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Chris Drops the N-Bomb (officially posted as 100_2151.MOV) is a video uploaded on 17 March 2010, where Chris sends yet another gory death threat and uses the dreaded N-word at Surfshack Tito. It is believed that this video was the reason that Jack Thaddeus pulled all of his funding from the CWCipedia.

Unsurprisingly, Chris once again drops the name of the Wallflower. His actual explicit and complete usage of a racial slur, though, was very unexpected; the closest he had previously come was singing not to trust gays with a "nigga finga at the trigga!", a bastardization of a song from The Boondocks that was a favorite of Julie's, and also when BlueSpike coerced him into saying it during their final conversation, where it took Chris several tries to get the word out (the best he could manage on his first attempt was, infamously, "niggo"). The release of the Surfshack Tito E-mails on 18 March 2010 showed Chris using the slur again, and not for the final time.

Granting another element of lunacy to the video is the fact that there has never been any suggestion that Tito is black, nor any reason for Chris to think so. Tito is ethnically Hawaiian, as is the cartoon character that shares his namesake.


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Stardate 17 March 2010
Subject Matter RacismRacism Racism, ViolenceViolence Violence
Performance Style RageRage Rage
Saga Surfshack TitoSurfshack Tito Surfshack Tito
Shirt Tan Wide LinesTanwidestripeshirt.png Tan Wide Lines
Happy Sonichu Day
03212010 C-Ya Later.MOV

You Goddamn womanizing, raping...trollin' stupid, pickle-suited...nigger!


Tito! You stay away from Heather, you son of a bitch. You have no right taking her from me like that, you womanizing rapist! And if you go near her again, then I will find you! I will find you, I will cut you up, I will beat you up, I will knock you on your backside, stand on your gut like a log roller, and blow your fat right through your skull! Blowin' it wide open!

Because that's what you deserve, you Goddamn womanizing, raping...trollin' stupid, pickle-suited...


And don't you ever, don't you dare contact me in my E-mail again, or contact me ever! You stay away from me- You stay away from me and contact. Don't call me... I will find you! [flips off camera]

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