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Amnyfest Ring

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The One TRUE and HONEST Ring.
One ring to rule them all.
And you faggots thought it was the medallion that gave him his powers.
Beel learns the true sources of Chris's powers.
my POWERS NEVER truly came from the Medal; they came from my High School Ring the WHOLE time. I wore the ring the VERY FIRST TIME I thought of Sonichu and from then on as well, so there is the FACT.


—Chris, 15 October 2008[1]

I want everybody to know that when I am wearing my ring, I am being most honest and upfront, just like I did when I wore my medallion.


—Chris, 9 March 2009[2]

The Amnyfest Ring[3][4], an egregious mispronunciation of "amethyst ring" (as amethyst is Chris's birthstone[5]), also known as the high school ring[5][6], is Chris's fallback source of his powers to counter the victory cries of trolls after his Sonichu medallion was destroyed by Blanca on 20 October 2008.

The enormous emotional significance that he attaches to it is further evidence that Chris cannot move on from high school.

Chris and his precious

The One Ring is engraved with "LANCERS", "CWC", an image of a lancer and a coat of arms for the class and school. The amethyst is a galaxy cut on top and a rainbow on the bottom.[7][5]

Approximate appearance of the relic, based on descriptions.

The importance Chris gave to his medallion induced trolls to get their hands on it. After Blanca stole and destroyed the medallion in 2008, Chris indicated that the high school ring, not the medallion, is the source of all his powers, and that wearing his ring is sufficient enough to make a video TRUE and HONEST. After all, he explained, "mine is the ONLY ring of its has my initials engraved inside it...and it has my birthstone in it."[8] Since then, many videos started with Chris briefly showing that he was wearing the Ring, to indicate that it was a TRUE and HONEST video.

Chris considers the ring indisputable proof of his identity, rhetorically asking "WHO ELSE owns the same class ring with the same finger size, engravings and such?"[9] The fact that Chris assures himself that nobody could possibly replicate a generic, cheap ring is testament to his feeble grasp of reality.

On 10 January 2010, Chris, for some reason, started wearing the ring around his medallion while calling out Alec Benson Leary.[10]

Along with the Sonichu medallion, the Amnyfest Ring went on hiatus for much of 2010. (It was theorized that its destruction by a heroic Icelandic troll led to the March/April 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption.) However, Chris reverted to classic form in a video released on 6 September 2010 featuring, among other familiar tics, an emphatic display of the ring.[11] He also wore it to his 2012 trial, and again in the April 2013 "I AM MY OWN FREE BITCH!" photos. It popped up again in the autographed photos he offered for sale on eBay in late June 2014, proving that it survived his house fire.

I guess you are.
...and one for my sweetheart.

In late 2014, as-yet-unsourced information revealed that Chris had, unprompted, offered to give the amnyfest ring away to his sweetheart Catherine as a sign of commitment.[12] This new purpose for the ring is connected to Chris's obsession about the symbolic meaning of wedding rings. For example, he drew a picture of himself offering a wedding ring to Ivy. His drawings of the fantasy weddings of Sonichu and Rosechu, and himself and Ivy, both featured ring-bearers. He has also been long frustrated that only married women wear rings, because his noviophobia makes him afraid that he might get an ass-kicking from a jealous boyfriend if he tries to talk to a woman who has already been purchased. Unsurprisingly, he wants women who are not boyfriend-free to be legally required to wear rings.[13] We can surmise that he intended to use the amnyfest ring's power to ensnare Catherine forever. Fortunately for her, she refused it.

However, although Chris has stopped wearing his medallion, this does not appear to be the case with his ring, as he has constantly been seen wearing it through 2014, even at his trial. This is likely because it allows him to be TRUE AND HONEST without wearing a medallion, which could be because he realizes how ridiculous he looks with it, but is probably because it would ruin his tom-girl look (despite it already being ruined by Chris' horrible choices of attire.) Since Chris believes his magic powers stem from the ring, he presumably doesn't feel the need to wear the medallion.

In the comics

In Sonichu 10, while Chris-chan Sonichu was trapped in the Building, the demon Beel stole his medallion. All seemed lost, but then Chris discovered that the true source of his power was the Amnyfest Ring, which he used to regain his medallion and kill Beel.

Chris can also be seen wearing the ring, along with his wedding ring, in the Giant Penis Comic (Sonichu Comic Special 3).


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