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This new information can be found from the following sources:
Live Reading of SNT Vs Sonichu, Part 2
October 2019 social media posts#Chris reacts to SNT vs. Sonichu
November 2020 social media posts##Long Twitter thread
January 2021 social media posts#Opuscon
Kiwi Farms posts (somethingrandom987)
The Place chats - ProjectSNT#Browsing Kiwi Farms
Opuscon789 DMs

I can compare what Opuscon did along with what IdeaGuy did to us in that lost timeline. IdeaGuy constantly changed us over and over again for the worst until when our Christine finally realized she had dominance over anything he could do (not to mention his embezzling of her). Opuscon committed murders, defaced an Earth greatly, and tried to merged ALL dimensions instead of just the two as it initially should have been.
Chris, comparing Opuscon's act of writing a fanfic to extortion by the Idea Guys.[1]

opuscon789 is the writer of SNT Vs Sonichu, a fanfiction involving Chris and ProjectSNT.

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