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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during August 2016. Posts are sorted by date and linked to the source material from Facebook. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. Kenneth Engelhardt and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

Project Sonic - Debut Trailer

1 August at 11:04pm

House Cleaning

5 August at 7:09 pm


I want to announce that while I am very well aware of the incoming text messages over the past week, I have been busy sorting through and clearing out Lots of boxes from our move back into our renovated home about a year and a half ago. The room that Was my bedroom in the long ago was FULL of boxes, and now it only has two rows of columns of boxes remaining. I am going to tackle this tonight, and after completion of all this, I will address the text message requests and resume video request taking and recording by the end of this weekend. Thank you for your patience and loyalty. Donations are still requested for better help. Including my own need for a few more tubes of Oestrogel, if anyone would like to help me by sending me a tube from Offshore Pharmacy.

Have a good and safe day.

Harm and Abuse from Cwcki and KiwiFarms

6 August at 12:02 am

That's good, but since I am the Top Victim of the criminals here, is PayPal going to compensate me for the harm and abuse the trolls of the Cwcki and KiwiFarms have done unto me while receiving the donations under their, PayPal's, watch that funded the injustices against me?


Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 12:59 am (deleted)

Hi Null. How's it hanging?

Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 1:05 am (deleted)

Hi Null.

Chris, 6 August at 1:30 am

Null is a Dull Lull; LOL.

Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 1:45 am

Null's misadventures in the Philippines:

Chris liked the above post.

Kim Wilson, 6 August at 11:54 am

Christine Weston Chandler Sorry to burst your bubble here, but the author of that piece is an unreliable narrator.

A very trustable rumor out there is that he's been writing long spiels about how he's been masturbating to you. I've read writings that he's specifically talked about "Christine Chandler's luscious D's". Be careful! You've got a potential stalker on your hands!!

He's a failed politician who aggressively stalked a young girl for years. His favorite technique is to threaten his enemies (frequently his friends too) with legal action. He's actually managed to get his accusations into official record in some level of the UK government. (Every one of his accusations involves pedophilia.)

You don't want to tangle with someone like this. His legal threats are completely toothless, of course. But he's got no life and endless time.

Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 12:49 pm

His main target isn't Christine. It's Dynastia and Joshua C. Moon (who runs Kiwifarms).

Reply chain to above post:

Kim Wilson, 6 August at 12:37 pm

It's not really my place (nor yours) to impose our opinion of who his main target should be, on him.

He's his own crazy person, with his own crazy autonomy.

Kim Wilson, 6 August at 12:38 pm

People should respect crazy autonomy. If someone's going to permanently ruin their name, they should have some say in how they do it.

Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 1:42 pm

I am not imposing on his autonomy in any way. I am simply stating the obvious.

Kim Wilson, 6 August at 1:46 pm

It's not really that obvious. The fellow is full of inner turmoil and he's really struggling with how he wants to express his crazy. You should let him come to his own conclusions.

Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 3:04 pm

He has already cone to his own conclusions. They are right in his blog.

Kim Wilson, 6 August at 3:06 pm

Nah, he's struggling with his inner turmoil.

End of chain.

Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 11:19 pm (deleted)

Null the lolcow news reporter:

Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 11:31 pm (deleted)

Null the fearless lolcow news reporter:

Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 11:34 pm (deleted)

Just what you've always wanted: An e-mail registered with

Kenneth Engelhardt, 6 August at 11:35 pm (deleted)

There's no end to this rabbit hole.

Dragon Statue

8 August at 4:13 pm

There's a dragon looking like Discord hanging out by Willie's Auction House in Ruckersville. Discord statue.jpg


Chris, 8 August at 4:15 pm



9 August at 5:19 am

feeling stressed.

Ugh. If I was not an insomniac with a fickle sleep schedule, I'd probably be a sleepwalker; that would be worse.


Mary McLerran, 9 August at 9:05 pm

My doc suggested vitamin D. Helps with lots of stuff. 1000 ml per day.

Dolan Life Mysteries

9 August at 6:36 pm

This episode is lots of fun.

