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"Fanmail Reading" (officially "12102009 - Fanmail Reading.MP4") is a video released by Chris in which he reads fanmail, and requests that all future free video games sent to him be of the console variety. He also takes a moment to show his incredible ingratitude, stating outright that he didn't even play the game a TRUE and HONEST fan sent him as a gift.


12102009 - Fanmail Reading
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Stardate 10 December 2009
Shirt OrangeOrange Orange
9 December 2009
Congrats, Jack Black
Not since Lois Lane of the Superman stories, or Wonder Woman herself, has a female character been portrayed so positively. Rosechu really sets the standard for what a loving, supportive, assertive girlfriend/wife should be like.


["(Far from) Home" by Tiga, featured in promos for PlayStation Home, plays in the background]

Hey, y'all! Learn—nerd—this here's another video for the YouTube... and you know who I am, [dramatic glasses removal] sure enough. Anyway, got some fan mail here. We're gonna read through some of it. [puts glasses back on] And, uh—neyah, I got the snail mail. I keep those letters in the first—in the first big book—in my Sonichu book. [leans back to show the scrapbook of fail] Had to get a second book 'cuz—a second binder 'cuz it got so big. [puts binder down] Anyway, keep these, I keep the fanmail in there. So we'll run through it.

Anyway, first piece we'll look at is uh—one post—the one post and—one postcard I got here. It's an au—which came from, uh, PandaHalo, Sarah Cassandra McKenzie. Read this in honor, because, you know, we just started the Number Ten book. Anyway, she writes, uh, "I hope you get—"I hope this card gets to you okay and it brings a smile to your face. Always be a true friend. Love, Panda." Mmyep. And, plus, she was the, uh, fan who—she was the Sonichu Girl who created Chloe and Blazebob. They'll have their own stories in the future pages.

Anyway, uh, next letter, we have here comes from the country of Turkey, from an individual named Ray. Anyway, he basically says here:

"Assuming this is you and not another individual who has intercepted this message, like to inform you that I bought the game Half-Life 2 for you, I wish in return other than to make sure you recived this letter in one of your videos and complete the game at least once. It really is a fantastic game I hope you enjoy it to the fullest,"

and then details about that—about that. And then he says, "Have a great day". Sin—and write—sign his name. Alright, well, yeah, I downloaded—I downloaded the game and co—backed it up to external 8 GB flash drive. Yeah, I appreciate the gesture, but, generally, I don't play PC games. I used to, but I don't anymore. I'm more of a console-type of guy, anyway. Plus, you know, I was trying to get [suddenly freaks out] the Orange Box! Anyway, so... yeah. I appreciate the gesture if it's a downloadable PC game, but, uh, general—generally, um, you could send me, uh, like... the disc for a console... or, uh—I could—or, yeah, this video—next to this video, I'll put my—I'll add my Wii numb—my Wii number, and, uh, you can gift me games—downloadable games for the Wii network, as well. Or, you know, feel free to send me PlayStation Network cards, of a mon—of a small mont—of a reasonable value, or if you feel up—if you feel like it. Hmm. Anyway, that's neither here nor—that's, uhh—and, plus, also, you know, yeah, a couple of other people did, well, enough send me a couple of game di—game discs—PS2 game discs, one of which was a Mobile Suit Gundam game... but I already had that particular title. But it's ok, I still appreciate the gesture.

Anyway, next one we'll look at, firstly, the fanart. I showed this in a previous video. Anyway, the letter and the fanart comes from Allie of Southern Carolina. She says:

"I know it may seem weird that I am mailing this when I have never met you before, but I figure it will be safer this way than through the internet. Just turned 25, and I'm an art student here in Souther Carolin—Southern California."

And skipping the details for time.

"If you like my work enough, maybe we can be art pen-pals. I could send you more real artwork, and you could send me artwork if you want."

Ahh, which I have. I believe I have sent you back an original art piece as a reply two months ago. Anyways, uh:

"Hope you don't mind me sending this to you, and that you don't think I'm a troll, and I'm sure you are very weary of who you can trust nowadays."


"Hope I [Chris] sent a piece of art. You know I am the real deal." Mmhmm. Yeah, don't want to give out internet information, yep. Yep. Anyway, then—then she tells me to take care. Alright, Allie, you take care, too, and I appreciate that. So... hopefully you got the one I sent back to you. Mm.

Anyway, here's another piece of fan art that I showed you earlier. It comes from, uh, C-70 of Canada. Oh, yeah on the letter here it says Christine. I have the envelope over here, but her first name wasn't on the envelope. Anyway, reading a little bit of this she writes, uh,

"I'm a little shy about writing my own feelings to the brighter artist and creator extraordinaire of Sonichu himself. Sometimes you have to put your pen to paper."

