Live Reading of SNT Vs Sonichu, Part 2

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Amongst the normal barrage of A-Logs, weens, enablers and passive observers, numerous viewers quickly noticed the rather significant age gap between Chris and SNT, especially as the fanfic began entering racier territory.

Live Reading of SNT Vs Sonichu, Part 2 is a livestream streamed by Chris on 11 February 2020, in which Chris reads a rather disturbing fanfic about him and ProjectSNT with romantic aspects involved. Notable events include weens ordering Chris a pizza twice in quick succession, and Clover and Snoopy baying loudly at several points throughout the livestream, thoroughly annoying Chris.


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Live Reading of SNT Vs Sonichu, Part 2
Stardate 11 February 2020
Subject Matter OtherUnknownIcon.png Reading
Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy CrazyCrazy Crazy RageRage Rage
Saga Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
Shirt A Sonichu and Rosechu Valentine
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Watch me read Chapters 7 to the end of the FanFic, “SNT Vs Sonichu”, personally. For the first six chapters, I refer you all to Courtney’s original reading she did on her Birthday in 2019; she had a Ton of Courage getting as far as she did in reading that.

Courtney’s Birthday Stream; Reading SNT Va Sonichu.



you know they do this thing all right hello everybody this is Christine gender coming to you live from home once again and this time we are doing something supercalifragilistic expialidocious ly different something that Fisher was inspired to made from quite some time ago well few months ago really finding a video of these certain fanfiction as if the title of this video didn't properly give it away listen T versus science U and the original video ahead watch I want to give a shout out and appreciation to Courtney in the third name seven names like in the last one it sounds like elder but yeah I think I know you big guy you did pretty good voice [Music] I'll put a link to the original video in the description below this one after I finish this livestream anyway um they see so doing that I pretty much stay got through all the way to the end of chapter seven I applaud them very much for this this they have fun doing it but also this the awkwardness you know because as far as they did from the hours awesome they're very awesome job all of you especially the courtney just put it up put up with all just how lots of good fever highlights and that from that video that breathing they did especially love the moment where they're wearing chapter sips and and all of a sudden the special stage playing so special stage someplace and like jesus rumor that mandibles like S&T; talent courtney for real in that sense of ignore the art look do what you can do anyway i now do my best to voice everybody and the variations and how they're supposed to be only website you he's not a country bumpkin y'all he's more like hi everyone I'm routes aren't you I'm typically kind of a ass no don't use that make you do this boring I'm votes aren't you I'm some pathetic old guy I just like adjoint things at the blood I just oh I'm gonna do a rough and tumble about night you all still have a lot to learn about us and that will be caught up and throw in the potholes and all that and of course everything is seriously happen to me if you had any idea of what I've been through helping to phone quick philately and you'd understand yeah shame I hire my father around my father became a scizor yeah oh well take care yo I gotta go back to Simone's subpoena I'm sandy hey I'm used to channeling so good stuff there I'm also just to note I have been suffering through a bit of a cold it was mainly centralized in my throat so you may coughing a little bit and no that's why I had to deal with a cold but at least I have plenty of lovely water to get me through this reading I'm gonna have a sip right now lovely water on the rocks with amethyst and lightning strikes horse and to save me have a nickel upstairs to refill this bottle stop flopping around there you go reminder die have psychic powers and abilities as if that was not evident those of you who can definitely see are us as clear and bright as day without having to try look at my aura look you can see this aura you can see magic chance aren't you right here and Chris nails right here let's do this thing so good pretty much starts at the last chapter they read off and also just might everybody I'm not reading comments here cuz I'm gonna wash side of the camera I can't read commentaries but all donations are greatly appreciated especially in the dollar amounts if we can get $200 out of this multi hour stream I will be very grateful for that essentially I'm gonna be starting from the beginning of chapter 7 they read the chapter 7 but I wanna get down mighty chance voice I wanna make sure everybody knows this magic chant sounds a bit like summer my jacket and it's his voice to miss the way he sounds he's very insightful [Music] I'm not shambling and missing my welcome I get back get back Salmonella Jack so those four for future reference my boys budget chin doesn't listen right jack all right so the show so far on SNT versus sonichu up to the event up to the begin chapter seven I believe essence he sits us seven Chaos Emeralds from the sodding she had been transported from her home to mention where everybody and everything it's this SM T's home dimension of C 197 literally where a quick ville sont use the Rose she's Pokemon everything Disney everything marble everything DC everything Sony Nintendo Xbox everybody everything so forth we're in the same dimension together unless we have unless those was it's it's a null set timeline which - made obvious like you know being medieval times or in a pocket of apocalyptic timeline that's a little different teleport right there it was so essence he ended up in this vastly different alt dimension just very epically distant where it's a little sort of depiction of where distance dimension is just an isolation just everything quick fail and so forth among which essentially pretty much just the east coast of the United States of America that's as far as he gets and then everything in the number where else is just unbeknownst to him but anyway so this distant dimension is just sent literally within this Christian Western Chandler's mental mental state and so forth just early within their mind so I vastly different from my mind and I know because I've rarely talked with this Christian just ain't a bad things you did number X number of things wrong just for himself and it's an everybody but sign details so mister D was a bit homicide up killing the bunch up hang up for some Pikachu's the one but no really they just think they don't dying thumbs up if you like my messin seen impression anyway so so there was that she sauna Chia Rosie twice one time when Rosie had mega evolved into her lioness form and by the way so everyone knows when she goes hawkish like that her clothes rip and she does not like she does not like having her clothes torn to pieces unable to put back on that's why she this robes herself before she transforms into this mega evolution of hers all right just mega evolution Hulk state I mean would you want to lose your complete set of clothes by going poke like that I would not I no I would not let's see so essence he gets lost in this distance mentioned trying to recall from the original timeline where she was travelling with tails to Angel Island to stop Eggman once again and she just said faithfully in this dimension with the help of spoiler alert if you haven't read up to this point by a Palkia that dr. Eggman captures supposedly but not with that not in a traditional sense he uses a dimensional device so essence he's been running around on trying to get answers and remembering what happened to her before she ended up in this dimension she really gets around him but by faithful means as she learning has been in dark dungeons and dragons dimension of cs 89 I was there recently too i leveled up quick anyway [Music] so essentially Chapter seven in Chapter said she was bringing along two big shoes trying to get back to quick bill from the forest she runs along the beach and she ends up battling a poke in my chair as Gardevoir and then bounced against subpoena has the epiphany moment and channels Courtney my way stupid was the author to misspell her name the up area name is Courtney now it's not her name is Courtney no I didn't sound like me no no apparently you say translates and she doesn't even think about my love's have barbash Kourtney was like hesitations trans rights she sounded so happy I love that I guess SMT nowadays she does know about trans rights and she thinks about it she's hot she's had to commit that's a whole different coefficient all right so from chapter 7 onwards we go evening to the end of chapter 12 and I might leave some parts out and I'm definitely gonna commentate along the way so get ready for good am i reading a fair story and a decent amount of pretty good voice acting fi but not to be boasting or anything all right so Besson T vs sonic you chapter seven the four cent eggs zone so S&C; and Eggman stared each other intensely what are you doing I didn't think you'd be here S&T; I guess I could explain how I got here myself Pigman looked up at the highest building saw his own face and smiled [Music] well you see after sonic defeat me recently I went to Angel Island to put my plan into action I was going to summon a goddess of space to transport me to another world where I could take over it seemed perfect sonic would never follow me and couldn't stop me but once I was but once I arrived I was interrupted by you Besant East memory was attorney missus he had been a--they Angel Island base watching the robot to prepare a portal that was when Eggman and it appeared in the area Sonic that blue nuisances reckon all my flowers and always I am a plan to move away to a different universe since he had been watching from a safe hidden area oh yeah once this portal works with all I can y'all so roads through my hair I will then attempt to travel through the multiverse and take over a new world without science interference and I'll give myself multiple promotions messin te spring up from behind a comb and attack the villains robots all so many explosions Eggman notice the commotion also just to comment pingas really took that from snooping as usual I see y'all heard it is like ah S&T; snooping this you see I see one more time snooping us you oh I see machine is cold I am recovering from I just need some more how much water lots of water Mannix guitar she was able to fight off the army of badness but while she was occupied thank men switched on the steam you're too late SMT I was soon escaped to another world that will be mine to conquer just then in White Dragons suddenly appeared out of the portal Fitz this gaze on big minute broad oh this must be a God is a space you shall listen to me doctor speech was cut short as the monster sees down again essence he tried to homing attack the dragon when the process she accidentally broke advanced machine cause its face itself to warp the Chaos Emeralds are sucked into the newly formed portal as the dragon smacks smt into the air the hell dr. Eggman hoop in one hand and S&C; any other but only for a moment before it too was swept off its feet but of course the plural behind it SNT and Eggman were torn from the Dragons grasp as the hall was faced of our demo monster disappeared first Eggman try his hardest to hold on to his machine but lost to spiffany's a part of s and T's legacy what are you doing SMT streets trying to save herself you causes miss hello I'm taking you with me Eggman was so happy