Bless the Fans, Curse the Trolls

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"Bless the Fans, Curse the Trolls" is a video uploaded by Chris on 29 August 2009 in which he tells everyone that they are going to hell for mocking him. He has a particularly difficult time making eye-contact with the camera, which has led some to speculate that he was intoxicated when he made this video.

Given some of Chris's own personal transgressions, he'll be spending the hereafter with the trolls.


Bless the True, Honest and Loyal; Curse the Evil who Mock and Slander Me and my Good Name.


Bless the Fans, Curse the Trolls
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Stardate 29 August 2009
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason, CrazyCrazy Drunk
Shirt Sea GreenSea Green Sea Green Polo
ECV 00192
30 August 2009
Go get a job or something. I am... working on it.


Oh, such a cruel world to curse this young- this young... lad. It's like, I'm so young, ya know? Give me such grief. Giving me such worry. All you're doing is puttin' anutter foot in your own graves, your own hell. It ain't worth it. Give it up. Quit be- quit pretending t'be bored. If you're so bored, go do laundry, go get a job or something. I am... working on it.

But, anyway. Yeah. Stop it. Y'all living your own hell, ya ding- dang, dirty trolls, so.. and you'll continue living that, if you- if- if you continue on ridiculing me. Justice will be served. [Raises right hand] God will see to it. Jesus will... be there to help him, as well. [Puts his right hand on his forehead, then lowers it] You'll hafta pray for forgiveness. And you'll hafta be pretty damn lucky to be able to... stay out of Hell when you go. Especially the homosexuals. That's a one-way ticket right there. I'm straight, so, I'm safe.

So... yeah. First ignoring ya trolls, so forget 'bout it, forget about it. Quit trying to pick on my nerves and cause chaos. [Moves head gesturing "no"] It's not worth it.

[Closes his eyes, making his face look constipated]

God bless the, uhh, holy and the true. But, yet, cursed are those who dare to mock others and ridicule them.

Peace to the good, curse to the bad.

*Video Ends*
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