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Apology for 9/11 Joke is a video that Chris uploaded to YouTube on 2 November 2009. Here, he attempts to excuse his less-than-sympathetic video making light of the attacks that demolished the World Trade Center. Chris also shares with us his personal rendition of "God Bless America" until he realizes that he doesn't know the lyrics. At first, it seems to be a slightly sincere apology.

Then, Chris reveals another attempt at scaring away Clyde Cash by sticking the photoshopped World Trade Center image onto a clip art of a birthday cake, and putting "flames" at the tops of the Twin Candle Towers. Needless to say, responses to this video were just as negative as they were for the last; the fact that this was done to save face wasn't lost on the audience.


Apology for 9/11 Joke
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Stardate November 2, 2009
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Saga ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
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It will never end
Preface to Rescuing Kacey

I personally feel saddened of the day of 9/11, I care about its offenses, like the next person, anybody.


[Chris points his camera at his computer screen with a transcript of his speech on it.]

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the uhh recent video I uploaded, which obviously was a t-terrible joke. [Begins fumbling with camera] I had no intention of e- of, uh, of offending anybody on such a wo- worldwide manner, all- I was meant only to offend Clyde and to note on how weak he was. I felt, I personally feel saddened of the day of 9/11, I care about its offenses, like the next person, anybody. Ser- I, seriously, I- I'm a good American.

God bless America...

[Begins to sing offkey] "God bless Americcaaa, land of the freeee... and the home of the brave..."

Anyway yeah, it was mainly intended for, uh, Clyde and to offend him, and I had no idea or intention of the worldwide massive offensive. So again, I am so sorry for making that Photoshop pic, and making that terrible joke. I love America. I was born in America and I am proud to be an American.

[Deep breath]

"...just like the candles on a birthday cake."

But anyway instead of that, uh, I have though- I have made up an alternate joke. Yeah. Ok. I will snuff out Clyde because he is so weak, I will snuff him out, just like the candles on a birthday cake.


I will snuff him out like a birthday cake candle.


My apologies there, I had that layer hidden for a bit. I mean I had a layer about that and I made it hidden. But anyway yeah, I will snuff him out like candles on a birthday cake.

And again, I apologize for the bad joke. I have already taken- the staff already deleted it, and I wish for- and I would appreciate forgiveness just like the next person and I promise it will not happen again.

God bless America... [gives a victory and thumbs-up signs]

Have a good safe day.

Apology image text

I, Christian Weston Chandler, deeply and humbly apologize for the misuse of the previous joke pic with the towers. I personally felt saddened the day of 9/11, and I cared about it's effects just like the next person, and I feel empathetic for those injured, dead, and those who lost their loved ones on that day, whos names are listed on the memorial plaque at the location now.

The joke was mainly directed to how WEAK Clyde Cash was only, I had no idea or intention of offending anyone, other than Clyde, on such a massive world-wide level.

So, again, I am soo sorry for making that photoshopped pic and making such a terrible joke.

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