that since his hands could not maintain earth their grasp on the tank she was holding on to they both fell it's in the multiverse now losing each other immersed in darkness with only the stars and universe around them that was one essence he passed out since we lost each other our imagination to take over this city when you sign to the audience and that's post them to other media are nudists of Rochester take control so I persuade people to come to my side take out their mayor and install me how's the roar a quick vote or as I wish to call it robotruck less comment we have gonna have to fall variety of music in quick fail import and sports so for so nobody is a stranger to likes of britney spears NSYNC for real and like you know j-pop kpop all the other sorts of music everybody is aware a lot of music around the world and so forth because everybody exists a co-exist together and the same time in this neutral to mention the bars ice neighboring to this one right here 12 18 their dimension of our dimension is see 197 there's no she's connecting here it's our sup oh my goodness is emerging MERS happening so we don't so we don't have to be confused see one nice 712 18 so we can take out your Cobra a whole bunch of other freakin mess infos you can't do this I won't thank you it's a cheap affair to fight I'm gonna let you get to me first if you need me wondering my projects on top of the tallest building in this city come to floor 66 plus 6 if you want to see me again okay I'll be doing a fish S&T; took off running as a man then flew up to our top civilians awake SNT been randoms in the building in pursuit of the evil genius for scent eggs mx1 once in the lobby of the building S could see that the elevator wasn't working this meant that she would have to climb the building herself of course Eggman wouldn't make this easy see listen to mother she was forced to access the second floor but boosting up the wall and onto the second floor she didn't have to keep climbing to the third and so on this task demanded non-stop parkour with wall jumping running up walls and jumping from platform to platform each floor had all kinds of gossip tactic taped or written on the walls possibly but there were the previous owners the content was horrible it included all sorts of slander against Chris who was mayor a quick bill the Wallis also had plans to troll the mayor because he was extremely gullible in falling for such tricks essence he ended up running through all sorts of rooms with every kind of gossip posted all over so she found herself surrounded by things she didn't want to see it reminded her the pictures the Pima had given her they were all drawn about the characters in this world some that she had seen and some that she had good drawings randomly mixed with appropriate pictures Derry was summer sonic this is what she saw this is what she saw I'm pretty much gonna confirm this right now something similar to this and I was gonna poke the line sonic that's pretty good and that never mind it's pretty good that towel there you go so that's nice she saw my baby get down yeah I'm sorry camera not cat video yet hey baby stay up stay up this side alright what climb off the bed you can get up over here alright he's just standing the curiosities okay now it may become a cat video your boy yeah my baby come in mister man let's make this a cat video it's not a cat video here's baby he wanders off [Music] if you leave you know mean aren't you know this is a cat video it just became a cat video I wish they baby I'm reading the story I read a story hey what's the time this cat came in and interrupted for the video damn he almost knocked off the camera he would have made a mess damn boy leave the cable alone leave that alone leave that alone [Music] you know the corner Penny's not getting up but at least he's not missing with the kitty boy didn't work but a cat defending their territory there you go that's how you can control a cat there were no Pokemon but back next essence he had to avoid it was a mix of all the types of robots Eggman had used to get Sun yes he could just you don't sit there no one mister but the kid wasn't what makes me nervous just every once in a plastic bottle those admits of all types of robots Eggman had used against sign peasants he could just boost into them since she already knew they were easy to take you S&T; smoky alarming the students new work he has emotes she noted oh okay so she had four rows nonsense and jump did she known it and jumped in the ring special stage get to the another stage in one minute the stage is a lot harder because there weren't just more spice but also S&C; now had to jump over gaps in the road she was on there was game over the rings were also more scared and becoming less common to collect it was hard but she still she barely made it with one second left in the clock this Antigua I can't charge in essence he could seed to climb the building once she reached the 33rd floor she arrived at glass room but the city view on display around her this she when she was about to climb the stairs the mess floor she heard a voice don't someone shot it doesn't do you look back to find that purple side she went behind her you see me you can't come after her yeah he doesn't call me father or mother just let you know magic ended never did that all right so I'm just gonna pretty much slump the instance with him so still Christian has asked me to take care of Eggman you can stop here you could get yourself hurt if you continue to get concern tonight let's continue cuz I see young man is wait father okay Anna this just takes my edit father asked me to take care of Eggman you can stop here you could get yourself ready to continue hey Louise your father yes sincere but we change the subject you dear superhero is this your first mission or is a stick well father's really Chris sasha-ann see him who isn't it possible will has created us with his genius mind the purple creature responded I was born from an egg and raised by Mewtwo we call him father because he is the mastermind of the side shoes correction here not mastermind just accentuate the central goddess deity of all saw shoes of those shoes and chance the guardian all right that's really weird they don't even like westmeath because I've seen just about not this world everything is messed up this place is perfect after you insult this world that Chris has created the side she responded crossly obviously offended it doesn't matter I just need to keep a night here hey since he said about tomorrow I'll forget you can't face Eggman you are too weak he asserted this is what Chris sent me magic Chan one of the most powerful sonic shoes in this world well I think I faced him before and I have won this is just an airdate for me listen to you exported you must turn back Chris my own there's nothing you can do to stop me from taking it down my step then I shall take you down if I beat you you must turn back Veta she it's up to that challenge to tuck her fine stance match a chance start in being psychic wave saw an essence he all over the room and into the ground that's empty then call me a touch manager Chen but he did no sucking attack to avoid it fuck her all over the room yet again S tried to boost the magic chance seem to know where she was at all times even with his eyes closed and would either dodge or counter-attack by spamming his psychic attack we seen it darkness you're not suited to off the bottom it seemed that SMT could not do anything to attack him Micah chance next move was to flip gravity and then play right back to normal to confuse her he was ruthless and was trying his hardest to keep his attacks coming he would sew her around and homing attack constantly magic Jam was too powerful to be easily defeated darn it and S&C; was getting tired but could not get a breath between heavy attacks she was about to pass out still she had one last trick up his sleeve she quickly grabbed one to cast her most from behind her and shut it he could shut no magic chat had interrupted knocking the Emerald over him it rolled on the floor behind her I said she didn't realize how Madison was doing magic you can see the future when she ready to scoop up the Kyocera from the floor she grabbed another one from behind her back they faced each other and rolls in hand wait when he ran okay so he ran into captain castle when he ran stupid Castle I misread she got nowhere from back her back they faced each other everyone to him like it was a race if essence he didn't yell in time the fight would be over for her imagine this and see both you chaos control gears to Joe and time slowed down essence he opened her eyes and found that she may have indeed been slightly faster than magic champ she took advantage of situation right up to my chance it back to chaos simmer and beat him up with ten hits the time returned to his normal place magic shambles and pain he fainted she had knocked him out listen teak got to act one sky right yes ground started to shake in essence he felt the floor under her feet start crumbling she could clear and the stairs by boosting and made by jumping to the door opening magic chain went down with the floor and landed below covered in the rubble essence he wanted to say magic am but knew that if she went down for she could never go back never get back to amen she just had to keep going for scent egg act 2 in this last part of the building instance he had to work gets fine five floors of stairs because like Eggman was shaking the billing he reminded her of going to the wild zone after finish the wheel so we saw wheel cow yes and now a w e e there's no way to the first syllable after the bombs not to fight slowly oh when the witch put my clothes on her in the trees and kept trying to kill her all the same she would survive the area was also darker since it was late at night and there were no lights some of the floors were completely black in essence he had to grab the temporary light which were nice for only 15 seconds before going out to moonlight she had to collect berries the bad nights were remixed a lil now they attacked with lasers which created light for S&T; to see by in the dark and we'd also heard her she made contact she was still climbing the building but she sent some large ring and jump to it special stage gets name this stage in one minute this is possibly the hardest stage of Ana's every jump had to be precise and perfect essence he really had to focus this time the track she ran I was falling apart so she had to jump in time to make sure she didn't fall off it was really close to her really close and hard she did hit one spike News Tim rain but she didn't give up eventually she barely made before the clock right now I mean where do I fit be Vanessa C major the 66 floor she was confused confronted by a circular path all the way to the 72nd floor on top of the building was a ball which looked like a dead thing but on a smaller scale it was built on top of the building suddenly [Laughter] and another thing welcome to your final resting place S I've dumped this place on the leftover rubble from the previous building that once stood here I have a special surprise for you Jimmy what you kidding me I gotta thank you egg man then took his fine mole back my mobile man and mounting what let's be a white orb shoulder dragon she's seen before least it meet the guy is a space for this world how Kia Pokemon who will destroy you but not yet does I have another surprise come hither Robo soul just look familiar one of his eyes was open but the other was covered in electrical equipment the body was blue with spikes coming out of his back sanic what are you doing him I changed Pacquiao with his Chaos Emerald and I rep Sonic of our dimension and knocked a mountain and I roboticized him this is not Sonic anymore lessons he was