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June 2017 tweets

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This page archives Chris's tweets from June 2017.

Fidget cubes

1 June, 12:48 am

Fidget Cubes are good.

Emotional and sensitive

1 June, 12:50 am

I can't be mad when people ask "Can you draw me?" because when I was younger I did the same thing to another artist. Some people just don't know better. Not everyone understands what it's like to draw for a living. Be patient with others.
I know, especially when something Downs you emotionally so much about the subject matter. Especially with us, the artists, we get very emotional and sensitive. But we own our craft, because they have full heart and soul from us.

Dream analysis

1 June, 10:48 pm

Tabitha St Germain
A few weeks ago when Stelli died I dreamed there was toon villain in the garden pulling up flowers putting them into $ bags and driving off. Got in truck with military guys and said 'follow her!' They said good luck, her dad is that priest. We don't believe in him but we have jobs And she carried away all the flowers and left it barren and everyone knew.
Huh. That sounds interesting.

I'm curious, to better visualize it, the "toon villain" was that priest's daughter, and you were in pursuit for the floral recovery. Did she get all of the flora in one go? It may sound silly asking about a dream, but this sounds like a fun mystery drama. Was he pretending to be a priest to make money selling the stolen flora to lovers, funerals and other events, as a "legitimate" florist? Ooh! What if the "Priest" performed the same funeral ceremonies the flora was sold to? And he might be a past murderer who killed the innocent(?) people he and his daughter sold the flora to that he performed the funeral for.

Ashleigh Ball's new album

2 June, 11:18 am

Loved her new EP! 💖


2 June, 12:09 pm

I love pickles ♡
Good for you.

Love your song

Chris tweeted to Ashleigh Ball's announcement on her album dropping.

2 June, 11:37 pm

I Love your singing, and "Gold in You" is awesome. My fave track is "Shining Colours". Love you too, @ash_leigh_ball.

Chris draws himself as a MLP character

Chris posted a drawing of his MLP persona, then replied to some fan questions.

3 June, 12:59 am

Pegasisters and Bronies, my pony self, Miss Night Star!

Miss Night Star.jpeg

Fan 1
what do you use to make these?
Fan 2
Your sona on the top left looks like one of those pepe memes.
That was not intended.

Complimenting Doopie on her cartoon avatar

3 June, 1:26 am

[She linked to a video ]
You were really cute in that video. BTW, Pinkie Pie always has a Party Cannon. :)

Chris/MLP crossover page

3 June, 10:14 pm

Night Star breaking fourth walls with Pinkie Pie. @AndreaLibman

Night Star crossover MLP.jpeg

Sneak peeks

4 June, 4:28 pm

The Free Sneak Peeks are Over Now. The only way to see the pages of Book 11 before it is fully completed is to... Chris links to a post on their patreon

Patrons only

4 June, 4:41 pm

Book 11, Page 61 Christine Chandler on Patreon Chris links to a page of Sonichu 11 that can only be viewed by $10 and up patrons

Night Star fanart

4 June, 4:59 pm

null - View on Imgur [Chris links to the image on imgur] via @@imgur

Night Star Fan Art.png

Sonichu Binder

5 June, 1:22 pm


Show of Interest if you'd like: Who would like to see my Big Ol' Sonichu Binder, divided into... Chris links to a post on his Facebook about his binders