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Sonichu character
Lolisa Rosechu
Date of birth 1987 (in universe)
Gender Female
Length 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight 120 lbs (54 kg)
Species Rosechu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric, then demoted to Normal
Evolves from Rosey (Trade with Blue Flute)
It's 99.99% likely that Chris mass debated to this image.
Lolisa is of Radio DJ and Co-Host personality; she keeps up with the latest news and trends, sad from bad news; happy from good news, honest and punctual.
Chris attempts to describe Lolisa's personality[1]

Lolisa is a Rosechu of unknown origin. She is Jamsta Sonichu's partner at KCWC, as well as his girlfriend. If you thought the other Rosechus were hollow, vapid shells, you ain't seen nothin' yet — Lolisa couldn't be more of a non-character if she tried. She has no character history, no relevance to the plot (such as it is), and doesn't even have a token element to specialize in. She just exists so Jamsta could have a girlfriend around, dispelling rumors that he's gay.


Lolisa is the second-oldest Electric Hedgehog Pokémon and oldest Rosechu in the comic. She was hatched "somewhere private" in 1987, but as Rosechu was discovered first, her name became the species name.[2]

When confronted about this discrepancy in the mailbag, Chris waves the concept aside by claiming that both Lolisa and Jamsta simply hatched in a private location and weren't catalogued until after Sonichu and Rosechu were discovered.

She and DJ Jamsta "lost their electric abilities long ago, so they both are Normal types; they make up for it in their musicality."[3]

Comic appearances

Sonichu #8

Lolisa convinces Rosechu to allow Zapina to be present at the Women's rights stripping protest. Most people would consider this as grooming a child for sexual abuse.

Oddly enough, Lolisa is one letter off from Lolita, a 1955 novel about a pedophile who preys on his 12 year old stepdaughter.

Lolisa briefly (and vapidly) reports on the crazy happenings of Spring Break.

Sonichu #9

Lolisa is among the group defending CWCville Shopping Center from the PVCC, though all she's seen doing is punching a few people.

Sonichu #12

She and DJ Jamsta help defend the SLGBTQ Pride festival from Count Graduon's forces with music-based attacks.