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Gender Female [1]
Nationality American[1]
Occupation Internet troll
Saga Blanca, Clyde Cash

Lordsillynipples was a female troll from ED whom played a significant role in Christory during the years 2008 and 2009. She is considered one of the most important trolls in Christory, as she was one of the first to show the effectiveness of catfishing Chris with false sweethearts. She's most well known for being one of the people trolling Chris under the pseudonym Blanca, along with the Fried Chicken Trolling Crew, and obtaining nude photos of himself, including ones where he is wearing his mother's underwear. She is also known for being the original creator of the Man in the Pickle Suit, and providing Chris a photograph of Lee Hotti, stating it to be of Clyde Cash.

Blanca Roleplaying

In September of 2008 or around this time, Lordsillynipples came into contact with Chris and disguised themselves on MySpace as Blanca Weiss, a character created previously by trolls in an attempt to receive the Sonichu medallion. Sillynipples managed to make Chris fall in love with this non-existent identity, and coerced him into sending her nudes. On September 11th of 2008, Sillynipples leaked Chris's nudes and changed their MySpace profile to a black man in a pickle suit. On that same day, Chris made an update video addressing the situation. Despite his humiliation, Chris still made an attempt to regain whom he thought to be Blanca as his sweetheart. On September 12, he contacted Sillynipples and demanded they have a Skype call in order to regain his trust. The next day, Chris confessed his love to her over Skype and gave her his address. Later in August, Sillynipples tried to convince Chris that Blanca was a black transvestite, to no avail. [2]

Other trolling escapades

  • Around September 2008, Sillynipples had emailed Chris and brought to light why Chris had gotten kicked out of the Grace Baptist Church. [3]
  • Around 2009, Lordsillynipples was able to convince Chris that they had obtained a real picture of Clyde Cash, providing Chris with a MySpace picture of a New Jersey resident who identified themselves as "Lee Hotti".
  • For a while, the Christian Weston Chandler...Yep, I'm on TV :) DVD had been a field of interest for many trolls associated with Chris. Sillynipples was one of the first to ever have successfully obtained a copy, having tricked Chris by pretending to be one of Chris's high school crushes known as Tiffany Robinson.



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