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Hold up a moment: @Thesergeantatarms? The same guy on YouTube who uploads EVERYTHING there is about me? Yep. I'm willing to wager it is he.
The Sergeant at Arms
Name The Sergeant at Arms
Saga Secret Shipfic

The Sergeant at Arms is a fan and collector of Sonichu merchandise, who also maintains a YouTube channel primarily for archiving Chris-related media, as well as producing Chris-related livestreams.[2] Chris was aware of the channel, commenting about it in September 2019.[1] In December 2019, The Sergeant created a series of fan TSSSF cards depicting villains from the Sonichu comic; Chris saw the fan cards from The Sergeant's videos and had talks with The Sergeant to add the cards to his own custom TSSSF card line.

Sonichu Villains TSSSF pack

On 3 December 2019, The Sergeant uploaded two YouTube videos. One was titled "Sonichu Villains Expansion set", in which he displayed his fanmade TSSSF cards featuring villains from Sonichu. In the description, The Sergeant wrote, "I ordered some card prints and decided to take a swing at custom pony card making."[3] The other was titled "Sonichu Villains Expansion set (Card List)", showing close-ups of the cards. The description read, "All the custom ship cards I've made so far."[4] The cards used artwork from CWCville Saga, a fan game by The Sergeant made years prior with digital art contributed by Azul, Layla, and Shinobu.[5]

Upon seeing the videos, Chris made multiple attempts to contact The Sergeant to ask about including the cards in his own TSSSF line, as well as offering to improve the cards.

On 3 December 2019, in ViviChu's Discord server, Chris posted that he wanted to ask about The Sergeant's cards.[6]


Following the comments in ViviChu's Discord, Chris sent an email to The Sergeant.

3 December 2019


Hey <REDACTED>. I just saw your video; I noticed the cards were not perfect. You want the cards to be in Bleed format, where the boarder is extended. That's why they have a Bleed File option when downloading the card file from the card generator.

I also would like the expansion pack for myself, or are you looking to sell the expansion pack, yourself? And I would like to help in making the cards better for the game, if I may. Also, if I was sending the text messages to the right number of yours, please reply via text and let me know.

Thank you.

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe and Well,

Christine W. Chandler Sonichu



Following the email, Chris also sent Discord DMs. Excerpts from the DMs are below.

3 December 2019


I sent you an email about the Sonichu Villains Expansion Pack.

Please respond when you can.

I just found the individual card video. I will make proper edits on these cards, so they can be more playable in the game, because there are details that do not sit well. I personally approve this Expansion Pack. I am simply happy to be of help.

4 December 2019

I've worked with what I had from screen capping the video, and I improved some of the cards (there was some power details that needed specification), and I added two Goal and one Ship cards, redesigned the front of the Pack's card, and offered a blank back for you to add details to as you like for this pack.

[Chris posted a Google Drive link]

Also, the cards need to be 63 X 88 mm; Poker Size (just wanted to be sure you knew that)


I am opening your folder now. Meanwhile, I made five more cards; four of which with the provided artwork,

[Chris uploaded multiple cards - Cweville Saga - Game Over Screen... Continue?, Rival Battle Victory, Pixeled Transition, Daww! Puppy!, and Gym Badge Victory.]


Done, and Doner.

[Chris uploaded multiple cards - Merried Seinor Comic, Wes Iseli, and B-Manajerk]


5 December 2019

I've compiled the set together on MPC, and it ended up with a card count of 45 cards, so for the benefit of everyone, I've opted to put them into a custom-designed Easy-Flip Box. I'm ordering a copy of the set for myself, and one for you; I'll relay it after I get it. And I'll add this set onto the Presale page, and I will give you credit, and a link to your channel on YouTube on my Twitter.

[Chris linked to a Google Drive link containing a Google Docs file titled Sonichu VillainsBoxeasy-flip-box-small.pdf]

And, so you know, the Mary image will be on the box, while the included info card will feature the original Chris Chan image. (edited)

[Chris uploaded the cover card.]

After Chris began selling the Sonichu Villains expansion pack, a commentator on The Sergeant's YouTube channel asked if Chris had gotten permission. The Sergeant answered:[7]

I was contacted about a collab, Chris liked the cards and the idea of highlighting the villains from the comic. I have no issues and gave permission,

technicality these characters are just re imagining of Sonichu characters.



The Sergeant's collection

The Sergeant has a collection of Sonichu products, ranging from a set of Chris's Sonichu comics, a Chris-made medallion, Chris's TSSSF cards, and ChuuChuuRocket's second Sonichu plush.

On an occasion, Chris had sent a TSSSF card with an error and so sent a corrected card with a bonus signature. In a note, Chris wrote:

Hey. My Mistake, but there is an error on the Mega Punchy Sonichu card in your copy of the Super/Mega Forms Pack, Please, use the enclosed corrected card (with bonus signature) instead. And enjoy the new Promo card too. :)

Lots of Love; Be Safe & Well,

Christine W. Chandler Sonichu

When Chris arranged for the Sonichu Villains line to be added to his TSSSF cards, Chris sent a set to The Sergeant. Chris wrote:

Dear The Sergeant at Arms

Here you are, a fully printed set of the Sonichu Villains Pack, including one card that I personally have signed, and a few more new Promo cards for your growing collection.

Merry Christmas, and Lots of Love for you and yours.

Be safe & Well, Ms. Christine W. Chandler Sonichu

Other mentions

On 10 November 2019, Chris mentioned The Sergeant during a livestream chat with Ben Saint. Chris commented about The Sergeant's YouTube channel and his archiving of Chris-related videos.[8]

The age progression.

On 22 June 2021, The Sergeant posted to Twitter fanart depicting an age progression of Chris. Chris replied to the post calling it "fair and good", but also nitpicking at some details such as the heterochromia, in particular objecting to wrinkles on the face of modern Chris.[9]


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