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I bet your not interested in what I have to say but I am a writer who likes crazy and weird ideas and I stick with them in order to make a good story for you all to enjoy.
An excerpt of Opuscon's Fanfiction.net bio.
I can compare what Opuscon did along with what IdeaGuy did to us in that lost timeline. IdeaGuy constantly changed us over and over again for the worst until when our Christine finally realized she had dominance over anything he could do (not to mention his embezzling of her). Opuscon committed murders, defaced an Earth greatly, and tried to merged ALL dimensions instead of just the two as it initially should have been.
Chris, comparing Opuscon's act of writing a fanfic to extortion by the Idea Guys.[1]

Name opuscon789
Also known as somethingrandom987
Gender Male
Saga Secret Shipfic

opuscon789 is a fanfiction writer whose works primarily feature My Little Pony content. His magnum opus is SNT Vs Sonichu, a three-part, 380,000+ word fanfiction involving Chris and ProjectSNT which he began posting in July 2018.

Chris would become aware of Opuscon's work in October 2019 after watching a livestream VOD of ProjectSNT herself reading the first seven chapters of SNT Vs. Sonichu. His reaction to the fanfiction was highly critical, though not because of the work's somewhat disturbing romantic aspects. Instead, Chris was greatly upset over the artistic liberties the writer took, especially as Chris is under the delusion that fictional works exist in a separate dimension. Chris has ranted and complained, citing his belief that Opuscon's act of writing a fanfic has resulted in warping the denizens of the other dimension, also claiming, for example, that Opuscon's "individual punishment will come."[2] Chris also attempted to manipulate Opuscon into altering the direction of the story, however Opuscon has stood his ground and ignored those efforts.

Live Reading

Despite his initial negativity, Chris would read of the remaining five chapters of the fanfiction in a livestream in February 2020. The livestream was full of tard rage spurred on by the fanfiction itself, the baying of Chris's dogs, and weens ordering pizza to his house- twice.

Attempts to manipulate Opuscon

Regardless of how he continues his chronicling and pathway, with or without the insightful supplement I’m providing at this time, it’s gonna hit him back in heavy karma levels very soon. From what I ended up typing up on that supplemental chapter, I did notice that it did intimidate him, to say the least, as he ended up blocking our account on Wattpad, leaving me unable to continue reading his works on that account. I created a second account with the gmail; the first one was linked with Chris’ Facebook.
Chris, being wrong on multiple levels[3]
An attempt by Chris to influence Opuscon's writing

In late November 2020, Chris contacted Opuscon on Discord, who he found through ProjectSNT's Patreon-exclusive server.[4] Surprisingly, Chris informing the writer that he enjoyed the fanfiction and had moved on to reading its sequel. Chris still felt the need to correct inaccuracies and suggest that Opuscon watch his embarrassing rage-filled live reading.[5]

On 29 November, Chris uploaded to Wattpad.com his supplemental version of SNT Vs Sonichu's storyline, also advertising it on his Twitter. Opuscon responded by blocking Chris's Wattpad account, leaving him temporarily unable to read SNT Vs Sonichu (until Chris ban-evaded to continue hate-reading the story). In a show of ego, Chris boasted in The Place his belief that Opuscon had been intimidated by his supplemental storyline.[3]

On 3 December 2020, Chris drew an artwork of himself interacting with ProjectSNT; one reason was "to let Opus know that I am literally there and helping SNT."[3] He posted the drawing to Twitter, mentioning Opuscon specifically.[6]

In January 2021, Chris reported to Opuscon that he had read the latest chapter of the fanfiction, and went on to make a bunch of autistic correction regarding Sonichu and dimension-related lore details nobody but Chris could ever care about.[7] Opuscon failed to respond.

The Place Chats

Between the months of Chris's relatively positive reception of SNT Vs Sonichu, He would rant to The Watchmen about his hatred of Opuscon in December 2020. Chris was angered by the writer's leaking of their DM exchange onto Kiwi Farms. Once more, he had to mention his displeasure with the near-universal fanfiction habit of taking artistic liberties with content.[8]

Chaos Crystal Control

Somewhere between Chris's usual unintelligible babblings, Opuscon's name may be seen.

Chris referenced Opuscon's dimensional meddling in an illustration listed to OfficialCWCmart in November 2023. N-641 Sonichu wants Opuscon's head, but Lady Magi'c Sonichu plans to intervene.[9]

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