money you know the last Chaos Emerald sighs Sonic there are all wrong ways Pressley you try to get yourself out of this here's the love of your life Jenna robust all durable sonic they fired up the Jets on his bank since he quit boosted to get away they were both not climbing the swirling pathway to the semi second floor psych was clearly faster than S&T; but S&C; trying to best not to stop running and to speed up site flew into her and attached her head on S&T; Quindaro feet socked in blake but only kept running behind her sunny [Music] remember site they went ahead up her detector with a diving attack which has some team buoyed by jumping mechanic Zach you do everything to me psyche they did that time this time by coming up behind S&T; and trying to run her down and since he avoid this by jumping behind him besides some they stopped to trip her up lessons he avoided as well but jumping overhead no matter what side did essence he could never persuade herself to attack or counter-attack him it was just too hard for her to hurt him they both ended up running up the spiral Brent up to the ball on the 72nd floor where S&T; fellers some trapped in the ball when a door closed behind her sing her in with sign Eggman riding Palkia entered to the top of the ball and then things got real sign kept driving into Sonic kept diving into us and see my pocket / better thank you for two obstacles to avoid everytime S&T; dodged my pop yes or egg matt attacks they would hit side destroy more piece seven pieces of visual by side psycho attacked by turning to a ball and trying to humming it I guess Cintiq but then she would jump onto Eggman wish each side on top of the dragon what are you doing so I can hit Eggman with essence he dodged damaged and damaging than both him expect each other he can't leave with this essence he said to herself she kept getting the first side to make up yet attack him or she would get on that man to make psyche attack him Eggman caught on though he used Althea to shake S&T; up forcing snc done have to hold on or fly in for a minute against sight to attack peasant en del frances hike enigma directly at least that there enough of cockiest attacks against sight the robot side of him is completely broken off and cyclist propelled back S&C; they used a chance to attack eight minutes rently suddenly Eggman spot is flood send him flying to the ground Takia was now free from Eggman s grasp Chaos Emerald then flew into the air allowing us in sea to reach up and catch it internal piston tikka Chaos Emerald she can now become super SMT S&T; got to act too right yes spaceship now you take a moment to go use the toilet Iver I shall return in a moment I do drink lots of water is most people should ERD don't shit dinner English it pedestal which is essentially a short spec books not flexible tripod from the bottle static cling fro coming on monitor with Condor and Dreamcast shuts up to it use it coming from my phone this is my meditation method do not question me meditation instigation Proclamation divination induration intervention divine intervention do something so she's got the chaos she then went on to sign something y'all right she asked killing overhead psych open his eyes promised his bishops and I came back into focus yes Oh Sonic she hugged a more mature hey hey calm down I'm just happy to see you safe Sonic responded now though the bass all around them started to shake and self-destruct we need to get in here this antique tamanna she grabs my skin and pulled him into the hole form from the explosion together they jumped from the 72nd floor snd why did you do that sonic Yeosu felt our essence he came to rescue me using her tails to fly to the ground which psyche in her arms and landing softly on the ground I don't know what to do everything's okay now you're able to get through it everybody gets through it right away where the hell are we thank you listen team apart she dance might decide why it happened so far I'm talking about the Chaos Emeralds but when the conversation getting around the Christian suddenly first appeared singing behind the words a person see with array she fell to her knees hey why'd you do a her side to minute well sign oh wow Sonic yes I want such a huge fan yes fan huh yeah why thank you but you heard snd it's not confined Chris first thing show them this device ah this is my this is my find creator Rea it finds creators of things that brings them here to this location it's blank I need an SN C so I could summit her creator christen press the red button on the machine oh boy now here's a stretched and I coordinate your wife through watching this I I'm gonna call you from now me I'm you shoot now commit and I had no complaints that are suing you or anything when you read is let my character so please don't sue me rights not that by am i trying to evoke alia omit imitate yourself so press terrific meanwhile somewhere in the United States a girl named Courtney wasn't her bedroom she she's sitting on her computer [Music] yes the team strikes transferring the latest episode of S&C; forces is now complete and I must exported the course Premiere Pro is going to take overnight so I guess it's time to call it a night she said to herself suddenly a wind whipped out outside Courtney I left the window open let the fresh air in she went to the window began to close it but then a bright light appeared outside the window and the wind increased - tornado force she was knocked off her feet we're going to find that pulp it open in a floor in her room huh what's going on she did she was then sucked down the portal and where where would leave a portal opened up above S&C; press sonic and outside she arose she who had just arrived on the scene without warning a blue haired girl with cat ears fell from the portal and Kris scooty into position to catch her in his arms when the girl landed Kris lost his balance and fell this back site there sure nothing there with the girl on top of him what what happened the disoriented girl said from her position on top of Christian as our mission clear she knows dissing seeing son what yes it see is that you wait Christian yeah okay I must be dreaming there's no way we made my psycho Singh and Christian in the same area see who are you to call me dance I don't know what's going on anymore Courtney I am the one who summoned you but does it because I'll use your characters and redesign them from that video in that case I'm sorry please don't sue me please don't sue me no actually it's for a different reason I summon dear I summoned you here to resolve my love quest oh that's great in that case I'm sorry you know you don't want to sue wait what party just realized what Chris had said just as she suddenly felt her hand be full of come on Courtney I can't wait to thank you really bad even as I say that man I'm sure that the corn are you watching this and that really sounds bad to me just I'm just reading what was on this thing here and yeah anyway some point definitely totally different press I had to speak with him so much just divine intervention all over the place my Chris I don't think you should be doing this please let go help me what is this son no see what are you doing yes aunty we need to go back to her she wants our help okay maybe you can ask me what she meant by her sonic OC then both estancia psyche started running after Chris and Courtney she knew that her adventure through quick to this particular alt dimension think bill wasn't over yet okay this is interesting update November force 2019 the chapters to advise also the most controversial scene in this fanfic was there to make it less salty to fit chris's person now anymore No hmm curious all right well Courtney I picked up where you left off you and your friends so here we go furthering down this particular rabbit Oh Larry this is gonna be hardly beyond belief I get to say nice things now chapter 8 sexual Speedway zone Courtney was still locked onto chris's arm as they made it into an amusement park and quickly the destination Chris had chosen for them was they tunnel of love yeah Chris finally let go of corneas the swan boat arrives on shore please Chris this is nice and all but you know I need to be somewhere right now come on Courtney this tunnel of love is the perfect place where I can get to know you better responding is after you oh I just remembered I left my cat on fire yeah that's it much that's burning right now but if you go through that border with the mayor's office you will end up in Rockville Virginia I don't know where your house is there's no time to go home to her damn daughter D party scent restoration is now shoot that roughly pushed her into the boat okay now this is what such you should sound like yeah definitely sounds close to classic sonic is if you're watching Saturday morning I'm difficult website that's the voice it's already morning as opposed to eventually the side gets like on the ground which is the same voice activate the point Oh actually why don't we start by this well you don't tell me twice the back there is storage you do really have to knock it into my head beat me with a rock or something there you go that's please Chris may our great mayor is giving you an offer to spend time with him please don't decline this invitation sorry babe and actually I'm gonna say this site at Saiki definitely got Rosie right there obviously the voice that's pretty much just for heard stamp on if you want to do roast you boy we're up do a rosy rose she was this is been a pretty long time is looking for someone like you there's been time and they were unable treat you like a princess business you mean the Disney ones with no personality yeah we start the bump and head them into the tunnel Courtney sent as far away from Chris as the boat would allow and curves over to above me don't worry Courtney I'm a nice guy now follow the sugar oh my god that did not make her feel any bears aren't you most regards to their own boat who followed them right in come on let's join your time here that's wrong I literally have never seen this place so this would be a great spot for us to be alone soon S&T; and Psyche arrived on the scene at the opening of the tunnel we have to go here yep looks liked it yes the tea had to smack herself in the face to snap out of it method acting I don't think this is going to work what do you mean I'm trying to make you're just too distracting for me distracting psycho so I can express and see which so he understood why he was being surprised what a nice enough girl Courtney she knows something about me I don't know I don't know her information was cut short by a science fiction they placed a crossbow okay I know it's in me [Music] somewhere in that dark I thought I heard the dog bark excuse me [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] all right whose joke idea was it to order a pizza and try sending my way you interrupted this thing and you know what that says what happened that got me blacklisted from any deliveries from Papa John's why they would never deliberately pieces place you frickin frackin hating trolls I know what you mean here's the deal I'll wait for you if you take bloom have you take too long and I will coming after you a deal thank you for understanding the various systems he looked away from sign it's okay just go in there and do what you need to do she did boarded a boat and wrote in to tell love and waved that slack until she was our sight sexual speedway zone act 1 it turned out that the tunnel wasn't just a boat ride essence he quickly found herself a guest they sure so she quickly dumped her boat and went deeper into the area he gave chains and eternal aims of astounding proportions the sound was nothing like instance he had ever seen it was made from pink bouncy pillows and lay all over the place which he used