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In this video, leaked by Alec Benson Leary on 11 December 2013, Chris provides a second tour of his house and the property that it's on, showing how it has deteriorated even further since the first house tour video in March 2009. It's quite telling how Chris's room, messy as it is, is somehow more organized and easy to navigate than the rest of the house, which is often so cluttered with junk that it reaches to the top of the ceiling.

The exact date in which the video was filmed has not been established with certainty. Chris's narration seems to imply that the video was shot after Bob's death, suggesting a date after 6 September 2011. The video may have been shot during early May 2013. This video gives our last view of the house before it burned down on 10 January 2014. Notably, Chris's voice turns increasingly resentful over the course of the video, implying that even he may have realised the house was too cluttered and nearly impossible to move around.


Tour of Chris's House II
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Stardate 11 December 2013
Subject Matter TragedyTragedy 14 Branchland Court
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Shirt White TWhite T The White Trash
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CWC Lego Manchester High School Oct 18 2013
Hello, my sweety baby
I'm not too proud of the state of the house.


[Sounds of clutter can be heard as Chris steps over a pile of trash.] Mmph... Mmph. What you just seen was the living room, pretty much where my mom and I are in, [sighs] then what's been... what's blocked off the other side of the... actually that... actually that was the family room in it's entirety, both halves. But, the other half, the second half was blocked.

And then the bathroom down here and [Struggles over the garbage blocking the passage], pretty much the, that's pretty much the utility room, laundry, and back door, which that too is blocked. So freakin' cluttered in here, in this house. [Grunts repeatedly]

Mr. C, my father, had to have narrow passageways, but they were not this narrow. Anyway uh, steps going to up the front door right there, and then more steps going up... [Pants heavily] Kitchen very much blocked off all over... with the Resident Evil refrigerator right there. I use the term Resident Evil because in Japan, Resident Evil video game is called Biohazard. [Some dinging sounds are heard] And the one I cleaned recently.

That's as much of the living room as you can see above... To, above this lot, which essentially consists of two couches, hardly been used. [Sighs] ["Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners plays briefly on the radio during this line.]

Bu- way through this narrow hallway, upstairs bathroom with bathtub and shower, pretty much hasn't changed since the udder-- since the trolls first saw it. [Sighs]

And this is my room, obviously. Lot more cleaner than it is now, lot more clearer than the rest of the house, actually right now. Couch under that pile. Um, I'll make the bed shortly after. Anyway that's pretty much the inside of the house.

I guess I gotta show... I guess I gotta better show you the outside as well. [Bends down to pick up what appears to be a plastic lighter.] Me-- [Sighs as he knocks something else to the floor.]

D'oh. [Sighs again] Droppin' everything. It's so crowded in here! [Sighs] Hoarding mom and dad and... everything... [Sighs] Cluttered, freaking cluttered.

[Chris descends the stairs and opens the front door.]

Hey Scamper! Yep, and we just exit the front of the house to the front yard. And there's accessible portion of the daylily garden. [A neighbor kid yells something unintelligible.]

That's essentially the front of the house. Yeah, that's... Yeah, I think the front yard is more cluttered than the back yard. Eh, there's garden shed. Pretty much not used n-nowadays.

My father liked to spend time in there. Yeah, trees cluttering up par-... cluttering up the gardens. And, driveway... more daylily garden patch. There goes...

And, you saw the pen in the back yard earlier. Mmkay, so that's pretty much, that's the- well, actually there's one room I missed. One room I missed.

[Chris re-enters the house and descends the stairs, approaching a wall of clutter. He places the camera in a small hole in the wall, revealing an entire room behind it.]

And behind this... door frame is... music room. Cluttered in there too. So yeah, I'm not too proud of the state of the house. Okay? So that's pretty much everything right now.

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