Buy this $3,000 VHS tape

9 August at 7:27 pm

The high bidder did not pay up, so I am relisting my documented Sweepstakes Winner Birthday Pikachu card for a Buy It Now price. Please, Buy It Now and help me and my family.

I am also selling my Black Diamond Classics Edition VHS of Disney's Alladin for an average Buy It Now Price.

Thank You.

I Love Lucy

9 August at 8:50 pm

I can still cite the commercial.

Incestuous Thoughts

The post in all its bizarre glory.

On August 10, 2016, Chris posted a response to an article about an incestuous relationship between a mother and son from New Mexico. In the response, Chris defends the couple, arguing that incest is appropriate in certain contexts involving social difficulties and where prostitutes are too expensive. Proving that Chris is incapable of thinking outside of his own experience, he admits to having dreams of sexual intercourse with his mother with the bizarre defense of "who hasn't?" Chris references his own experience of being a virgin for decades as evidence that it is a "Huge, Enduring Pain" (as opposed to other, erm, pains). Lastly, he advocates for the two to not be persecuted or judged, because unless there was no abusive sex act (at incest standards, anyway) nor a child produced from it, it's not a crime.

Nearly five years later, Chris would act on his incestuous desires and face the consequences.

10 August at 6:34 pm

I have a few things to say in response to this article. Firstly, the child was over 18, and surely the mother has talked it out with him beforehand. The child might have had social problems, or a situation where socializing or going out to socialize with other people, was a Greater Difficulty. Financial situation to prevent paying someone else to come over and help out in the situation. Moreover, it was the lifelong affections between parent and child. Also, the mother probably could not bear any ovum for children anymore.

Anyhow, who among Everyone in this world has not had a dream of having sex with one of their parents? Never acting on them ever, I, myself, Did have dreams of having sex with my mother.

Although incest is quite controversial topic, but there are circumstances where there would be not so much harm as one may think, feel or believe. The child is over 18; the mother is unable to have any more children at the time; birth control and protection is available and can be used (in a case of father/daughter, birth control Definitely should be used anyhow). Also, consider if the child is adopted; not as much biological.

Plus, this offers a chance for better teaching the child how to better satisfy their eventual partner(s). The schools can only teach from books; not so much practice. And Nobody wants to end up being a 20 or 30-plus year old Virgin. I know; That is a Huge, Enduring Pain.

Unless the sex act was abusive, hurtful, or Would result in an unwanted birth of a physical or mental challenged child, I would not judge or persecute the parent and child. I would encourage the child to socialize more; maybe make it easier for the child to meet more people his/her age.

Do Not send the mother and son to jail!

He linked to this article:

Later, at 9:20 pm, Chris edited the post to include this at the beginning:

**To Clarify, in my thoughts and feelings on the topic below, I am talking specifically about the mother and son in the shared article here, as well as for anyone else who has. I, personally have Never done anything like that with my mother, father, or Any other blood relative.**


Kim Wilson, 10 August at 7:22 pm

Incest comes with serious mental and emotional scarring. It's not harmless.

An adult virgin can always get laid at some point. They can get therapy. There's no way to take back having engaged in incest.

Christine Weston Chandler I'm sure I don't need to say this, but: don't engage in incest. It's a mistake you'll never be able to take back.

Chris, 10 August at 7:59 pm

I have not, and I would not.

William Elliott Waterman, 10 August at 7:35 pm

Lots of Egyptian gods consorted with their sisters.

Jennifer Marie, 10 August at 9:28 pm

Key word here being 'gods'

Jessica Quinn, 10 August at 8:41 pm

😨 ...

Jennifer Marie, 10 August at 9:24 pm

What the...why?!?! Chris, with everyone being a 'troll' why on earth would you offer up a piece of information like having a dream of having sex with your mother, knowing full well that they will take advantage of it?

Get off your ass, Cole!

11 August at 9:17 am

Hey! Cole!!! Get off of your ass and apologize and make peace with us here, In Person, and Help Us Financially, Please.

Chris had seen his own post from a year ago, due to Facebook's On This Day Memory feature.

I don't like online socializing

12 August at 5:30 am

And yet, I still have difficulty with online "Social Networking", and I don't like online socializing that much either.