to jump to higher places this area have Valentine's Day thing the walls were white as was the ground to indicate there and where they were to indicate where there were no pillows just a normal floor as S&C; made her way in deeper she discovered rivers of pink water which forced her to swim into the cavern to make progress there wasn't an overabundance of word though it was primarily a design feature allowing the totally touch of decorate with pink waterfalls weirdly enough there were no Pokemon to fight for enemy or enemies to defeat essence team to fight no pokemon to fight or enemies to defeat essence he wondered why that was but still she was trying to avoid drowning learning into spikes and being hit by falling lights she eventually stumbled upon Sasha Rose shoe where they send this to waterfall at Marnie's Bulli beauty well speak but this sure is romantic rosy smile you know we are alone right now you want to get dirty inside you tackle her roast you kinda [Music] I'm on my fifth course it was good pretty much because you know before we're first blush to doesn't see it the more she's like stop it nearly ten times I counted listen Siebert burst in upon the scene interrupted them please not here and you interrupt our private time but Simon is trying to get me to find Courtney sighs she stuck her nose he backed away to watch last time we thought you before that I didn't think you knew so this time I will not hold anything back I'm here protect crystal of quests from being interrupted by you but he even looked at Kourtney's face she doesn't know what this Jim what did you do with him love will find a way that everyone's heart for yourself for the last bat with me sorry opened up by kicking water into it since he's face falling up with a real kick Smt then jumped over Sasha performed a homing attack beside she used his hands to block it in essence he punched sites you in the chest so much you were telling about throwing electro balls innocency what's your quarter and dodge using parkour essence he performed another homing attack hitting him directly Sachi tried using volt tackle but then S&T; which is dodged and hoping attacking from my height he also did a running punch but she dodged it the same way and then killer a time this fight beside she was different to put her first it was still fairly easy for SMT that's the battle neared its end so much he stood the chorus and seek and they stared age each other stare each other down so hard down to a matter of the dories who'd be more now first instance he decided to use spy strategy which supposed to keep her feet on play my sight [Music] eventually eventually eventually Sasha's fatigue was catching up with him along essence inna push him back no no he protested yes since he didn't pull back in she was all in no at last so she was knocked off his feet smashed into a wall behind sonny jim oh she went to tents for a mate she wasn't under fighting SNT for some reason pissants he got through anyone that's one Frank gets sketchy I'm not gonna do the S&T; boys with that work dozens here and pass while roast you embrace sonship you're gonna be okay Art Smith nobody is gone maybe we can be unknown she could please let me rest first it's not you as far as he fainted we went out coordinated Chris accordian crew sets rebels to decay their final destination was an island in the middle of a pink lake it was a single feet bed I was all for it Courtney suddenly knew where this was headed thus far all she did was talk with Chris about his life once she saw that been a feeling of dread over Cambridge first hopped out of the boat and into the water anybody I come on in the water is warm come on in the water's warm yeah Courtney Lee is here she didn't want to cross that big water I'm allergic to pink water yeah that's it I can't swim in that our Christmas solution he left a cordoning up and placed her on his back so right across the bar without touching it Courtney was stunned because she did now it was a clumsy crossing but they eventually made me island chris said courtney down and he boasts it at the Watterson s'mores edge okay fish you're nice and all started but yeah what's wrong what's wrong what I mean is I don't think you aren't the guy for me she had to get the idea across because if she did she would probably end up on that they would curse to me yeah honey max level what it's not you really it is I don't deserve this you don't thank you each one my best place no but you kidnapped me from my own world to do it plus there are many things I just don't like about you hell are you talking about justice playing this by singing to you and this part of sunset night a nice and a sound song love overboard like last night's in the hips so I was completely Sun my coordinators called one over one don't receive style like Christmas [Music] all right well you know what I'm missing this in my singing voice so I'm not gonna imitate for me for this or I sense a guest and I have not heard this song before by [Music] [Music] [Music] Christian trophy you go too far in this case they say they are a bar describing you and your fantasies I say I understand they want to put on your buttons they would swim every star to bother you more even now it's the painting tips to deal with hey it doesn't hurt [Music] stop [Music] everybody keeps telling what you do move between the lines I'm trying to find the logic you see cotton things do it seems like you've exposed yourself to the open world yeah it's time to move on from your life you need to make because you [Music] [Music] [Music] talk to me just watchin us see I'm noted now are you feelin rollin Ultron oh yes I need some help stop praising yourself come on to me applause applause all right so then Chris looks quite thick morning trying to understand a mean numbers okay are you saying you don't love me that way upstairs we do have a water filter on our sink tap this saves me trips upstairs to refill my bottle okay I mean I'm not lazy I will do it but concerning I don't want to be like off camera a bunch of times this works shut up yes listen my point is your purpose in life and your money is to find a girl that she will just take care to play the barrel that will just take care of you have sex with you and you would that's not what our relationship means to me relationship means that you want to hang out with a good friend of the opposite gender in the rest of your life and you both take care of each other when needed that meets you both work hard to support the love you may take this road goes into hitting of things you are interested or want you define that as a relationship because a girl looks for more than that girls look at whatever you can to look at girls look everybody you can take care of them or not it's obvious it you can't do that therefore you are still single and you know what put my life in your hands you never will and possibly no girl will ever will because you're just too immature [Music] I'm not interested like that are you sure 2-1 Harper sent and Christa singer roasted Ostrom out at the levels since he got indisposed to having sex with a girl who was caught short his mental state shared suddenly Chris was a christening Moremi chief assassin major darkness [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] feel mean when I wasn't to you is right to the tunnel when suddenly she heard the terrified scream she stopped to listen carefully and use the sound to figure out how close she would Courtney coming she then boosted realizing this Detroit satchel speedway zone act two this far to speed when was a lot faster assistance he couldn't stop moving she had to reach quarantine time to savor the pills in the area now we're different shades of pink and he Sheikh had a different bounce radius darker they weren't about seared they were essence he used them to try get to the fire path because those were usually the fastest S&T; and no time to fight she also had ever amazed the people are as she descended the slopes this time there were Pokemon the work there were heart-shaped Wow Pokemon with long bells they would kiss his since he to make her temporary phone the holy man to get shot at by a laser disc there were many they could quickly surround her kiss her and try to surround her but they're homemade unless she boosted I said they moved it hasn't it good gone from bouncy pie for the bouncy putt for though she saw the bear record the accursed lay on the aisle in the middle of fun more Chinle nothing has happened yet nothing has happened yet yeah there are some die quickly enough that's the deep dive to the water could see her selfie Chris was already getting close to Kourtney [Music] please my god cornea that wouldn't be industry many more mom please corny like that I know I didn't dream anymore nothing there was nothing just like that since he jumped on the water kids Christmas ice [Music] go too hard [Music] [Music] [Music] oops not taking you anymore oh I lived it quick though or now I guess me and you taking my world for me oh my girl will love me home like you run that dude fuck nope now you must pay with your lives just took a button out his pocket and pressed it suddenly the tunnel of them began to crumble no water story dream you fished out manage a baby up Chris disappear the silly started to fall apart showering S&C; and Courtney with love according to you guys family get not here money hana me messin to invite courtney have it on it says deactivate the seven Chaos Emeralds at this boat for their forms changed fourteenth year and now he's turned into a light golden carp and SNC's fur also changed to go hair hair lightening and floating with beam through surgery to Garrard include towards the open indicate essence he flew in front of Courtney that she fall behind Wow I've lost like me a magical girl I'm Melina protector II just came true essence had to cleared away by spinning in the rocks of breaking them I say what otherwise slow her down corny tried doing the same she knew she was temporarily invincible so she did fall back to the flying power they kept working secure to the tunnel breaking rocks together eventually they saw a light shining at the end Mama's new corny there's a few more moments the pair sped up as the kid class behind them made out in time listen teacup to rap to Frank yes shiny we're not shining S right became bigger headache I think is partly due the dog Jaime I'm guessing Tonto [Music] we did B this was sorry all the way for real trippy moments as chapter 9 when I gets bit trippy chapter nine mental madness sound yes I can see that one an easier voice still in their super forms SMTA Courtney landed outside it for us sonic what's essence heat deactivated the cancer mostly return to their original forms party hood S&T; you know were amazing S I don't remember giving you this much control with the castles but you've impressed me I knew you'd do it SNT she's special what do you mean give me this much control oh that's right you don't know me listen scene on it and then Courtney didn't sat down and proceeded to explain you see Courtney damn thank you see you soon see you're my sonic original character you're technically me the way you've trained myself as a sonic character in another dimension well you can't say that to be honest I didn't think you existed until this point this suddenly makes Christians or Christine's argument about multiple dimensions home late after all [Music] and the answer is is it an alternate birth this is enough dimension version of me just another self counterpart well many yeah many so anything even your imagination I say to myself so yeah that's correct Courtney admit but right now I have just realized that I'm not the one controlling this story Leslie no Cornish S&C; maybe in your imagination but she's not fully a figment only part of him in because