Anyways you don't have to be shy around me because, you know, I'm a good person, general. Even though some people don't understand that. Aside from that... yeah... yeah, okay, ye—uhh, here's a good part. Yeah.

"Sonichu has ult—ultimately unfolded a story of purpose, intrigue, redemption, forgiveness, and, hopefully, ends in triumph. Hear the call of your fanbase!"

I've certainly have heard the call. Anyway, yes, uhh, she does write ques—a few questions on the back. Uh, which, uhh, they will be answered, like, you know:

"Will sh—"Will Crys—"Will my twin sister escape from the Dark Mirror?"

Yes, she will. Okay?

"A siege will probably both corrupt the citizens and they shall get my city."

Ehh, fairly much done, more or less, in the, uhh... Number 9 book. And, uhh, "Who are the new Electric Hedgehog Pokémon featured—" oh, come o—the dang education cover... Well, come on, you know, uhh... Lolisa and Jamsta... and then there's Zapina and Simonla, and th—and then, of course, there's Darkbind. Uhh... anyway, yeah, if you just look throughout the whole comics, uhh, through the r—throughout the whole comics behind them, you'll see all the characters. Well, [quietly] I'm sure you probably figured that out...

Anyway, "Will Sonichu Crystals be collected, and kind of (??) powers can they unlock?" Ehh, they have [holds up hands in a cool-guy-kind of way] very cool powers, which you find out in book number ten here.

And, uhh, she—and then she asks, "Could I navigate the perilous time stream and still become Chris-chan Sonichu?" Yeah... as long as I had the, uhh, medal or my... ring.

And then she gives—then:

"Please, Christian, zap through the silence between us. Make mine, CWC.

Hugs and tugs(?), Christine"

Yeah, that's very cute. Good. Very good. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Anyway, and another piece of fan—uhh, fan art. Yeah, Jason Darling... of Texas. Yeah, sent me this rep—yeah, sent me this clay medallion replica... [holds up the Sonichu Medallion replica] hm... which I hung on my wall over on that side of my room. Anyway, he says:

"I love the Sonichu character and comic. Please keep up the good work. I made this Sonichu fan art for you. I hope you like it. I think it's pretty good for my first try. Maybe you could wear it or show it in your next vid—YouTube video. Don't let those trolls hold you down. I made the medallion for you to keep your spirit up.

Your friend, Jason"

Very good. Thank you, Jason. Very nice.

[laughs] This letter's like... three pages long. It comes from Doug Chapman... of... Har-pers Fer-ry...—I'm guessing that's West Virginia—WV. Anyway, uhh, three pages-worth of fan art, as well, right here. Uh, plus the envelope. Mmm... I'll scan these later on and upload them to the CWCipedia. Anyway, let's just look at the fan art here... from Doug. Ehh, let's see... what we can—what we have enough time to read from the letter here. Let's see... uh, a few things-he-writes. He says:

"Let me first say that your comics are great. Sonichu and the gang are so fun to read about. Whether he's chillin' with his beloved Rosechu or protecting CWCville's streets, I always look forward to CWCipedia updates. [gives a thumbs-up] You an inspiration to all aspiring comic writers."


"I am-I am—and I am a comics—college student who wants to study in art. My little sister, Lily... and I are both huge fans."

Yeah, "I have firstly read... the comics", yeah... [very quietly] "knowing that..." umm, let's see... ah, here! Okay, uh, here's a good statement:

"Rosechu is, without a doubt, my favorite character. Her spunky, cute, and all-around kindness really makes me envy Sonichu. Not since Lois Lane of the Superman... stories, or Wonder Woman herself has a female character been portrayed so positively. Rosechu really sets the standard for what a loveling [sic] supportive, assertive girlfriend/wife should be like. And Sonichu is just cool all-around. [laughs a bit] I think you could be Sonichu himself."

Hah, that's very good. Hmm... let's see. Hmm... "they're back"... "picture"... oh, yeah, okay. Anyway, b—very good. Thank you, Doug. [sigh] Let's—[sigh] let's see... I think, uhh... I'm not sure if we have more time. Mm, but... done all the, uhh, planned letters that I felt I had time for, so... yeah. But there'll be another video after I get some more mail—some more fanmail in the mailbox...—the real-life mailbox.

So, with that, I leave, uhh... [takes off glasses] y'all to, uh, continue enjoying, [Cub Scout salute] and have a pl—and have a pleasant day, and stay safe. [holds up peace sign and turns off camera]

9 December 2009 Chris's videos Congrats, Jack Black
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