Lucy (the cat)

13 August at 4:35am

Here's Lucy on my chair's arm.

Lucy August 2016.jpg

Too lazy to work

13 August at 9:34 pm

feeling tired.

Take a good look at me in my latest video on my YouTube channel. I am feeling Very Tired after a Long day from a long sleep before waking and getting up at 2:30 am this morning. Anyway, since last December with and after the problems, I have been feeling This and That Tired for Months. And I also have some ADD. NSo, when you ask yourself Why your order on etsy is still delayed, this is pretty much the reason.

Since last December with the problems (resolved), that has left me with a bad emotional and mental scar. Leaving me feeling disabled of crafting, I Realize I should have closed the shop during the time, but it had not crossed my mind, and my mother and I needed the money. And when I feel down, it does hit me tough. I Promise that I Will fulfill all of the orders remaining. Nobody has been forgotten.

Note: Chris lost the Etsy shop months ago, on 8 June. A Kiwi Farms user named Crayolasword posted screenshots showing why Chris made the post.

Goddess Emanuelle

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post, which criticized a religious group for making comics about a gay cure.

13 August at 9:35 pm

Oh, for Goddess', Emanuelle's, Sake!

Someone replied:

Who the fuck is Emanuelle

Ranting against Facebook

Chris commented on a Great minds think alike post, which asked people to type their locations into the comments to demonstrate to students how a message can be shared online. Chris missed the point completely.

15 August at 3:03 am

That is a DUMB Idea; what you Should be teaching your class is that Online Socializing is not only Really Bad, but it discourages Face to Face and Good Old Fashioned In-Person Meet and Greets and Actual Friendships. Teach your Class, and Everyone Else to Put Facebook DOWN, and Look Up from your screens to Actual People Right In Front Of You and Talk With Them.

I Do Not Like Online Socializing; it's Still making Everyone Autistic-Like since 200X.

Chris then edited the message to add his location:

Ruckersville, Virginia.

Someone replied:

and yet you are on facebook !!!!!!

Chris responded:

15 August at 3:23 am

So are you, and your response, as such, is the mark of an Internet Troll.


Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post, which included this statement:

"When a guy holds onto his V-Card he's labeled as incapable of picking up chicks. But if a girl is holding onto it then she's praised for it."

17 August at 8:41 pm

"V-Card?" I was guessing that was slang for "virginity", but online slang term search cites it as a "Virtual Business Card". So, I'm confused on that entry.

Someone replied:

In this context you were right on your first guess, v card = virginity

Another photo of Lucy

18 August at 11:41 am

Here's Lucy on my lap; she really likes being on my lap.

Lucy August 2016 2.jpg

Really Ironic

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post, which itself had the comment "ironic, don't you think?"

18 August at 1:49 pm

Really Ironic.


18 August at 5:42 pm

I just tried the ‪#‎Whopperrito‬; for its price, I'd say it is of good value. It has no mayonnaise, has melted cheese on it, as well as what I recognize to be a mildly spicy chili sauce, like they give in those packets at Wendy's. I feel it would be better if they offered it with guacamole (preferred) or sour cream.

Minutes later, at 5:51 pm, Chris edited the message to mention that it gave him diarrhea.

I rather change my feeling in the #Whopperrito; I feel the chili sauce, something in it, really did not agree with me; had diarrhea.

Lego Minifig contest

Chris entered a contest for "a chance to win 1,000 LEGO® Minifigure Pieces!" The entry required him to share the post to Facebook.

20 August at 6:11 am

Team Rocket

Chris commented on a Cool itsbirdy post, which featured a marketing video of Pokemon's Team Rocket on apparel with slogans such as "Never Give Up".

20 August at 6:21 am

And yet their main goals are theft.

Someone replied:

your missing the point there trying to make

Hear me roar!

Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post.

21 August at 10:32 pm

I am Lesbian TransWoman; Hear me Roar!


Chris commented on a Lizzy the Lezzy post.

23 August at 9:48 am

I agree very much, I feel that statement Was out of line. People don't Just turn back after they identified themselves and invested the soul searching and time to their transitioning. And they generally do not do it for fame; being the opposite gender in soul versus their born body is not a damn Trend, but an actual deep and soulful being that has been throughout their whole lifetime.

