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Chris's art is notoriously inconsistent. (All of these people are supposed to be the same character.)

Among many things, the continuity in the Sonichu series is entirely full of fail. The following is a list of continuity errors and retcons in the series:

Every Sonichu comic ever



Because the Sonichu comics lack a clear overall plotline, essentially consisting of whatever pops into Chris's autistic head, many characters disappear from the strip without explanation. Chris presumably forgets about them, and only gives them cameos in later issues after the fanbase ask what happened to them.

  • After Sonichu #1, Kel (Rosechu's original trainer) inexplicably disappeared from the comics. Chris later retconned in the CWCipedia that she "continued her Pok'emon Master Journey." She was mentioned in Sonichu #9, with minor details that so far had only appeared in the CWCipedia being referenced. She returned in Sonichu #10, killing Sean.
  • Sonic does not appear after Sonichu #1 until Sonichu #11, when he claims to have been away on a "princess story".
  • Doctor Robotnik and Giovanni were set up initially as the main villains, but Robotnik (Ren Skysoar) vanishes after Sonichu #1 and Giovanni after Sonichu #3. They briefly reappear in Sonichu #9.
  • Metal Sonichu was sent to the Moon by Sonic in Sonichu #1 and is never seen nor heard from again. As with Sonic, Chris claims that Metal will return in Sonichu #11 or #12. Needless to say, he did not.
  • Crystal Weston Chandler was trapped in the Dark Mirror Hole during Sonichu #5, and whilst she was mentioned afterward in a few issues, was mostly forgotten by Sonichu #8 and not even mentioned in Sonichu #9. However, Crystal was finally saved in Sonichu #10 by Collosal Chris-Chan, who simply enters the mirror and picks her up with very little drama or fanfare. It's possible that Chris had entirely forgotten about this particular plot thread, but was reminded of it after several letters complaining about discontinuity in the Mailbag.
  • Layla Flaaffy was a character made by Ivy which Chris introduced in Sonichu #9. Despite playing a prominent role in both episodes of Sonichu #9 (being paired up with Punchy and later on helping with the defense of CWCville), she was completely absent from both Sonichu #10; however, she returns in Sonichu #11. The only mention of her by Chris after Sonichu #9 was when he wrote the CWCipedia article on Punchy.
  • Reginald Sneasel was a character created to serve as Chris's self insert during the events of Sonichu #9. He completely disappeared by Sonichu #10, likely because Chris himself returned to the comic and a self insert was no longer needed. Not even Angelica Rosechu's CWCipedia article mentions him. He comes back, like Layla, in Sonichu #11.



  • The Sonichu Balls are later renamed "Sonichu Ball Crystals" and after that "Chaotic Crystals".
  • The Legendary Master Sunstone, an immensely powerful jewel with the ability to control the growth of every living thing, is stolen by Blake in Sonichu #3, and later recovered by the Chaotic Combo. Despite its huge power, it never reappears in the series.


  • Sonichu #0 says that Sonichu is 16 years old and Rosechu is 15, which would be true in 2004 when the comic was drawn, but not in 1998, when Chris later declared the story took place.
  • It is not certain when Rosechu and Sonichu left Kel and moved into 14 Brunchville Lane: Chris has given the date as November 1998 and 8 June 2000.
  • Chris claimed that he became Mayor of CWCville in July 2000, but this date is after the events of Sonichu #1, in which he was referred to as Mayor, and also occurs after he granted Rosechu and Sonichu a house using his mayoral powers.
  • Chris has claimed that Episodes 13 and 14 occur on 29 April 2006, but this date is before Patti-Chan went to CWCville on 27 June in Episode 12.5 (Episode 12.5 is supposed to take place before 13 and 14).
  • Bionic puts Reldnahc into a coma on 11 October 2007, and he doesn't wake up until 20 December. But, he is somehow present at Slaweel Ryam's meeting of villains on 2 November.
  • In Sonichu #10, Crystal says that she'll get President Obama to remove the Asperpedia, although this event takes place during August 2008, three months before Obama was even elected, and five months before he took office.
  • In that same issue, Chris "cures" the world of homosexuality and asexuality. Near the end of the issue, he goes about making homosexuality legal in CWCville, but not same-sex marriage. Also, much earlier, the vaccine to cure homosexuality is developed thanks to him donating his blood in the future, in effect creating a time paradox.
  • Chris has claimed that all of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon — except for Sonichu, Rosechu and Blake — came from eggs sent back in time to 2 February 1989, but he's also established that Darkbind, Zelina, Jamsta, Lolisa, Simonla and Silvana are too old to have been hatched on this date. Blazebob, Chloe and Zapina are hatched much later for reasons unaccounted for.
  • In "A Sonichu and Rosechu Christmas Story" and Sonichu #11, Cerah is claimed to attend elementary school, even though it is set in December 2008 and she was born on 29 June 2006, making her far too young to attend school (assuming that Electric Hedgehog Pokémon age at the same rate as humans).
  • Under the influence of the Idea Guys, Chris rewrote most of the comic's timeline, making it an incomprehensible mess.

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