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Petty enablers, whether financial or fantastic, should not get more than a paragraph or two, and should be squarely focused on their relation to Chris.

When the Idea Guys showed everyone in late 2017 that Chris is still just as naive as he was a decade earlier, he inspired many bored, childish, and mentally ill copycats. Chris's deteriorating psyche has made him less amenable to being reached by such traditional methods as claiming to be a boyfriend-free girl; the Idea Guys had indeed caused Chris by March 2018 to conclude the Love Quest, blocking off this avenue outright. Instead, those who wish to prove themselves latter-day Miscreants play along with Chris's more eccentric beliefs, including in his own divinity. A few such enablers, such as Ben Saint and Jacob Sockness, have left their indelible marks on the Sonichu series. Most have not. This page lists such petty enablers who have got TRUE and HONEST responses from Chris on social media or in chat rooms, yet have not provoked Chris into doing anything substantial.



Eschcal tipping Chris $10 during a livestream.

Eschcal aka Whyt Foxx is a former enabler who discovered Chris in October 2019. She initially claimed to follow Chris to be a positive influence on him. Eschcal would later come into the spotlight when she donated $10 in his live reading of SNT Vs Sonichu. However shortly after the livestream, she would claim the relationship between the two would suddenly deteriorate, resulting in her being kicked out of his Discord group and knowing the true colors of Chris. She still occasionally orbits Chris's Twitter account but has reduced her enabling.[1]

Helena Fiorenza

Helena with Magi-Chan.

Helena Fiorenza aka P1ckChu formerly PickinyFelliny, is an Argentinian woman who photoshops images of Chris's creations to get Chris's attention. In September 2019, Helena posted photoshops of her and Magi-Chan on a date, tagging MagiChan111448.[2] Chris followed her back and answered:

The images Helena has been uploading chronicled the one day she and I shared together, and yes, I did spend the night; her bed was comfortable. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. My wish I made is coming true, as I had foreseen. 💜⚡️

She later implied her OC and Magi-chan were involved sexually to which Chris replied on Nov. 30th:

He does like to have fun at times, so his brain is not overworked. He also does enjoy the simple things when he can.

Currently, she is continuing her ARG to get noticed by Chris, she also includes topics that may interest Chris such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Trolls in her ARG, when she does get a response, it's mostly a braindead reply where Chris doesn't mention her and just pushes his agenda further.

In March 2021, Chris made Helena's OC a prophet for his "religion". After this, Helena continued to make more comics following the surreal deity worship ceremony. Helena later drew a comic stating that Pickchu had a crush on Chris; Chris responded saying he was grateful, but he did not want to pursue a romantic relationship. A few days later, Helena drew multiple comics of her bunny OC and Naitsirhc starting a relationship. Chris did approve of the relationship, despite the 20-year age-gap between the characters.

Kevin Fairchild

Chris's drawing of Kai as a Sonichu.

Kevin Fairchild, also known as Kai, is one of the players in a Dungeons and Dragons group Chris joined in 2020. He has influenced Chris's fantasy beliefs.[3]

Chris named him as a beneficiary in his Last Will and Testament.

Multidimensional White Knights

Trollll.PNG Troll disclosure: This persona was created, appropriated, or otherwise used by trolls to manipulate Chris.
Though this identity is contrived, the CWCki may treat it as if it were a real identity because it was to Chris. (It's also funnier that way.)
'Carrie' pleads for SonichuMerch to advocate to let her back into Chris's viewing box.

The Multidimensional White Knights (MWK) or Knights of C-197 are a group of accounts, all associated with fictional characters from disparate children's programs, chief among them Carrie Krueger of The Amazing World of Gumball, originally created in February 2019 and repurposed that summer in an idle attempt to mess with Chris as he was emerging from the Soft Exile. Throughout summer 2019, they would interact sporadically with Chris, getting occasional replies and likes but no Laughs Under Lucricities, being overshadowed by Sockness's distended belly. No conclusive evidence identifying the puppetmaster behind these accounts exists.

During Chris's Twitter follower purge in July 2019, Krueger was blocked from viewing Chris's account along with thousands of other perceived trolls, and the Knights were forced to use alternative accounts to reach him, though they were unblocked in October due to allegedly sending him a gift. Since then, the only one of the original ten Knights which Chris acknowledged as TRUE and HONEST was Ed Bighead of Rocko's Modern Life, conflated with the biblical Darius and marketed as an ally against Ben Saint when he was trying to revise his comics that October.

The first Carrie photo that Chris fell for, it shows the Mooninites allegedly assassinating an offscreen OC.

Imitating the Idea Guys' love of the politically incorrect, they also convinced Chris that Mac Tonight and former South African president Botha were in league with Sockness's demons. They also convinced him that Austria-Hungary reformed and it was being led by Spongebob Squarepants who had changed his name to Amadeus and that the Ottoman Empire also reformed with a random Paper Mario character serving as Sultan. This was done by sharing a Local 58 video with Chris claiming that the events of the video were the work of Sockness's demons and Chris believed it.