she's real everybody is real I'm super serious about that what are you talking about listen to guys Curtis Lee I don't think I am writing any story about science you and you listen team I don't think Christian is either because that were the case what was the fight beside you corny reason therefore there is another force control this story oh no this is a very fiction actually seriously I would not have been fighting for nerd it's a whole different story I'm rather it just depends on when actual night I do think the natural events from my chronicle them so I've sought you in essence he is c19 i7 nearly faced against each other I where they Chronicle has the finest it happens in just about us it happens and bitterly one so I just can't see right now one way or the other I mean aside from the gap the lesson see mostly MarySue ish but not quite there's a whole nother thing and I don't mean anything by that just speaking in general no no it's a fantasy so wait what does that mean mmm-hmm everything is being controlled by someone someone else so clean everyone I don't know how are we sick where this person is what spread up her brand-new kissing scene we ever gonna get out of this run at faraway things world dimension S&T; anywhere but I don't know only what we can do is Courtney was something interrupted by shaking of the ground and loved them the earth was eating and groaning under their feet as Christ began to appear because Chris was losing his mind it seemed that his world had become unstable and was tearing apart the world he had created was now in grave danger destined see remember that Chris had told her the world he created was being destroyed since her arrival she had destroyed Chris's mine and consequently this world would be obliterated spoiler worked it would end up being revived later after the end of the story so there's that and that was my that Chris as well by the way anyway so the cracks in the earth were becoming chasms when suddenly a bright light erupted and the world below them exploded sending them all flying and flowing midair what's I guess in seeing Courtney open their eyes they found themselves or what Courtney recognized as a kind of reverse world [Music] justice [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] another frickin pizza Frank don't do this anymore all right okay just like we're carotene elated to the Colombian movie as they regained their feet and scan the area they could view fragments of different places that essence he had traversed during perspiration so Christmas squirrel and was now that was now torn asunder oh this is lost it Ron's being destroyed wasn't from if you don't get out here will never build me forever extracting this broken imagination again moving ok let's run an smt psyche honesty help cornea to his back this dirt my sincere plan is he both took off running deeper into the de Storybrooke meant to the Magnezone at one every stone that S&C; crossed was jumbled with various elements of other locations for example disorder S Agartha was now remixed with the lagoon and the ocean water was now sewage the pills from the summer were spread out which helped US Interior Plains there are all types of combinations of all the stages who traveled before the fake water fronts on that foot in a bubble midair forcing them all to swim through it access the next platform it also seemed that the rules of gravity had changed much like the reversed world in Pokemon but it was time to cross the bottles of pink water cycle and swim so Courtney would take over and carry psych on her back as they made their way through in water essence he ended up carrying both of them when going to higher platforms to miss this she spun her two tails around when she boosted sonic would also boosts the cord they needed to form on during their booth reversal speed she couldn't go fast in a row eventually they had a stroke of luck and found some new running shoes that Courtney could use to keep up it was fun for her to be running with sigh kinetochore once the Pokemon a camera mitts of all types S&C; had encountered under various adventures the same gimmicks apply while swimming the flood fish pokémon tried to drown Courtney and Sonic but essence he saved about boosting the mouth sonic on set by Pikachu meaning essence even rescuing him once more Courtney was more knowledgeable about Pokemon so she knew how to avoid possible they've actually been made to a dark spots light room nothing could see a thing and roughly there was a light and with the pure black side Shiki creature they born on counting four men so that much the shadow you know against the shadow that's pretty much nearly spot-on what how lake sounds but yeah not as deep a shadow S&T; you messed up this world and you shall pay for it newcomer right Blanche you oh boy whatever that's correct you minute then miss him weren't you I was but now I'm here to crush you and kill you for your disrespect you trolls I am the only thing that stands between you and Christian this makes me the last boss before the final boss nothing you can do will stop us all we're trying to do is get out here we don't want any more harm Chris scared me miss Austin no sleep let's begin like announces darkness overtook the room once warned everyone began to float above the plan that's all gravity had been reversed Blake was now under the cover of darkness and in the absence of gravity it seemed impossible to do homing attacks messantia psyche we're left to rely on the walls of the room to propel ourselves in the directions they wanted light suddenly glowed around what seemed like Blake but wasn't for certain presents he attempted to dive attack the middle viewing that Blake was in the center of the orbiting lights she shot it that worked alongside the hurt light lakes light attack spread over the room causing a fire and light causing a fire and lighting the room so that it was easier to see play the combatants need to be careful not to touch the fire Courtney got chance to a check Blake and film onto the wall Mike also used to speed such profound himself on today what he saw eventually after 10 minutes Blake coughs the gravity came back home Anil going with Blake lying flat on his face this is he sonic and Courtney got through that's one like this Courtney then faced a Cintiq did you hear what like said yes Blake said that he was the only thing standing in the way of Chris the final battle is coming the portal is made Christmas I know it suddenly the ground shook again as the room broke up around them push them all to jump from one for the Neo foot room into another room to the rock well sonocent seemed a bit corny couldn't jump as high SNC card before she fell into the Oblivion and pulled her onto the rock with the rest live before doing a machine that Chris used to summon Courtney lay on the same run hey would you look at that song get back to me Courtney said so I gave her a machine Courtney start to assume out of humor many made imitates S&T; yet Courtney depressed abundance at surroundings to find the creator of his fanfiction now this is a real stupid hey we went on a train station near a city in Texas I was typing this story on my phone thinking nothing of it train was coming in five minutes and I had my ticket a hint so I can't home from school I don't believe any of this is real so I think this is just going to be one yeah of a one getting thing I said to myself as I watch the train starting to pull into the station the trains yellow and black doors been opened and I close my eyes and started boarding the high floor trains oops I missed a step I tried again but then open my eyes and realize I wasn't at the train station named Marc instead by myself walking into the store as I was running my space amaze was S&T; sake Kourtney oh crap I say to be honest I didn't think this place exists until now I'm just making this up as I go morning washed up and slam me coming much time since let me in it things this is what you get for running a kissing same aggress I tell me I'm sorry I'm just putting my imagination to the test wondering what I can do with it what are you anyway oh my Courtney explained earlier I'm the writer of the storm I scream this espe name is opus gone seven eight nine of what are you confronting me I want to do us a favor and this story now and put me back in my bed I can't do that what what even I'm saying one now yeah you see I could do that if I want to but I don't because that would be a terrible ending for a story just say right now and everyone their family they're after my name in here I know there are a lot of people reading this and I look I won't let you control what's on my money I'm finishing this thing no matter what it means this place to me or nuts up I'm sorry Courtney just gonna have to stick around why you Courtney Drive dangled me within I wrote on my phone I left the store I went back to the Train I was just done in a machine that corny use some of the water Brooke Courtney was Michael Bay was a writer I'm not saying in that moment the writer or Opus Khan just essentially disappear and yeah the machine broke anyway guess King Jack damn it ground started to shake once more listen see realized the situation grab Courtney let's keep going yeah mental madness sound back to the sound took our source elements of all the levels and mixed them up however it was also adding new things from real-world elements all of them ending up jumping on and over games that Chris liked and things that Chris hated it was all used as platforms to other parts the area the games were spinning reacting to whatever the three touch look forever the three touched it with their feet responding to the gravity also seeing that the items of Chris's room were incorporated and all of his knickknacks that they had left a platform over because like Chris real life was being sucked into this world an alternate version of 1289 way there's obvious that Chris wasn't acting right considering the circumstances in the background video clips of Chris's life playing all random in several TVs which were also platforms of him everywhere as though they had entered his subconscious mind Chris was now everywhere the endless now he had transformed into pairs from the shirt he wore and one blue Rav Lauren Polo they end up entering Chris's mouth and coming out is good let's not talk about this again Courtney suggested oh great I agree with that as well that's a happy witness the inside.what there were no Pokemon this there were now just a mini Christmas attack no more chili these were extremely weak and harmless so no one bothered with combat eventually they arrived at the center stone which was a large area the pathway circling around a large way to work there were two fire tornadoes one on top of it entwined upon the Bowflex will be done in the middle of the orb was the body of a sobbing man who seemed to be in the middle of a mental breakdown those Chris just seemed miss miss miss we need to talk to you [Music] I never meant to destroy this man tried to force himself on me these carny you're not helping a situation you have a what you have done you have come to the center of my imagination until they does before logs I've realized I'm nine control away right now well yeah that's because there's not person writing this story and we can't do anything to stop you nothing essays online I will step where's all of you know copyright lordy universe is going that's that be let's I catch on a power suddenly a white light be around Chris is nice body you can transform to astonish you because bigoted you tell his psyche like spikes when the light disappeared it was revealed to be a version of psyche with Pikachu features I would totally disagree with that because this is a different shade of blue and got the iconic but dying around come around here and