A message to everyone, and the Haters and Bullies

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After having enough with dealing with weens, role-players playing as villains and rebels, and being blocked off in Twitter, Chris released A message to everyone, and the Haters and Bullies on 21 January 2019. In this video, Chris reads the rant he made on Twitter earlier about how a war between fictional heroes and villains is impeding the Dimensional Merge. He especially pays special attention to the trolls, who he claims are weak and unwilling to accept the Merge from happening. He even perverts the teaching of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to justify his delusions.


A message to everyone, and the Haters and Bullies
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Stardate 21 January 2019
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style RageRage Rage, ReasonReason Reason
Saga Merge SagaMerge Saga Merge
Shirt The Classic 2.0
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We are all working together to keep these days great and safe for all of you; body, mind, soul, and superpowers.


Hello everybody, Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again in the utility room, and this time I've got a whopper of a speech for everybody that needs to be well heard and listened. And I did put it on Twitter, I'm gonna read it, it came from heart, soul, mind. My mind, my heart, my soul. And if you think I can just remember it all from just having written it once, sheesh, what planet are you living on?

Hey, everyone. I’ve just talked with the war rebels and haters in C-197. And now, I am going to share the statement with the rebels and haters here in this world and dimension.

For those who don’t know, this war is between the CPUs, deities, heroes and superheroes, and the villains and super villains who are acting against the prophecies and destinies that all are happening, have happened, and shall happen, in the progress between this Earth of 1218 and our Earth of C-197.

I am not one for warfare, and I don’t instigate or condone such, but the villains still will do what they will, because that is their agenda that they refuse to change. But, we heroes and deities do what we all must to stand and fight to defend the good of both worlds and dimensions. Like all heroes before us: we defend and fight for y'alls' freedom, safety and good health. And we will not stop defending y'all, because we really do care for all of you, our peoples, individuals, OCs, creatures (big and small), and everyone else who loves and lives freely. In the end, our two dimensions shall be merged, and we will all be able to live fully tangible with each other and everyone as soon as possible, as it Has been destined and prophesied.

NOW, to all of you haters and hazers who try to take us, the heroes, and I, a CPU and Sonichu, down with the crass and unnecessary remarks, commentary and outdated dirt, footage and crap.

I look down upon all of you, and I feel shame and sorrow of all of you in your own respective lack of self-confidence and feeling small. Feeling like you all have to resort to thrusting hatred to make an emotional high for yourselves, like a really bad drug that eats at your souls and being.

Also, I understand how all of you state that I am not making progress in myself, but I AM making great progress in myself; you all do not understand, because y’all closed yourselves off to not only the truth and real facts that are just sitting and standing right there in front of y’all, invisible to others, coming from C-197 as it continues to merge with 1218, here... and denying yourselves of the freedom to love and appreciate the creations of others, maybe even yourselves.

And you force this handicap of yourselves unto others with hatred; upon myself, and everyone else who is creative and open-hearted and open-minded; fully able to see, appreciate and recognize, but we resist Your hatred. Granted there are those who are still learning to resist the hatred, but they are coping and doing their best on that. And we shall resist The hatred from all of you.

SO, here is the thing, Haters and Bullies: why can’t y’all find something else that is actually popularly disliked, like Putin and his spiel against the LGBTQ in Russia, recently. Or @realDonaldTrump’s freaking damned Wall, literally making His own people PAY for that wall which also blocked out the good of the government, and the money out of your own pockets. But I digress; this is not about that wall; this is about you all, the haters, and how y’all need to find something else to focus your hatred upon.

And, I will recommend this, as I did to the haters and rebels earlier today: go punch a (reinforced) bag of sand. Even those of y’all who are stuck to a chair in perma-epic-fail, y’all can still reach out and punch a bag of sand that you ordered from Lowe’s or something.

And do not harass or target the creative types, the heroes and super heroes, the deities, the innocent peoples in between and everywhere, or myself, with that hatred.

To borrow Dr. King’s intro line, I have a dream, a dream where everyone is kind to each other, regardless of race, religion, color of skin, sexual identity and/or orientation. And Kindness from those who Hated before, finding their own happiness in being kind, with hatred and bullying put aside in worn out punching sand bags. Those who I had nightmares of looking to trash my home’s yard with running tires and weapons against my person in needless angst; having to defend myself with my own wit and speed; NOW coming to my front door, standing by the walkway, with sincere apologetic and kind looks on their faces. And not weapons, but gifts of kindness, love and sincere smiles. And I am forgiving of those who used to hate, having realized the folly and wrong of their ways.

I actually did have those nightmares, and more recently, the kinder, apologetic repentance and remorse.

Thank you all for listening. Have a great and safe day. We are all working together to keep these days great and safe for all of you; body, mind, soul, and superpowers.

It's snowing Chris's videos AHH!