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The Clown Doll, in all its painful glory
The doll, disguised as Clyde Cash in a futile attempt to avoid a beating

The Clown Doll is the unfortunate recipient of a great deal of Chris's rage. It's a small, stuffed toy with a red/white suit, white hat, red hair and a white face. Chris does not seem to hold any resentment towards the doll itself, merely using it as an example for those subject to his wrath.

The origins of the doll are unclear, though it is likely Chris has had it since he was a child. It appears to be a cheap gift a relative might buy for a nephew or grandson as a hasty birthday present. It has been speculated on the PVCC that it was picked up in a bargain bin somewhere. The true origins are unknown, but he clearly holds less affinity for this toy than he would for his hero, Optimus Prime. The thing you should take away from all this is that he still had a childhood clown doll sitting around his room, at least before 10 January 2014, as it is unknown if it survived the house fire.


  • 30 March 2009: Take that Page DOWN NOW! -- Chris used the doll as a stand-in for Clyde Cash. He taped a picture of Clyde to the doll and proceeded to throw punches at it. At one point, he tried to rip its head off, only to have it slide through his greasy hands.
  • 4 September 2009 : Captain's Log, Stardate September 4th, 2009 -- Chris drove his point of demanding Vivian and other trolls to cease their activities home by throwing the clown at the PSEye twice. Whether or not he hoped to translate this into actual physical harm to the trolls is unclear, but it wasn't good for the camera.
  • 6 September 2009: Sign Destruction Video -- Chris stabbed the doll and then bit its hat off.
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