it's brown stripes on the back and the fact that this Chris is right green blue shoes my red white five years you could you tell mom here's the heart shape bolt tail and blue with a brown man ah as you see from when I previously hey you have got my style can't you go and believe there is no that doesn't matter for me me I am Christian aren't you and it's my original creation really the older Kris you all know what I realized something with Natasha she's actually kind of a Tom girl and I wish my gender call me Christine Weston Chandler Christine you asked evert underlies as year as we know it [Music] began first started floating in the air is looping across the stage trying to make hits on the three of them however she was going in the rough figure eight pattern so I was eating to figure out where she was going suddenly Kristin gathered an orbiter NGO ever beiie my way you don't have to shout to make your attacks happen you're essentially putting them in your mind the only fact that we end up adding these shouts or you know Ted said these happens just identifying this particular attack is this act like thunderbolt I'm shocked thunder I mean it's a very situational I like I might get like I could do a thunderbolt without shouting thunder but we just don't just poke merrily in this fear the electrics aliens and I just shoot it out that's Thunderbolt Thunderbolt from you know a lot of Pokemon alright so you don't have to shout the word in order to make it happen yeah so the Huayra baby was shot was shot and she returned to the ground from half of the stage so to avoid all the move from behind him the response its SMC homie attacked cyclomatic and then Courtney's Slapton party that's for touching me Kristen lifted back into the air and three bubbles appear over all around Earth the Bobo's gathered the three companions and captured them inside they were then transported into Chris's fake memories as they popped back out of the bowl to see Bionic throwing basketballs onto the court for them to the boy the bounce bounce to rhythm that they all all threw them had to dodge this didn't last not for only after 15 seconds our transport about the curses location and a sonic mania anyone first and let her figure right and then bounce back down to the floor they stood on then Chris started charging shock wave didn't she Brown pounded on to the ground and let the shock waves wave out they all jumped to avoid the three rounds of electric power and then this'n see homemade sent Chris bedside took a hit and that's Kourtney keep Chris in the bank what's more crisply back into the air and surrounding himself with two bubbles which swooped down and grabbed all three of them to bring them back to his memories they're all transported to a room where Sachi was waiting for them as he said winding balls to random parts of the stage forcing them to dodge the attacks after 15 seconds they were again transported back to Chris she stopped moving in a figure 8 pattern and instead moved as sort of an EM pattern across the stage then Chris performed a swift attack start start to fight all over the stage set the gang had to jump over them since Courtney couldn't jump that high she ducked instead and first sank to the ground and started charging her boost essence he quickly grabbed Kourtney jumped over Crist who sits Agawam aside then they no attack Chris woman 1000 now a total of nine hits on her first once again summoned two bubbles to sweep them into another memory suddenly they're working to what seemed like of the real world as they were teleported onto a highway Barney jumped on this since he's back and knows the highway signs saying interstate 76 Pennsylvania Turnpike Chris blue dark blue car with the license plate Virginia sarn't you appear behind them and tried to run them over they jumped over the oncoming car and then once again once the car passed them breaks it breaks shut down again they jumped over it dad the car took off into the air over the fence and maneuver behind smart when their jumps like cleared the obstacle the car brake checked again and shot clear oversight as S&C; left over d projectile after that their transport back to person's location another time first then move to the spiral parent across the stage and prepare the electric wave attack she made electric shield around herself to form the lasers while moved in that's better posterior area that T pattern my pattern the Chris starts spinning forming a twister that all three had to that one and not get sucked in Courtney held on to us in C to keep herself to being hurt or killed first time becames is it was spinning before attack all three of the crew attempt him one along with Courtney this time dead buddy first I recover from his confusion some of the three bowls can the capture the gang you send them to another memory there are then transport to the grocery store Sunday they had employed cops you ran all round them up to their batons in the pattern and even jumped over to her flesh slip them up slowly O'Brien even appeared and shot a laser to keep them on their toes after not for two seconds say it's up where but Chris first a maneuver behind all of them empowered up now spinning in the air surrounded by electrical shock wave chase them as they all then stay all to run from the tricity oh that's the old ran from the electricity then she died right onto coordinates I grabbed her to protect her understanding that she couldn't run that fast first then became tired and dizzy from the attack tonight on the crab is this chance SNC homing attack Chris along with sight alongside Courtney Dan learning to fish [Music] she slammed her backside right into Kris knocking her into the middle where she exploded listen see Kourtney in Psych watches Kris fell into the abyss below the S&T; psychic Courtney got a pen to write s right guesses right hey good job everybody to Sonic you do me well what the fight was no problem the Courtney really got through this when we look down to the viscera Christine does she know what we called have fallen boom I got a feeling this isn't over first you have to Chaos Emeralds and there's a Chris I'm a third form corny-ass underneath the orbit amid all the sound start acting crazy the world around them start to crumble oh we gotta get out of here so I give up Courtney quickly hotdog the distance he's back as they ran off all our water and water make the jokes you want thank you sit come on try again what we just finished the channel 9 we're doing okay here we go oh by the way it is quick bill CWC he pronounces the word quick all right suppose that just like quick Coliseum I'm just throwing it out there quick real quick costume quick Cola quick then everything big stadium weight quickly down the tubes I don't know count to ten quickest but quick escape our one and quick escape that's one so I guess it's here Courtney were working their way out of the Christmas imagination the world around them was quickly turning into a void of many and there was no time to stay Courtney was on SMT back in us both she had some rent to a circle of bright light I think I see the end side hopefully let's keep pushing on Courtney 24 still she knew deeper and harder this wasn't over yet sonken s intent enjoyed to avoid flying objects and the platform to meet them with crack forcing them to jump on to stay on track wow this place can reminds me of the time I went to Eggman stair-step loosely part and trash the place I pre-marked accept that we're getting down this bull I'll avoid to mine yeah I quit sign colors before Kourtney responded what's that never mind by the way sonic does know about sign colors and all the other video games so that was a stupid joke that was moot at that moment the path in front of them practice a crushing noise assaulted bears but crash through was Christian sonship I'm not done yet you see that portal in front of you she then shut that laser on it and the coral began to close slowly oh no this is he psychic Hornet feared they might be trapped there forever I am another surprise first was instant ran by seven colored balls which all gave him the immense power suddenly Chris's form change from them besides you and she became more human I don't look like she was cosplaying as Sonic and ticket she would have beer why did you let him why did you go with this I started reading appeared his beard thing was out why did you go with this huh I knew this wasn't over core Negro many things yourself so pause for a second 1000 T S&T; commit Chaos Emeralds but she didn't sign picked up SNC and Courtney and threw them to the other side to reach the other party pathway you guys go on I'll take care of Chris it's sunny what you need don't worry about me just go the portal is closing messantia courtney class say each other to ran on word girl that sign you're taking quite a risk there to make them just leave you yeah I know that I just keep my friends safe she keeps I blush making arrested tape he write a rock sign wasn't some remedy cancer once and he transformed into the corn Hedgehog it was now super sign let's dance sigh proclaim the tip identify right dive right to each other and each other's fists at once the punches are so powerful we can fill from a distance me when I listen see it cornea across the portal they jump through the portal together and on the other side they bow thousand in Chris's messy room according to get a bookshelf in essence he landed on the bed on the books on the Shelf mom at the games and I should fingers feel good Essen sequin take off the bed help morning my god thanks Corey said okay here we go I'm just gonna say this chuckwei I'm saying well well well snooping us you lycée voice do a very good job of it don't worry about I come in peace sing they're responding Oh baby not to get it tight I'm wondering where the hell are we I believe we're in Kristen's room for Newsday this is a place where she writes on the comics and her imagination comes together S&T; look back at the closet where the toilet was slowly her stomach what do you mean corneas I'm sure sign will be fine just like every game he's in I know emote I said from to burn the outside the window everybody in the room turn against to me it's you cornea please let me out of this story now corny you're still useful at this point I retorted back to what I was saying spoiler alert sonic will not win you mean suddenly mean by Christian no questions asked the end it's me essence he grabbed me but a Sherpa why would you write something like that why should you my sonic win you know what I'm gonna being at this I grab I grab that I grab the author from behind as well that's a shirt essence he looks as we were split me and shot good like what this shin except not in a formless she had seen me just now but in a form where I knew my son where lying in my side you form but also wearing a helmet I'm great one piece Shingo recovers you could see bright luminescence sees on my back and I got rocket posters on my feet this is me Christian aren't you in my cpu form the original from dimension 12 18 SC 197 I had trouble my name's I can't opus come there it is now I remember his name almost caught what the Frick is going on with you man why did you write this I mean I got to do what a punch you right in the face you freaking bastard bring all this just set Courtney and Chris ante up like this I'll tell first let me I think I want pop you wanna have you freaking bastard now you write them out of the story right this instant I'm sorry Oh a botanist give him one punch his net his head turnin snap but not quite can I give East on I think deep freeze and then I saw they said Wow boy way to reclaim this story or at least to try to anyway I can't believe I'm actually kind actually summoned you here of all things I can go back in time I could do so many things I'm a literal