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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during May 2017. Posts are sorted by date and linked to the source material from Facebook. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. William Elliott Waterman and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

Nostalgic Over the Classic

1 May, 6:26 pm


Just Listen, Everyone. The shirt has been through a LOT in its 14-Plus year lifetime, especially with me wearing the thing. I've worn it at least half the time I Drew and Wrote the pages of my first eleven Sonichu books (books 0 through 10). Not to mention at some of the Fridays at Pokémon TCG League when it was at the Game and Hobby PLace. And it was Definitely worn at least half the times when I went and tried, waited, hoped, prayed, and even Paced between Fashion Square, Piedmont Virginia Community College, Wal-Mart's McDonald's in Charlottesville VA, and even that one time in the newly-opened Target, and when I was dogpiled on by the damn "Police" (freaking Jerkops), so including that one time I ended up in jail. And so many other times, trials and tribulations, Good And Bad. I even count the times when I was manipulated (Ugh) by the damn Trolls and Bullies who pretended to be Women who sincerely liked to "loved" me; this shirt was there too.

I look at this shirt, and I see my self from more than two years ago, and I wish I could go back and redirect myself for something better. And this shirt has been mistakenly left in a random black plastic bag for three years, damp along with the other garments in that same bag, after the house fire of January 10, 2015, until the morning of April 19, 2017, where I rushed it into the washer and dryer after digging the relic out, and it came out just as clean and good as it was before the house fire. I let this shirt remain damp and torn from its history before 2014, with all of the tears and holes remaining in it. I feel I owe it to this shirt to personally restore it as best as possible. Especially for in the events it is to be work again, it can look about as good as it was before 2004, when my family and I bought it. Even if it is sold highly, and framed for prosperity, this one iconic shirt, with All of the history in it, will go on looking as good, and as clean, and filled with more love, heart and soul from myself, personally, as it never had been before.

I am still continuing the shirt repairing project, regardless of what you haters say, for as I see it, being as well restored from a "beyond help" label as possible, and by the sole owner and author/artist of the books the shirt has been featured in throughout of all people, I feel that makes it more valuable. I would even autograph it on the inside in permanent ink to really seal the deal.

So there. Thank you.

Sincerely with Love,

Christine/Christian/Christopher Weston Chandler.

Stamp album offer extended

1 May, 10:13 pm

The offer for the bonuses with the stamp album is extended to Wednesday the 3rd, which is when this listing ends. So, if you still want my Skylander, the shirt, And a limited Son-Chu figure, Buy This Album NOW!

Family Guy scene

2 May, 1:58 am

Want a Really Funny Joke that is Really Catchy in tune to sing along with? From the new "Family Guy" episode in the cut-away to Brian delivering a pizza.

Sing Along!


Famguy cap.jpg

The Classic, restored

4 May, 1:49 am

You've come a long way, ol' shirt, but now you are restored anew. 😊

He linked to a slideshow.

My destiny

4 May, 4:09 am

Hell Yes!!!

Cwc destiny.png

Reduced prices on eBay

5 May, 11:43 am

Reduced price to sell; half-off from original price. Please, Buy Now.

He linked to his eBay listing.

5 May, 11:52 am

Same for the Stamp Album; Final Offer; Will Not go Lower. Please, Buy Now.

He linked to his eBay listing.

New profile photo

5 May, 12:29 pm

Chris set a new profile photo.

Chris The Classic public1.jpg Chris The Classic public2.jpg

My mother

6 May, 1:22 am


Sad about hotel fire

6 May, 10:57 pm

It is good to hear everyone got out safely and no one died in the fire. It is a shame the owners have decided to close the business now, especially with its historic significance, and having Martin Luther King stay in the hotel for a while. It's a shame.

He linked to an article.

Slashed price on Sonichu drawings

10 May, 5:01 am

Reduced by another 25% from the original price; my mom and I could do with some more money, please. Will not go lower on this drawing set.

He linked to his eBay listing.

11 May, 1:05 am

I just learned of and created my own link.

In the running for Best Local Minor Celebrity

11 May, 2:11 am

I am on this list. Please Vote for Me and Share.

He linked to a poll from C-VILLE Weekly, a publication based in Charlottesville, VA. The poll allows readers to enter choices into the list. Soon after, it was inundated with references to Chris.


What happens if you win a category?


I don't know; a prize, an article about me.


11 May, 5:05 pm


On the CVille Weekly list, I am only under "Local Minor Celebrity". Please, vote for me Only under that category.

And do not add my name, or any other similar versions of, under Any Other Category; I am Not a Place or Event, and I have not been on television, recently.

Thank you.

Comments Waterman in red, Chris in blue

I take what I can get, and I would feel better being humble, and accept being a Local Celebrity, even if it is Minor. Did you read what Punchy said to Angelica?
No. What? Did he break up with Layla?
He mentioned somebody; go read the new page. Read the page I uploaded today.
Yeah; out of the four.
That was amazing! Are there pages missing? It looks like there's a lot of lost context.
No. Those are right after the last colored page in book 11. Anyhow, your Banasaur tale Will be drawn and written soon.

