January 2013 Facebook posts

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New profile photo for the month.

The following covers Chris's activity on Facebook in January 2013.


  • 1 January - Chris asks his friends to help find him a sweetheart.
  • 2 January - Chris feels terrible.
  • 11 January - Chris chooses a new LEGO profile pic.
  • 14 January - Chris likes a My Little Pony video.
  • 30 January - Chris is pessimistic about ever finding a girlfriend.
  • Unknown - Chris tells Anna that his life lacks direction.
  • Unknown - Chris states that smoking weed causes "premature death."

Status Updates

Stupid Comment

1 January 2013

*Stupid Comment*

If there is ANYONE in my friends list who Knows Any slender woman in Charlottesville, VA who can Introduce me to other women in Charlottesville, VA, of which are very likely to be Single, Smoke-Free, Slender, honest and true, I would be eternally grateful.


2 January 2013

I have looked deep into my heart, and it continues to hurt, because it has been filled with a LOT if Fear, Paranoia and Loneliness. No wonder why I continue to feel lost on life. It was a nightmare in there; worse than the second story of a haunted mansion.

Meh, I am still feeling depressed.
Chris accepting diploma at MHS graduation.jpg

My mother found this photo from my class' graduation in 2000; it made me feel sad. I regret not shaking anyone's hand on stage and left crying. My mother said I shamed my family acting like that, but I was feeling Really sad from having to leave my girl friends behind in our move back to LAME Ruckersville.


14 January 2013

I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/TiKt6QD Derpy Hooves - The Official Toy

It's impossible for me to make someone mine

30 January 2013

"Everyone has their own life to live, and I know it's impossible for me to make someone mine." -Nana O, the anime "NANA" English dub.


Chris needs direction

On an unspecified date, Chris's friend Anna complained about how her financial debt was preventing her from finding a point to living. She asked her Facebook friends what their purpose in life was. Chris answered:

You are singing my song, friend. I need my Sweetheart-to-be to make me happy; my heart hurts literally from my depression and loneliness. Serving my mother is not a final purpose to me, and my social life is very slim. I feel like I lack direction in my life as well.

Drugs are bad

On another day during this month, Anna complained that her downstairs neighbors were smoking pot and coughing. She asked, "why do people repeatedly put things in their body that their body is trying so hard to reject?" Chris replied:

I agree, I mean is premature death really worth it? I prefer to wait for it to happen naturally.