goddess CPU of Commodore consoles and the nation that quick feel also merger the nation to come aside from that oh that's good well regardless it's already too late for me to try to write them out as the story has already been written what I'm saying is that song it'll be the bit because the simple fairness sign has weaknesses this Chris apparently not you not me I have my faults now it has his faults just about every other Christian has their faults especially because in the frickin frackin autism well regardless yeah that Chris I did not write that Kristin any fault see my autism forget the autism of that way that grass is a Mary Sue in fact so much immersive he's powerful numbers colossal Christian silent you take down Sonny elaborate that corny going on you made up this fast bitches logic I was a wooden did you Courtney is a nine-minute I'm also gonna low favor my give me someone else here's the spotlight have you ever seen Pokemon Ranger in at simple as seen yeah I have Courtney responded egg Menace and see him no idea what we were talking about you know what do you spend they don't play 3d if they know I'd typically play video games at this point at least psych is aware about his they can use them cuz Sega contacts him and everything aside from that and even really like moving in bit corny honest yet clearly Courtney responded and they realized was conversations filming and then I may meet the LOA more furious Novus con ripped his shirt so hard I end up pinching his pinching his chest personally I think the movie is good up until the end think I mentioned this bad fishing similarly but you will be basically asking the question how I would've written temple of the sea is anything he came all this way from your Houston Courtney tried to figure out he lived where he lived but she never told her that says hey said thanks how'd you get to Virginia so quickly Courtney us I'm magical Ryan Bowers I could simply by myself in and there I am my answer of course you can just like I can write myself man while I'm reading this nothing man you're ganging me you went through so much freaking inconveniences and bullshit hope this time how could I not want to stake you yeah we're trying to be fighting like a writer maybe I going to save Sonic yes I do gray yes and see you do need to do that seriously I'm going to sink to the end right now so yep you got to do that you have to do that that definitely higher you get around this there is plot twist well why can't we just kill the rider Courtney wandered all out because I will write that thing cuz I won't write that why don't you to remind you there was a control here I retorted that's all from me my never miss another story you're not getting away from me that easily I'm after you I know where you live you're in Texas I got you in a major grip up his car you're not getting away from me you will be punished and then I sent him flying he feels it in this so directly and heavily even as them right at the moment I pushed him away he's something feeling it back where he is in Texas right here right now this very moment just tight everybody loves 2020 such this a sentence Central Americans fine hmm well anyway it's either either seven I feel like it's not entire song all right well anyway I'm sorry for Trudy mockingly do so much and support this yes since we were playing so there's abuse chin yes the one threat from the home real-world dimension 1218 that's nearly neighbors would see one night seven when you're from and coordinate the S&T; where you and I from look really yes all this is real my part I did you not understand now by you being S&C; in this faded event when this happened about a year or two ago or at least when you read up to the end of chapter seven you know the a year ago what are you talking about memory cut out to me Cordy said all right well enough confusion a necessity you need to go save Sonic I get I gotta go I'm out no hope you take care you all will do well let's go go thinking that and Eggman I'm coming after you you stop attacking quick bill I will come after you amongst the common foes we have Giovanni's point down soon not to mention Cornie looked at Eggman huh I know you wouldn't normally agree for this but we just helped us save Sonic savings sorry as much as I hate that blue hedgehog man without him it's not fun to have in our masses I'm going in Eggman s and seeing corny high-fived each other meanwhile inside the portal Christmas slide were clashing over and over again I sign tried to keep him at bay Chris tried to tackle Sonic as Sonny tried to boost into him they clash the middle and kept pushing each other back side needs it really hurried though because it didn't seem that Chris was going to anytime soon one thing that psych relied on was to stay super long relied hard to stay super was this Rings the Rings provide power for protection for site and the Chaos Emeralds used of the Rings and every second that passed that was a problem at to find Chris for a long time he was running out of rings if you ran out here with loose it seemed like Kristin rely on rings you pretty much know chaos energy and the long time in a Mac sign it's about goes on as you see from the ki brain bonus merely compose the Chaos Emerald energy and a bunch of us on she's from those two scattered sites even though she cried so eager ran build the cast energy so to use chaos in Rose or this gives us you balls that later broke apart became the mega stones of such heights and Moses heights they so essentially when he goes super King Ahaz farm it's just essentially as long as the battle goes on so not too much of a reliance on brains but you study a break between between types of usage [Music] yeah he just happened to have a lemonade bad waters something that sunken never seen the likes of before so I kept pushing on Kristin boosted in Tucson as science started to push back and struggle Chris seemed to be winning this fight against his lifelong hero sigh thoughts or something how could this happen to me I always save today so why am I feeling am I just too weak at them oh it's like right at a race awesome super fun it was blown back by Christine Celia there he fell onto the platform of the castles had been ripped out of him landing around him Sonic I thought you were a lot stronger than that concerning that fact that I play all your games that you always seem to win at the end I can't believe you were unable to beat me so I try to stand up but just fell back to the ground that's ok Sonic now you can be a nurse isn't that quick though and I will treat you well and you will forever live there for the rest of your life Chris laughs knowing they'll be no good from the outside living may be good tephra nerves first knowing that would be it would be good for him to have sonic lip and his see yeah a familiar voice search Chris turn around right into SNC's mist that slammed into his face be coming home with me first up a second to try recruit with himself Courtney and eight men fit up side you're gonna be ok sonic corn even assured him Amen it's the first day for you essence he went to where sign laid and picked up all the casseroles by then Kristen cooped her strength she glared innocency you think good you you think you can just slap me like that in my super yes perfect yeah no just pop an answer I don't write him thing that pops up now and then let that babies you guys go hang out with Gary's doom happy night nurse you left what love Mary Sue did you have to do that to me [Music] mine is perfect corny loves an egg men oh I get it now Courtney's saying innocence he is also a Mary Sue the writer gave her flaws to make her more relatable but he could write those falls out easily and since he is the only woman I can't defeat chris hasn't even started dam roads orbiting around herself as a Ferb turk golden yellow and a yellow energy clover by she met Courtney's gaze me before portal closes - NT administered to say she should come as well just do it they both follow the order S&C; turn to address Chris I don't know water broke you and now you can have all the fun you want take me down dumb at me with pleasure for smiled ahead by each other and the final fight began [Music] chapter 11 quick escape part to plenty water I need to refill this bottle make all the jokes you want at least I'm not losing water okay there's another joke right there okay are you alright thank you all right back to this that's this thing ah quickest gift quick escape that I know Nessun seeing Chris clashed in the middle releasing a shock wave energy between two of the most powerful OC characters ever created Chris Ned started to back off a little as they both floated and a void of nothingness representing Chris's world that was now destroyed you did all this to me and now we can get back at you large ball of white appeared in his hand and now I can think you've been close game on me ladies are showing out but he missed because this and he was able to dodge in time this is why you don't stand in front of your enemies she then it's after Christmas head-banging boosts the impact through police firing into the air but she eventually regained control of herself Kristin disappeared briefly and then reappeared to shoot balls aligned all over the stage these balls didn't doing the S&T; any harm at they dinner but they did really saw her movement temporarily SMT then trucks from a shadow moves chaos next hit chris directly has the explosive waves travel across the dimension and damage was nuclear nuclear Cortney and Eggman were taking psych outs they felt they were they felt the wave take them off their feet and damage the platform they water wow that was intense Courtney said leaning back on her feet the energy on a barrel is very high Eggman confirm S&T; isn't a very hard battle but I can feel both they're fighting to the end Courtney there looked across the dimension Mt Chris we quickly recovered and then perform a Thunder attack which had the same effect on this and see as his light balls and just slowed her down everything felt like a rock to her that's Chris surrounding himself an electric baller attempted to rent of S it became a chase through the air essence he tried to get away but they bump moves at the same speed she had to avoid debris or she would be slowed down and eventually be hit by Christiaan this was one of the more the more powerful attacks Chris tense up the electric ball around her is through in essence he s empty head bite it and pushed it as she was getting ready to us as it was game right to explode she managed to hit hard enough to crash it back into press who received the explosion they then engage each other in direct combat and threw punches to each other and such unbelievably fast beat that their fists blurred as an observer he couldn't see what was coming Chris eventually ended up winning the fist fight by placing both hands on this since he's head I'm slamming her down Kristen's support distance he's positioning kicked her just like that it was like essence he was playing ball with her Pistons he was a it says essence he eventually caught on and made a fist to punch pricks which worked Christmas enthroned Bank but she quickly regain control and went for a hyper beat essence he flew around the attack and since they were being took the locker she used this to get tights on Christine Besant even kick dirt and sewer back pretty good doing Barry would sonic game be just in this fight so easily check this out just like that first started grading a fallenness is this required surroundings to be sucked into the black hole in that Christmas making heavy rock item in flat form will compress into the large bone forming ends and the attack absorbed everything to the point that there was nothing left the world of this antique Chris head in heaven it was now black nothingness it's