Most recently they got Chris Sonichu to acknowledge that the setting for The Loud House exists in C-197 during a Twitter thread in October 2020.

While the Knights keep trying to ignite conflicts about cartoon characters and random historical figures on Discord and involve Chris in them, they have got occasional lukewarm responses from Chris; they have moderately influenced his view on C-197 itself but his vision of the Dimensional Merge itself remains unaffected.


Noah is a YouTuber and Chris ween/fan. He is known for snatching a drawing Chris had left at the abandoned DeJarnette Center, as well as deceiving a musician to appear alongside Chris on his short-lived interview series. In April 2019, he, along with his girlfriend, took Chris out for lunch at Citizen Burger Bar, located in Charlottesville. His girlfriend later described the encounter in a Reddit post.[4]

Gotta go into the repressed memories for this one. I’m going to refer to Chris as “they/them/their” bc I honestly don’t know what they identify as anymore. Basically my ex was really into following their story and found their address, which happened to be close-ish to where we lived. He contacted them and said we’d take them to lunch, which of course they chose a not-so-cheap option and made sure he would pay for it. Then we drove my car to pick them up, being greeted by the lovely sound of hound/beagle barks. They came out donning rainbow hair, about 12 rings, a backpack, a jean skirt, and of course the infamous Sonichu necklace. The ride to lunch was an absolute clusterfuck. They didn’t shut up, sang along to the radio, talked about how the cartoon world would soon merge with our world, how they could talk to the dead, and so on. I honestly didn’t think people like that really existed. Once we got to the restaurant, they pulled out a duct tape wallet to be able to play Pokémon go on two phones at once, like any sane person. They talked about everything so loudly I was mortified. Somehow the conversation ended up with them putting the Sonichu necklace on me and asking if I could “feel the power” (all I felt was dread). There’s a photo in existence of this great moment, but unfortunately it’s on my ex’s phone and I do not plan on ever speaking to him again, especially to ask for that photo. The ride back was an absolute disaster too, basically more ranting about crazy shit. It ended with them giving us business cards and saying we should hang out again, to which I obviously never took that offer up.

When a fan asked if Chris had kissed her, she replied:

Hahah no thank god- just a cringey hug. Might have had to do with the fact someone else was there though, and I’m about 15 years younger. Thought I’m not sure that would stop them.

Chris also gifted a copy of his Sonichu #12-9 comic.

Richard Bale

Richard Bale, known by his online handle Richard Righteous,[5] is a person who designed merch and the logo for CWCville Shopping. He is the central theme of a TSSSF expansion pack Chris made titled Righteous Rising.

Active since 31 July 2018, Righteous keeps his face anonymous, wearing a Michael Myers facemask with makeup (blue lids, pink cheeks, and red lips) and blonde hair on it.


KwaiiSandbag was an enabler who roleplayed as a psychic along with his friend Lily in order to convince Chris to stop LARPing as Sonichu. While his influence over Chris spanned less than two months in early 2021, KwaiiSandbag was able to put an end to the spirit possession saga.

Not long after the spirit possession ended, KwaiiSandbag would admit to his fraudulency and expressed to Chris that he only wanted to help him lead a more normal life. Chris responded by saying he had known of this all along (a statement which was very likely false), and merely wanted a couple of people to talk to (which was more likely to be true).



Most financial enablers (those who just give him money) need only be cataloged in the sister article. Those here have gone beyond that: speaking with Chris and trying to influence him.

Aly Hirschberg

Rsz transtemplate.jpg Gender disclosure: This person currently identifies as FTM transgender. Pronoun usage on this page may or may not reflect biological sex and/or gender identity.
Christine is actually paying bills and stuff. The money I give her at least hasn't gone to waste, she uses my money I give for gas, electricity, car fuel, food, all the necessary essentials.
Hirschberg, February 2020,[6] justifying her financial enabling as freeing Chris's monthly tugboat to spend on toys instead
Has he ever thanked you, or offer gratitude in any way?
A fan's question for Hirschberg
No which is why I hardly talk to her.
Hirschberg's reply, August 2020.[7]
Alan Hirschberg

Aly Michelle Hirschberg,[8] also known by her transgender byname Alan Christopher, is a mentally disturbed[9][10] Scottish Jew living in England who emerged in mid-2019 and believes herself to be Chris's best friend.[11] She is one of Chris's financial benefactors, and has even claimed to be his primary donor responsible for mitigating the Financhu Crisis,[12] though Chris has denied this.[13] She has also set up abortive fundraisers to send Chris (and, for a time, Jacob Sockness) on a world tour,[14] which Chris repurposed to support his My Little Pony obsession.[15]

Hirschberg and Chris have known each other since the Classic era: as early as 2008, they would exchange letters which contents have not yet been divulged.[16] She has also spent several thousand dollars on his Etsy and eBay offerings before these ventures were shut down. She is apparently truly convinced that the Dimensional Merge and CWCville are real, and that Jacob Sockness's sorcery is really effective. Other than as a tool to solicit funds on Twitter in October 2019, she has had no substantial interactions with Chris in public.

