media posts

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The things described in this article are still happening, so it may be subject to frequent change.

This page is a partial archive of Chris's major social media posts during April 2018. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments will be included and color-coded for reference.

Support for flat-chested women

6 April

I’m taking a moment to acknowledge the flat-chest women of our worlds. And also offer my most heartfelt apologies to any and all of them who may have been offended with my past depiction of large breast size within my pages and drawing pieces. Thank you. ❤️🌈

Flat-chested women April 2018.jpg

Begging for sales on Cole's stuff

6 April

As Seen in the recently uploaded video; Come On Down and Buy Cole’s Things Right Now to help my mom and I, Please. We need the money here, that is for sure. And KISS is Full in this Very Special Folder Of Cole’s! You’ll get Great Bang for your Dollar!

Desperate for money

9 April

All of Cole Smithey’s Remaining Sargent Rock Comic Books, in a single Lot Sale and Collection. For Immediate Sale; Please Buy Now.
Selling my Wiimote and Nunchuck! For Immediate Sale!

@SaraHeartsSonic asked:

But... how will you play the Wii now?

Chris answered:

I Sold It weeks Ago.

Chris linked to the Sargent Rock comic listing

PLEASE, BUY NOW! My mother and I Have to make Two Payments to our Mortgage Company This Month!

Concerning the Buy Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne video

9 April

A fan asked:

I think an admirer of Shin Megami paided Christine 100$ to do one of those paid request videos.



The fan:

Ah, I thought it was paid like the dancing videos. So it was a freebie?

Chris clarified:

More like I was desperate for money, and I was Trolled into doing it thinking I would get money, but I did not.

Brown hair sucks

9 April

Choose a hair colour

He put up a poll.

  • Dark blue
  • Teal
  • Brown

Results were, respectively, 28%, 30% and 42%.

Really? The majority wants my hair to make me feel like a loser when I look at it?

He then deleted the poll.

I'm bisexual

10 April

I realized with my sweethearts that I am a Bisexual, so I will be needing to get a Bisexual Coloured Flag to replace this one; Celebrate Lesbian Pride for yourself, with my full kindness and support.

He linked to an eBay listing for the flag.

An extra bible

13 April

I thought I had an extra bible and wanted to sell my old one, but I realized I didn’t. So, the Bible is not for sale, after all.

Another beg

13 April

Please, help me and my mother here; we are very low on money right now, and we need to sell everything on my eBay that I’ve listed. Please, Buy My Things Now!

Autographs removed from toys

15 April

Following complaints about the signatures on his Transformers, listed on eBay, devaluing the toys:

ALL Marker Ink from the autographs have been removed from the Transformers I am selling. Check out Transformers Cybertron GALVATRON

He linked to the eBay listing.

SERIOUSLY! All marker autographs have been removed from these old figures; Please, Buy Them Now.

A fan:


Chris shot back:

The ink is gone now, anyway. So, Shut Up and Buy My Toys, please.

The fan replied:

Not gonna get anyone to buy your toys with that attitude.

Chris answered:

I’m not meaning the attitude, and I am sorry for the tude, but I am really Pressed here.

The fan suggested:

Why not donate some plasma?

Chris replied:

My blood is no longer acceptable, because the Bloodmobile has a law against it able to accept Blood donations from Transgender individuals.

Fans discussed why Chris removed his autographed, with one pointing out that his signatures should add value. Chris commented:

Well, y’all have missed out on my autograph on Any of them now. So, NOW, Please, Buy Them From Me!

CWC cosplayer is hot

15 April

Fetusbabe's cwc cosplay.jpg

Spinalpalm linked Chris a Twitter profile of @fetusbabe, a woman who cosplayed as him. Chris commented:

At least you came close on the shirt; too bad it isn’t a Ralph Lauren shirt, like The Shirt of mine is.

Show me the shoes you wore with that ensemble?

She replied:

just some shoes similar to this, not like what you'd wear but it went well with the rest of the outfit


Well, may I say, in honesty, You look Totally Awesome and Hot. Whoever gets you is a Lucky Person! :)


thanks a bunch! :)

Updated Facebook profile to note bisexuality

15 April

Oh! I forgot to update my Facebook Profile: I am a Bisexual Transwoman. Thank you.

He updated the Basic Information section to note this, and that he was "interested in men and women."

Idea Guy 2.0 ?

16 April


I started working in this #ChangeTheChannel comic. Not sure if anyone would be into it.

He posted a comic page depicting Doug Walker, aka the Nostalgia Critic.


I had not heard much of the Nostalgia Critic yet, but in Cwcville, apparently, Christine and the Hedgehog Boys made a song about him, “The Nostalgia Critic Did Nothing Wrong!” So, some of my family and species likes him. Cool. :)

About the dick-licking video and Shadow Resident

16 April

Chris made the following post on Facebook:

**Attention!** I have remembered this “ween” who is addressing me online, and the events that took place that he had mentioned. I shall be recording my apology to him in a while. Do Not Dox Anyone!

He then uploaded With Apologies to Mister Resident‎‎.

On Twitter, a fan asked:

Is this related to that dick licking video?

Chris replied:

No, not at all whatsoever. I impulsively did that one video of my own will; no one was in control of me at all.