a real essence he realized something isn't here to protect you every girl is relying on guys done the same she done through the ball and S&T; the drop her hands to Blanca hmm since he cried as she tried to pull it on duty this is too powerful she thought to herself maybe the in nice tidy I boys spoke with her mind who is that it's Courtney listen I know right now you're on a very intense fight you can't keep up I'm relying on you to get through this because I know you will you used to beat him SNC you used to be perfect like him but every flaw that I came along with sight Tails and Knuckles you are my persona Carney is play the rider historic gave you flowers to make you more reliable for the audience but I know you need to be more powerful than Chris if you forget to floss you have gained and use your full power that's Chris I'm not try hard enough you can win so don't give up so Chris what female characters can really do show Chris that people characters are just as powerful as male characters miss at each of these words to heart I spoke back to Kristin I know you think these characters always rely on guys to see bus outside to save me all the time but either way inside because Courtney portrayed me that way what are you trying to say to this world I couldn't rely on inside is that was something over 90% the time I had to make my own decisions by finding all the characters you created this world has taught me a lot now it can be independent and I don't need to rely on anyone to help me this is how you think we should grow as a character in your story I wouldn't a part of it yes usually female characters always stand back to win this time no more I am the first girl that we have to beat you Chris no nobody the same me this is me no sense he then became more powerful so powerful that she started pushing back the ball Chris said to her well that was my most powerful attack because this I used to be perfect I used to be unique and most of all is this fish so just like you taking me to thank you was pretty special nobody would listen t say that she threw the ball back across the screen of the mall where the him exploded its bow she was enough to kick him out of his car so Christian foramen magnum to his human form his medallion brought from the impact Highschool ring is the are men around him came back into place as he land on the platform below essence even land on the platform in front grace fell on her hand to left her karna I don't need more no this one is fine we can get you down what is about to close no the real world system mr. G took their hand back then you think people are there in ideas different ways you're hiding from the real world and this one isn't helping come on me let's get you some help now our reveals down listens he looks at the portal ahead shoes might not say did I hear SMG I don't want to see you ever again essence he stood there for a second looking at the portal listen see I pop in I know this is a crucial moment I keep on my pastime right there at this point Chris you disappoint me wait why who are you look at that first looked at me you must design me my son I see you perform I see I've seen earlier I am the prime I am the Christian sonichu prime of the actual real dimension that you were inspired from you were made by somebody else late I was made by somebody else and yet you are a so counterpart to me you exist because of me mainly in first and foremost well somebody has created the pitch it's you with other aspects as you may as well may as well know that's right my weight just puts me my world was pretty for somebody else and yet that was inspired by you you're the prime that means sorry Chris you need you should rethink your life and your choices you need to reevaluate yourself you have a chance to recreate your world at this point you gotta get your act together no I sense he goes to the portal now I tell her since he looking at her so she said there look in the portal they ran off leaving original living interests the collapsing robber yet I was with him she was stealing their super form as the twirl was almost closed I'll give you a hand far enough if you start helping yourself tell Chris you're telling me all this I'm like trying to encourage myself I listen to myself you know listen anybody else outside from the real world should I listen to myself from the real real world we don't call it the real world five dimension number is 12 18 and I exist from the dimension on this sea 197 both of your quotes Rio and this inside your mind dimensions are different you're a distant self counterpart to me and yours is a self distant all dimensions are mine both of my design system felt for those dimensions how can you you're so restrictive with your realities rules and everything I'm to keep my mcdu then I get by with a little help from my side shoot my rosy rose children I imagine champ and everyone else and those of mine were all both dimensions as well you can do the same thing to bear yourself I eat you to listen to yourself I'd say Chris and I'm away from all the rocks debris I flew my platform itself Chris take your time think about it I have the ability should have your own powers you're not a deity like me for this particular connection they'll take you home I longer to even reach but I have reached lots of self-development I'll leave you now we cover your world both of your dimensions your put yourself back together thank you so good do you understand me first chance yeah I think I do very good then I sell for doubt and come back to my dimension here Chris let's register puts herself back together and soon reveals her dimension and get yourself on a better track of things meanwhile essence he's soon as fast as she could of morning roxxon's is breached for the innocent barely anything was left of the portal and essence he realized that she might never make it she reached out of hands to the portal and stuck her head through everybody in Chris's room that was SNC I skip around Courtney said she Gretna since these fans started calling us tokoro grew tighter and tighter everyone lined up and assisted in flying her out essence he used our strength to pull through and at the last moment she popped on the portal and it closed behind every essence he got through the final night right SS selfish Thank You Courtney her destiny happened you made it in time when happen to Chris cycas really trying to offer to help him but he refused the gun with me listen to says sadly listen according out down sometimes you know funny people will believe in something that doesn't work for anyone and they believe it to the point that it becomes part of values once that happens there are too far con main thing that conflicts with their beliefs is ignored or dismissed you can't tell people that they are not open to open minded to change this that Chris it's just one of these cases we just couldn't help them you just have to let him do what he wants to do or not so there's nothing we can do to help that particular Chris I am disappointed son in life you can't tell him otherwise everyone either green suddenly hockey award in the world ah listen see look at the dragon what are you doing here Nakia roared again oh and there's the rumor and them started to disappear taking everyone with it Smt opened her eyes she ended up playing on a field of grass she sat up on the grass soft grass to see sunny hey you awake yet what happened we are in a Green Hill Zone I think we're back when we started yes indeed side S&T; an egg man we're back in dimension C 197 and meanwhile Courtney I returned to dimension 1218 where she was essence he smiled I can do cyanide but now we are all alone at that moment psychic in essence he locked eyes but each other they couldn't hold back the love for each other as they slowly blue closer she thought to herself finally kids with Sonic just when you were about to kiss sine felt a hammer him from a hunt cheating on me nice Sonic Amy I didn't experiment me here why you Amy took off from the edge of psyche a large hamburger yeah Amy please I don't want trouble you sight read through slick don't you can't get close to us and see every yeah email message he can help 11 situation [Music] yeah huge thank you wrong one man meanwhile in dimension 1218 it's so much starting to rise over at Kourtney's home and she found herself once again lying on bed wow that was a crazy dream oh just a crazy dream she can't wear to her compared to check on the s4 yep it was successful she smiled she shared the memory of her dream of the Friends of this Court wow that's crazy Spencer marked I don't think I have another dream like that ever again according to the tide I like the barber S&C; hips Chris to defend you Meredith said Courtney remembered it it all felt so real though I'm enough of a character in sonichu story to be honest they're all kind of similar secre noted yeah if you think of it they're not too far wrong Mason agreed ma'am Joe one two three then join the conversation Chris does have a history of a DLC characters to the side she Canada and then keeping them there for the record I don't they already existed there along with everybody else as I had mentioned earlier the mentioned C 197 everybody exists and co-exist together I'll be really funny - ever since he has a sidechick character broadcaster left yeah yeah but this is my character I don't think you would ever let that happen corny remarks I'm afraid it has happened it's been happening it has happened it cannot be helped sake arrived you know it's not such a bad idea just to put down the back burner and think about it later okay Courtney agreed okay later in C 197 sonken essence here we're surrounded by Eggman's minions everywhere they look it seemed that there was no way out sonic S&T; came over there to be finished hey how about let's show what true power really is about missin t9 they both jumped in the air hunt find each other got to a spin - the position and then yelled together yeah Oh boost just like that everything that been their way was no more no no no leg men crying flesh baby SNT given up final hit yes since he was punished left in the air and began dealing a final blows everything went away he not to be knew that Chris's world became more independent really don't psycho like must you know that Christie learnt anything he taught me a lot more than I was capable of without thinking Network take care Christian but in a way I'm not taking the original Christian that this where this oh well thank you Christian sonichu the end yeah I did take a look at chapter 12 that's authors notes I'm not gonna go eat today cuz that's a CEO did read yeah he said it ended but thank you for reading opus from Elvis Khan seven eight nine the Yelp it's gone genuine feelings I gave a funny ymin first you back into your house that's it listen T vs sonic you sorry has been read from start to finish between corny sake and Zen Frank and myself so thank you all for watching and enjoying this video despite the interruptions and everything and I was fun to read initially but myself at least made remainder after listening to Kourtney sake insectoid read them and I don't mean it we don't see anybody but they already gave their full names and so forth yeah yeah yeah I mean well yes Courtney it's all very much real I've been there I've been in many dimensions seriously and believe it or not Kourtney essence he is gonna come in at 12:18 Foley she's gonna get with you and help you out a lot so look positively far tonight so know so much you persistency you're sincere in society now is that completely bread and I am Christian for sale thank you all for watching this dream bonus if I got a whole bunch of donations realness so thank you all for watching him little break safe awesome day zap it up to the extreme there's the thing where's the thing