At least Bette apologized. I am a fan of big band, swing, jazz, boogie-woogie and all that good old music with soul and feeling.

Shared link - Pressure in Life

24 August at 12:13 am

Chris linked to a Youtube video.

Hang out with me at OmegaCon

Chris posted to a Facebook page (link redacted).

24 August at 11:52 am

I will be attending OmegaCon this weekend; anyone want to hang out with me for a while, or at least a greeting, would be appreciated.

Help me buy a Pokemon card

Chris replied to a post on Facebook (link redacted).

Hey there! If anyone can snag three extra Arceus cards from GameStop, I'd really appreciate it! I forgot to stop by one in Charlottesville this week before heading to Worlds, and by the time I get back on the 25th, it'll already be over. 😓

Thank you!

Chris, 24 August at 11:53 am

I still require an Arceus card from GameStop as well, please, Dana [REDACTED] or Marie [REDACTED]. Thank you.

OmegaCon 2015 Photo

25 August at 11:02 pm

Look at the photo, see who looked cool on the left side. Yo.

Omegacon 2015 group photo.jpg

Life Advice from Sonichu and Rosechu

26 August at 3:46 pm

Sonichu life advice.jpg Rosechu life advice.jpg.jpg

Vidya at OmegaCon

Chris replied to posts on Facebook (link redacted).

Dominique and I will be hosting small 4-person Pokemon tournaments for both TCG (standard and expanded) and VG (multiple formats) at OmegaCon on Sunday between 1 and 6 PM. Each game will be $3 and there will be prizes (packs)! Hope to see you there!

Alexa P.:

I have a wii u and pokken tournament if want to use that-but I don't have the capability of bringing a tv or large screen
Chris, 26 August at 9:00 pm

There is a Console room downstairs with a WiiU set up. But, I do have a small flatscreen I could bring in, if you bring your console and game on Sunday. PM me to let me know, Alexa (REDACTED)

Trey W.:

I don't know how much space we're going to have anyway.
Chris, 26 August at 8:57 pm

The tabletop room had rows of folding tables in about 5 or 6 rows by 4, I think from photographic memory.


26 August at 11:30 pm

After being reminded from the book, I Googled "Rabbichoso"; mystery solved: minus one lewd sex drawing she made, this is All there was, and is, of Rabbichoso. A rabbit who was a day late for Valentines Day in 2008.

Rabbichoso sp1 valentines day by vivig.png

Vidya at OmegaCon 2

Chris posted to a Facebook page (link redacted), in a continuation of the conversation from the day before.

27 August at 3:01 pm

I will bring my HD monitor, WiiU and Pokken Tournament for the video game part of the event. If someone can bring up to four WiiU controllers, that would be good; I'm not certain I'll have enough. Thank you.

Vidya at OmegaCon 3

28 August at 1:17 pm

Playing now; come to the tabletop room if at #Omegacon.

Vidya at OmegaCon 4

Chris posted to a Facebook page (link redacted)

28 August at 1:18 pm

Free Pokken Play.

Cwc omegacon pokken.jpg

Red Fox

30 August at 9:31 pm

I saw this Red Fox at Omegacon, and I asked him to play Fred Sanford.

Red fox omegacon.jpg

Note: Redd Foxx is the name of the actor who played Sanford in the Sanford and Son show.

Who wants to pay our mortgage?!

31 August at 11:04 pm

feeling sad.

Who wants to pay our mortgage?! $115,000

😋Plub, Plub, Plub, Plub, Plub, Plub, Plub, Plub, Plub, Plub, Plub😋 **Thwack** 🌪😪🌪 **groan** 😭😭


Jessica Quinn, September 1 at 3:22am

Christine I know you're frustrated with your current financial situation, but it's pretty unrealistic to hope someone will bail you out. Let's come up with a few ideas to gain control of your situation like we discussed earlier, ok? There's always options available to those who are truly willing to try and turn things around.

William Elliot Waterman, September 1 at 3:50am

I don't get it.