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Chris sends the Amnyfest Ring to The Captain.

During April 2018, Chris listed the Amnyfest Ring for sale on Ebay, under pressure from the Idea Guys to sell it and various other items in order to fund their monetary demands[1]. The buyer of the ring turned out to be The Captain, and Chris drew a one-page comic to depict the transfer of his treasured high school ring over to him. Upon viewing the comic, The Captain noticed something odd about it:

The first warning sign that something was "off" about this transaction was the fact that nobody was smiling in the comic. All of the Sonichus are sad that he's giving the ring away, which in itself is indicative that Chris wasn't making any of these sales of his own free will.[1]

The Captain would use the ring to turn the tables on the Idea Guys and empower the Guard Dogs to remove them from power. The Captain later sold the ring back to Chris.


Chris, wearing the Gopnik outfit, gathers all but 0.01% of the Amnyfest Ring's power into himself. He then entrusts the class ring to The Captain, while Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sonichu and Rosechu sadly look on in the background. The Captain then thanks Chris and says he will take care of the ring. Due to Chris's ego, he then has The Captain close out the comic by saying, "You provide a good service to us all in this world."

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