The fan:

Thanks for explaining, I'm still confused why this teacher wanted an apology for making you cry.


Moreover, I’d say the apology was for ignoring him a year later, and for him ending up in major mental trauma for years. He just wanted peace of mind.

Another fan commented:

I'm amazed you were able to recall all of that - my memory is pretty poor, especially of things that happened at school. It is never too late to apologise for things. Good for you!


Thank you. My memory may not be perfect, but with a few hints, lots of time, and I can recollect most anything about my past. Yee-Haw!

"Celebrating Friendship"

16 April

celebrating friendship

He wants $600+ to go to BronyCon

16 April

Everyone! BUY ALL OF MY TRANSFORMERS, and I will Definitely be able to make BronyCon 2018! Buy Now to See Me There!!!

Please, Buy Now to help me get to BronyCon 2018! Money is tight here. If I don’t make the money, I Can’t Go At All!

We Are making the mortgage and food by the skin of our teeth here. Seriously, I would not be able to afford even the ticket to BronyCon at this point without making ALL of these sales. So, Please Help Me, so I can Meet You this year!

A fan inquired:

True and honest, How much do you need?

Chris answered:

Hotel room closest available, weekend ticket, gasoline, food, arriving on Thursday to fully enjoy and meet as much of y’all as possible, and then some for just-in-case emergencies: More than $600 would be a Fantastic Help, if you would please. Buy My Transformers and help me.
More of my old toys, Authentically Certified, Will be added, including a couple of Starscreams. So, Buy Now to not only help me go to BronyCon, but to also help clear out my clutter. Blaster to set up the Beats!

These were then promptly removed.

Chris's Twitter controlled by troll

17 April

In the early hours of the day, Chris's Twitter posted a tirade composed of bizarre claims against him and CWCville.

Seven of nine delusional tweets Chris made on April 17 before removing them and the begging of $600 for BronyCon made the day before.
There I Am! I am Coming Clean!
Everyone! I do still need the money here to make ends meet for the household, seriously. I was using BronyCon as a sales pitch excuse to try and sell the toys. I owe a LOT towards making amends for my past. You would not believe me if I told you how. /1
But suffice to say, I had done a lot more things in my lifetime from within my subconscious that ended up doing things worse in this world and even in Cwcville. I am a Major Sexual Deviant and my fetishes had made a LOT of individuals turn against me. /2
I have a long list of fetishes: I'm a Furry, I like the MLP ponies and Equestria Girls and guys, I like all kinds of individuals, I like big breasts, I even like those as young as 16 years of age, I'm a porn addict, I'm even into scat and pee, I still have remaining... /3
...lingering jealousies of men, enough to subconsciously want to kill, I also do like the Cybertronians, Autobots and Decepticons alike. It is Super Bad, that I may as well voluntarily register myself as a Sex Offender! And all this among others have affected my relations /4
...with Everyone, Everypony, and Everybot. My years of repressed sexual urges have made my Sonichus and Rosechus essentially go Hog-Wild all over the places, even to go around terrorizing everyone, to get me some vagina... I also have a fetish for old people too,... /5
...even my own mother, and I have a fetish for myself, where when I have the chance. I would have sex with my Cwcville counterpart, and even my Equestria Counterpart, Nightstar. Her sweetie, Kun T'Nyuget, was so handsome, he made me realize I was Bisexual. He was like, WOW! /6
And now, thanks to my subconscious lingering jealously, Kun T'Nyuget is dead now. My damned subconscious KILLED my Nightstar's Lover!!!! Soo much damage to a Lot in This World, and even There in Cwcville's Dimension; THAT's what has been driving me crazy these past months. /6 [sic]
I WAS worrying over my Nation and my Species Of Sonichus and Rosechus. And there is a LOT to make amends, as well as Reforming and Redeeming Myself. And Jesus Christ is not one who would be doing that for me; I Must Reform and Redeem Myself, for the Benefit Of Everyone. /8
Eighth tweet.
I had repressed myself for too many years, and the worst of that has cost a LOT against me with Everyone.

And to You All, and All of them, I have been very remorseful and sorry for everything.

I wish to be reformed, redeemed and forgiven by everyone.

(Ninth delusional tweet) Chris wants to be redeemed.
Chris claims his account was hacked.

Around after an hour of these tweets being up, they were all taken down by Chris along with the $600 begging for BronyCon tweets posted the day before - Chris promptly posted:

My account was hacked, Everyone. All of those Tweets just now were not mine. I just recovered this account. Please, disregard those recent Tweets and carry on with your day. Move Alone; Nothing to see here, Folks.

It is unknown whether or not Chris's account was truly hacked, or just if Chris had a mental breakdown - however the following tweet posted that day seems to hint towards the latter.

I'm suffering an existential crisis.

Please, Help Me.

Exercising on a treadmill

18 April

On a treadmill speed walking 4 mph for two hours. - at Anytime Fitness

Chris on a treadmill.jpg

Selling a Fitbit

18 April

I got a Fitbit and synched that with my phone and Anytime Fitness app, and since I do not own a Wii U anymore, this will make a Lovely Collectible. I’ll initial it on the back in a silver sharpie. Thank you.

He linked to an eBay listing for his Fitbit.