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Sockness Head Cutout.png
Jacob Sockness
Name Jacob Sockness
Also known as Michiro Hutaki
Agian Siin
Jacob JS
Ashva Gohda
Date of Birth 1 April 1983 (age 36)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Race White
Occupations Amateur Occultist
Conspiracy Theorist

Jacob Sockness is a 36-year-old white knight and fanatic of Chris from San Francisco, California. Besides showering praise that would make Kengle blush, Sockness stands out from other white knights by expressing love towards him. Outside of displaying his unhealthy attraction towards Chris, he is known be an obsessive occultist, posting various tweets and other messages regarding the supernatural and even sharing Chris's belief that Sonichu is real.


Jacob was discovered by pure chance by Kiwi Farms user neural while observing the many users around Chris's Twitter posts. After further digging, it was revealed that he also created a Kiwi Farms account under the name Jacob JS. It was in his profile page where he accidentally doxxed himself by posting links to his Facebook page and Tumblr blogs that reveals his personal informations. Like his polar opposite Michael Hirtes, he is also a furry and lives in Section 8 housing with a tugboat. However, unlike Chris and Hirtes, Jacob is a dedicated Pmurt supporter, believing in several far-right conspiracy theories. Sockness also controls several sockpuppets to white-knight himself and converse with, who he claims they are different people.


As stated earlier, Sockness occasionally comments on Chris's tweets to court him or to support his delusions. However most of his activities are based on his Twitter page where he would make frequent more graphic messages on how his love for Chris, even inviting Chris to visit him. He is also known to spread his message to other forums, most notably Reddit and Kiwi Farms. Occasionally, he would make videos dedicated to Chris in his YouTube account. Jacob has also appropriated Sonichu characters in his self-made pantheon of pagan, extraterrestrial spirits. Despite all of this, there has yet to be any form of interaction between the two.


While it is true that some of Chris's most diehard white knights are exposed as trolls, Jacob initally showed no hatred or amusement from Chris's activities. Rather, he displayed legitimate sense of love towards him. Evidence suggest that besides finding a kindred spirit in a supernatural believer, he is also sexually attracted to transgendered people. Ironically, despite Sockness's desire to father a child with Chris, he is unaware that Chris is already in a polygamist marriage and ended his Love Quest.


The Sacred Shoes have samples of cat & doggy DNA. Looking for the Treasures of Heaven, a single hair from Christine's head to put into an amulet of serious power to manifest one's dreams. This is a divine experience.



Sockness posing next to a Sonichu Through the Years poster sold by Chris.

Sockness has spent hundreds on buying items from Chris's ebay, notably buying his old shoes for worshipping purposes.

I have the Sonishoes
Stardate 16 March 2019
Made By Jacob S
TRUE and HONEST Sonichu Fan Videos

True and Honest?

Despite declaring his love to Chris, there are proof suggesting that his feelings are not True and Honest. In his Reddit account, Jacob had lurked around subreddits for incels, flirting with them. In his Twitter page, besides tweeting about arcane rituals and complaining about liberals, Jacob expresses his close love between a "sugar daddy", suggesting he is in a gay relationship with an older, wealthier man. Finally, Jacob has been known to flip-flop in his opinion on Chris ranging from sexual love to outright cursing him. It is unclear whether he is doing this for attention, genuine attraction to Chris, or both.


Eventually, Jacob got too retarded for even Chris to handle. On the 31st of January 2019, Chris blocked him on Twitter. If Sockness wants to continue to make sacrificial lamb videos for Chris to see, he'll now have to do so through sock puppets.


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