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Clyde Cash the Kid is a video, uploaded on 16 September 2009, in which Chris claims to know that Clyde Cash is alive and well, and that he is an elementary school kid. Amazingly, Chris pulled this video from his account mere minutes after it was posted, perhaps because he realized that there might be consequences for both cursing and "threatening" a small child with arrest. It's a near-miracle that the video was able to be archived on the CWCville Library.

The audio in the video is very hard to hear (sans Chris's fits of yelling), once again showing Chris's competency at using his PSEye correctly.


Clyde Cash the kid video
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 16 September 2009
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Saga ClydeClyde Clyde Cash
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Chris dispels videogame rumors
19 September 2009


Ahh, no Captain's Log required, even though, y'don't know what the date is, is about 16th. Anyway, OK, Gregg Mays, you pulled a nerve. Gregg Mays, Clyde Cash, whoever you are, I know you use the same e-mail address he used. You obviously are either one and the same person or you're just a, little brat hiding behind, wh--hiding the--behind da names. But I know you.

You live in Kentucky. You go to an elementary school. YOU'RE NOTHING BUT A WHINY LITTLE BRAT! Anyway, a-anybody who k-who knows zeez-who knows this person he goes to Second Street Elementary School, in Frankfurt, Kentucky. Anybody who ss-who knows this person, or has seen him, please report him to the Frankfort, Kentucky police IMMEDIATELY!

You've gone too far. You're a stubborn littl--you're a whiny little nuisance of a brat. [dramatic glasses removal] Give it up!

Peace to everybody else, CURSE TO THE GREGG MAYS/CLAIG CASH...CHILD!

Chris dispels videogame rumors Chris's videos 19 September 2009
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