More Sonichu sketches

11 May, 5:09 pm

Also, I Have been drawing at least one page a day lately; see for yourself. I am still on the drawing spark.

Which Disney princess am I?

12 May, 12:29 am

Christine moana.png

Anxiety list

12 May, 12:50 am

I feel this list is accurate to my anxiety as well.

Where is my sweetheart?

12 May, 9:57 am

Chris read an article on relationships.

Yes, and I have a LOT of emotional baggage. Where is my sweetheart?

I could be a mother!

13 May, 12:43 am

Chris read an article on a theoretical surgery for trans-women that could let them become pregnant. He rated the post thankful and commented:

Ah-Ha! I Knew it! I can eventually be a mother! :)

Bojangles’ promotion for Mother’s Day

13 May, 12:57 am

Chris entered a promotion for a free meal.

Bo Loves Mom

Documentary on gay genocide

Chris commented on a documentary about gay men facing genocide in Chechnya.

13 May, 1:17 am

I would support that. Word-association-wise, that sounds like the plot of "Passions of the Christ." Except it's like that one death and bad day times the number of the executed. It is all very sad.


13 May, 1:22 am

WatchMojo just another Top Ten Insane Anime characters list. Pierrot LeFoux(?) of "Cowboy Bebop" is at #2. He Was insane, but the end of the battle between him and Spike was comically dismal.

Short Summary of that:
Bang, Bang-Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. Bang, Bang-Bang, Bang (the shot to his leg)... Two seconds of silence. "WAAAHHH!!!" Pan to the bird's eye view of the giant dog's foot stomp. "Boom." I don't know, it's laughable.

Happy Mother's Day

14 May, 10:08 am

Happy Mother's Day to ALL of the Amazing Mothers out there (which is essentially EVERY Mother). Including Rosechu and Simonla. Keep a Happy Thought as you do what y'all each do.

Happy mother's day 2017.jpg

MLP scene

14 May, 1:42 pm

Rarity hatches an idea; Sweetie Bell moans grumpily.


Family photo

Following the Live Drawing Stream - 05152017, Chris showed off the result.

15 May, 10:18 pm

Here it is, Our Family Photo, my Whole Local Family, including my father. I still miss him everyday. He would have been proud of this poster-size family photo piece.

Cwc's sonichu family.jpg

He added:

Yes! In robot mode, compared to my height (reference any current gen headmaster, minus Cerebros), Son-Chu Would be taller than my house!

Forgot to add characters

16 May, 12:35 am

Major Whoops! I forgot Sandy and Zapina; here they are in the Complete Family Photo.

Cwc's sonichu family 2.jpg

To Hell and back

16 May, 4:04 pm

I have been to hell and back so much, I've received depression step skipping for life.

Checkmate, Trolling-Stupid

17 May, 7:07 pm

Today, a Trolling-Stupid texted me that he was from the future; I replied "Go back; you forgot your 2010-2020 Sports Almanac." 😏

Pretend ads in Sonichu

19 May, 1:14 am

**Brief Announcement**

In my comic book pages, I used to make my own pretend advertisements (few of which were actual products). I have decided, for Book 11, and onwards, in between stories I will insert random full-page arts from my creation, some of which could be meme-tastic. You shall see a three-page set in a few days, along with the upload of the completed pages for this, the Christmas episode. Also, Please Donate to help keep me in better emotional spirits, and to help finally pay off the bills. Donations, minimum of $1 or $5 is very much appreciated. No donations less than $1.00, USD, Please. Thank you.

Praising his tool

19 May, 3:16 pm

Chris saw his own post from 2013.

This is still a most useful tool.

Sorbet badly injured, staying at vet

19 May, 5:04 pm

Sorbet was found today, by a neighbor. He had not returned home last night. Thank God I put my number on his tag. A neighbor found him, looking hurt, hiding in a gutter under their driveway. It took effort, and a water spray from a hose. We got him out; he suffered some head trauma; uneven pupil dialation, bruises and dings; some bleeding. Doctor said it looked like he was hit by a car. He's staying at the vet over the weekend for examination and bathing. Say a prayer for Sorbet in his quick recovery. We all love him.

Sorbet may 2017.jpg



Do you let your cats out? Or did he get out?



Explaining the SLGBTQ

21 May, 3:59 am

Let's talk a bit about my idea of adding the "S" to "LGBTQ". Firstly, ‪‪The "S" is for "Straight" (or Cisgender); both the Straight and Cisgender flags are above the "S".‬ I feel it beneficial and good to include the straight/cisgender, as to not leave them feeling left out. I mean, we, the LGBTQ, have our straight allies and supporters, and to figure ourselves as different from them, in a sense, have seeded the idea of our community in us. Regardless, we do welcome them to our Pride Festivals and events. But they each may have been feeling singled and left out.