In August 2020, Hirschberg stated that her donations have decreased to occasional gifts, mainly in the form of PSN game credits (which Chris didn't bother to use).[17]

Jack Jankowski

Jack Jankowski, aka Jack Z,[18] gave Chris $1,200 in April 2018 for a luxury trip to the 2018 BronyCon in the hopes that he and his friends would get to meet him there[19] and convince Chris to be interviewed on their YouTube channel.[20] Chris thanked him for the money in I have been paid to go; we’ll see if I can go (Seriously To Be Determined). However, the money ended up going to the Idea Guys due to their alleged extortion.[21]

Jack paid $100 for a video (which Chris decided to bookend with unrelated begging announcements).

Jack also tried to use the lore from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to influence Chris, claiming that series antagonist Dio Brando was trolling him. However, Chris consulted the Idea Guys, who told him that Jack was a troll.[22]

Jack also stated that he'd been involved with the Liquid Bob call several years prior.[23]

Kenneth Engelhardt

Kenneth Engelhardt
Is [Chris] genuinely delusional? The only one who could answer that for sure is CWC herself.
Kengle being delusional, February 2022[24]

Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt (born 1960),[25] affectionately nicknamed Kengle by Christorians, and also known as Sailfish and OnionNull,[26] is an autistic,[27] Muslim Sonichu fan, a former Facebook white knight and an enthusiastic jail correspondent with Chris, as well as the owner and proprietor of the Onion Farms, a splinter forum based on the Kiwi Farms. He has also bought several of Chris' eBay items, and sent him some sardines after Chris's house burned down.

He made many responses to Chris's Facebook posts, which Chris sometimes found to be annoying. In May 2018, Chris listed a spare license plate on eBay. Since license plates may be considered DMV property, Kengle asked Chris if he got permission to sell it from the DMV, which prompted Chris to ask him to stop, to which Kengle agreed. Two days later, somebody suggested to Chris that his donations dropping could be Patreon taking a 50% cut, which Kengle said was outrageous. This prompted Chris to call Kengle outrageous and tell him not to comment on his posts anymore or Chris would unfriend him, but he told Kengle that he is still allowed to donate to his Patreon if he chooses. Kengle, having finally had enough, told Chris that friendships don't work like that and said goodbye, suggesting that he was done with Chris.[28]

Not too long after, Kengle replied to Chris's tweet begging for money:

Have you considered a project manager? They can help with work layout, publicity, the bottom line and so forth.

Chris replied with:

If I had even remotely Knew of such a Manager YEARS ago, I seriously would have done that sooner. Eeyup.

After Chris went to jail for incest in 2021, Kengle has become one of Chris's most avid pen pals. He has posted many of his letters from Chris to the Onion Farms, often without Chris's explicit permission.

Miss Cherry

Rsz transtemplate.jpg Gender disclosure: This person currently identifies as MTF transgender. Pronoun usage on this page may or may not reflect biological sex and/or gender identity.
Miss Cherry

Miss Cherry, birth name Daniel Stone,[29] is an Australian transgender who spent AU$1500 of his mother's money in a failed bid at becoming Chris's first sweetheart in the Idea Guys' wake. On 20 July 2018, he pledged $589 to Chris's Patreon, as a means of getting Chris's attention by being the first to hit his monthly goal and referring to himself as his number one fan and his newest sweetheart.[30] However, Chris simply took the money and disputed his claim of being in a relationship with him, partially doxxing him as well:

Oh. you're a good patron, I appreciate your support, but You and I are NOT Lovers, Cherry Stone.

In response, Stone doubled down by increasing the pledge amount to $1,000.[31] On 23 July, Chris posted to Twitter about the good fortune of getting the money, as he needed it to fund his car repairs as his Plan A for getting to BronyCon. In doing so, he doxxed Stone fully.[32] That Chris appeared annoyed at Miss Cherry claiming to be in a relationship with him is interesting, considering that he has done the same thing to many women in the past. Stone discontinued his pledge on the next day;[33] however, as Chris had set his Patreon to upfront charging,[34] the money remained with Chris. Miss Cherry faded into obscurity, broke and broken-hearted.