Plus, look at the acronym this way, "SLGBTQ": we the LGBT, and everyone in between. The "Q", being the Queer and Questioning, either amongst our allies, and those who may be exploring and figuring themselves out. And the "S", our allies (most of, at least), that were here before us. And we still welcome them, at least the ones with open hearts.

We, the LGBTQ, still strive and work towards equality and freedom, like everyone else. Have we totally considered the same for them. We are equal to everyone, and we are to remain included, and the least to return the favor unto them. Include their flags and letter in what we already have, the total salad of our multitude of variants that makes us all as a whole, a damn great salad (meats and fruits included).

We, the whole world together, are the SLGBTQ.

Thank you.

#HRC #LoveIsLove


Max Stickel:

I can't believe I'm saying this but this is a genuinely really smart thing lol


Thank you. :)

Shared Memory on Christine Sonichu

21 May, 8:08 pm

Chris saw his own post from 2015, on his comic counterpart becoming pregnant.

Sorbet back from the vet, recovering

22 May, 5:21 pm

We just got Sorbet back. He's a little better; the doc gave me some pills to reduce the swelling in him. He couldn't be cleaned better, as he was as energetic as usual; the "calm down" med would have been worse for him at this time. His left pupil is still dilated, and he has a bruise on his right ear. He is still not blind and not deaf. He is safe at home here now. We missed him a lot this pst weekend.

Sorbet 220517-1.jpeg Sorbet 220517-2.jpeg



He slept on me for a while just now; I think he sees me as a hero. 💖


What happened to him? Did he get attacked by something?


Either that, or, as the doctor stated from looking closely, he might got hit by a vehicle. My poor baby.

Planning to copy fan idea for Sonichu comic

24 May, 7:47 am

Good Morning, y'all. I will soon be drawing the clip-show comic in Book 11. I have been long pondering what "Sonic" and Sonichu will talk about. I am thinking of adding the wedding between Sonichu and Rosechu. I would like to re-read the fan-comic of said wedding; the one with a page where Bubbles was getting dressed and (I think) Sonichu accidentally walks into the room. I am unable to find it, even to Google and see the image results. Would someone, or preferably the artist him/herself, please send me a link to said fan comic's pages. Thank you.

Note: The fan Comic in question can be found here

More new pages for Book 11

24 May, 8:23 pm

Four more pages for Book 11, including a new trivia tidbit, but do not call Sandy by her middle name, or you die.

He posted black and white sketches for Sonichu 11.



Is she saying that to her mom though? Girl's got spunk 😯


No, in case you can't tell from the obvious fourth-wall-break, after breaking out of a comic panel, she is addressing You All, the Audience. She would never kill or hurt her mother.

More begging

25 May, 10:52 pm

We still need more money, and Nothing Less than $1.00, US, Please.

Details on this news item?

25 May, 11:02 pm

Chris commented on a news story of a hotel fire investigation.

Attic fire, Accident; can we get more details?

Personality type quiz

Chris posted the answer he got.

27 May, 8:29 pm


Expensive custom plushes

27 May, 11:38 pm

$300 for a drawing-to-plush? If at $50 apiece, I'd upload Sonichu and Rosechu, personally, and let them work their magic.

He linked to Cuddle Clones, a custom plush manufacturer.

Animal cruelty

Chris commented on a video which criticizes the practice of training dogs to walk on hind legs.

28 May, 4:53 pm

That is cruel. 😢

I would be more impressed of a dog or cat having been taught to speak human English, and be able to translate for other pets and animals.

Clickbait sex article

28 May, 6:21 pm

Reading mine shocked me towards a jaw drop. 😧 Oh! My Gosh.

Chris's result:

Pisces: Prostitution — real or fake.

Pisces are givers. They need to be needed, and in the bedroom they find it difficult to say no to whatever a lover suggests.

In a way, all Pisces prostitute themselves in the bedroom, as their only goal is giving their partner what he/she wants, and by so doing, they get to indulge in their greatest fetish: being a martyr.

They also get their partner to depend entirely on them to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Sorbet has breathing issues

29 May, 5:17 pm

Sorbet is recovering well. He's eating good. He has a nasal problem; has to breath through his mouth off and on. Prayers for Sorbet.

Sorbet 290517.jpg

Wish a woman would serenade me

29 May, 8:45 pm

feeling lonely.

Just watched MLP "Hard to Say Anything" for a second time; I feel lonely and wish some woman would serenade me.

Describe Trump in one word

Chris replied to a meme image of Trump, which asked readers to describe him in one word.

30 May, 12:24 am


Patreon plans

31 May, 4:46 pm


I'm colouring the ten pages I drew recently. But after I finish colouring, I am making a slight change: all Previews of drawn pages, before their respective book's completion, will not be "Free Sampled" on my Facebook/Twitter, but will be added on as a perk for those who pledge on my Patreon. Further more, those who pledge Highly, will get Autographed Print copies of my books. One per month, in sequence, or a whole bundle of the books for a pledge in the hundreds of dollars. Final details will be determined soon on the Patreon. Thank you.