James Lewis Martin

One of Martin's pictures that he had volunteered on Kiwi Farms.
Giving Christine money for food, petrol, gas, electricity isn't enabling.
Martin, defending his enabling.[35]

James Lewis Martin, also known as William Robinson or CPU Byzantium Heart,[36] was an autistic Polish Englishman and Hirschberg's friend. Like with Hirschberg, he was also giving Chris money and affirmation over his fantasy world by pretending to be a fellow CPU god.[37] Robinson also believed that he should give Chris his mother's money to keep him from going homeless and to fund his other expenses,[38] ignoring the fact that Chris's monthly tugboat already covers these and that Chris spends any donations on frivolities such as printing up TSSSF cards and buying magic stones. Martin also tried to send his aunt, a social worker, to Chris's house to give him even more help,[39] but Chris refused to answer the door, thinking the social worker was there to have him committed to a mental institution.[40] His parents discovered him online (against family restrictions) after a failed white knighting crusade on Kiwi Farms, which resulted in him becoming a halal lolcow, and bungled suicide attempt, and revoked his Internet privileges. In June 2020, Martin committed suicide following a bout of depression.[41]

Sarah and Steven

Remember, if you are ever in trouble or need help (before we're able to move) just message us first! I'm afraid other people could not be very trusted.
Part of a message Sarah and Steve wrote to Chris.
Let this be a lesson to all would-be enablers.

Sarah and Steven were a pair of half-hearted enablers, working jointly, who first appeared in February 2019 when they discussed a Rosechu medallion with Chris, as well as the possibility of meeting him in person, on Twitter.[42] They had bought a Nintendo Switch for Chris and supported him on Patreon, yet their attempts to keep themselves anonymous and out of public view were derailed by Chris himself when he filmed himself with the new console and revealed their secret plans to move to Virginia and isolate Chris from other contacts to make him dependent upon them. After this, they disappeared for a month, setting a trend that would mark a pattern in all future cycles of interactions with Chris.

In May 2019, Sarah and Steven returned, professing themselves as believers in Chris's personality cult,[43] and again sought to malign him against the Guard Dogs by presenting themselves as exclusively trustworthy.[44] After several of their private discussions were leaked onto Kiwi Farms,[45] they abandoned course again and lamented that they were swindled out of the money they had freely given Chris in their bid for influence over him; their relationship with Chris further deteriorated,[46] and he finally cast them aside on 25 July 2019, when they raised the question of what would happen should they dare question any of Chris's teachings or beliefs.[47] Further attempts to reach Chris by endorsing Jacob Sockness, in both August and October 2019,[48][49] have to date all ended in failure.

In March 2021, Chris revealed their OC, called Sarahchu, born from a Lopunny Pokémon and a Rosechu; she is a part-poison type.

William Waterman

Do you Ever Stop?
Chris, annoyed at Waterman constantly posting comments on his Facebook updates
Waterman, a.k.a. VikingBoyBilly

William Elliott Waterman was a Facebook friend of Chris during the mid 2010s, known for making many comments of support, occasional advice, and off-topic remarks on Chris's posts, and for being repeatedly unfriended. He has also purchased artwork from Chris, including the first issue of Sonichu and has been a supporter on Patreon.

Chris and Waterman apparently met online, through Waterman's cousin and one of Chris's most well-known enablers, Anna McLerran. They never met in person, and Chris initiated the friend request after correspondence with Waterman,[50] despite him being male and having Asperger syndrome. Waterman's first activity on Chris's Facebook timeline is from May 2013.[51]

In November 2015, Waterman tried to claim that Chris was under his control and would not make any more statuses or videos until the administration of Kiwi Farms gave into demands he made. Chris, refusing to be part of Waterman's schemes, posted on Facebook that he had control over his own life,[52] and then promptly unfriended Waterman. By June 2016, Waterman had wormed his way back into being re-added. Later that month, at Waterman's request, Chris began reading Rainbows, Unicorns, and a Bluebird of Happiness.[53][54] Shortly after Chris had read chapter four of that fanfic, he unfriended Waterman again.[55] In Announcement 20160709, Chris revealed that he was angry at "Mr. Bill" for suggesting that he read the story, which Chris found to be nonsensical. Three weeks later, Chris re-added him to his friend list again.[56] Days after he reappeared on Chris's Facebook comments section, Chris began a new series of fanfic-reading videos called Reading: "A Girl Who Brought Down the World", "And Apparently Survived a Housefire".

Waterman paid Chris to insert his OC Bananasauros into Sonichu #11, where the character moves in with Punchy Sonichu and has sex with an opposite-gender clone. Chris apparently found Bananasauros so asinine he couldn't resist inserting his own criticisms into the comic. Despite being personally insulted by Chris in the very set of pages he had paid for, as well as on Patreon's comments section,[57] Waterman continued to be a loyal supporter, donating monthly to Chris for some time, though eventually ending his pledge.

With the revelation of Chris engaging in incest with his mother, Waterman declared on the former’s Facebook page that he was done with Chris.


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