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Trollll.PNG Troll disclosure: This persona was created, appropriated, or otherwise used by trolls to manipulate Chris.
Though this identity is contrived, the CWCki may treat it as if it were a real identity because it was to Chris. (It's also funnier that way.)
He is a pizza-faced atheist.
Chris on Thorg[1]

Name Jeremy Slonwhite
Also known as Thorg
The Master Troll
Master Thorg
Master Jeremy
Gender Male
Race White
Nationality Canadian
Saga Calling Out

Thorg ("real" name: Jeremy Slonwhite) is a troll that gained notoriety in late 2011. Contacting Chris through Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia under a different Pseudonym, he began feeding Chris false personal information about his trolls, leading Chris to blackmail them online. He notably got Chris to call out himself, Thorg, as Chris was unaware he was currently talking to Thorg.


Thorg was a minor troll starting in 2009, being a member of PVCC and getting an email response from Chris after making mocking videos on YouTube.


REMOVE ALL THOSE VIDEOS, RIGHT NOW! Or you will be stuck with the curse that is on YOUR head, you Trolling Stupid![2]

After revelations about Chris's new Tomgirl identity, Thorg and a group of other trolls created the forum 'Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia' in late April 2011. Chris was tricked into believing it was a real forum, and frequently posted on the forum about himself. Thorg frequented the forum under the username 'Thoria'.

On 20 July 2011, Thorg made a CWCki page about the forum, revealing it to the larger community, who were unaware of it's existence. Chris freaked out about this, feeling that the trolls were ruining a safe place of his. He revealed himself as Christian Weston Chandler, and asked for their help to defeat the trolls for good. Thoria told Chris that she had a cousin interested in computer science, and that he could help with doxing these trolls as well as launching DDoS attacks against the CWCki.

Chris came in contact with this supposed cousin, actually Thorg in disguise, and he started emailing Chris about the supposed true identities of the trolls, in reality other lolcows that were popular at the time. Chris bought into this, and made his grand return to YouTube, marking the beginning of the brief Calling Out saga.

Chris vs Thorg

The gay bar image

In a confusing turn of events, Thoria's cousin got Chris to call out Thorg, stating that he was responsible for exposing Tomboys and Tomgirls of Virginia (which is accurate) and placing a photoshopped image of Chris at the gay bar on a New York City billboard (actually done by Clyde Cash). Thoria's cousin told Chris that Thorg's real name was 'Jeremy Slonwhite' and a meme image called 'Butthurt Dweller' was how he looked in real life. Chris fell for this, and made multiple videos about Thorg, making him his main enemy during the Calling Out Saga

Calling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy

Main article: Calling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy

Following Chris's eight-month absence from the Internet, he reappeared with three videos addressed to Thorg and Surfshack Tito. In the second, "Calling Out 'Thorg' - Jeremy", Chris claimed to have information on Thorg; that his real forename was Jeremy, that he lived in Canada, that he could be found in a video game store, and that he was an atheist. He then proceeded to make several demands, including the removal of all references to Tomboys and Tomgirls from the CWCki, a public apology video, and a billboard display in New York claiming that Chris was straight.

In "Deadline for Don "Tito" and Jeremy "Thorg"", Chris set the deadline for these demands at 31 August.

Re: Don, and ReCalling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy

Main article: Re: Don, and ReCalling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy

While Tito eventually caved in to Chris's demands a few days later, Thorg remained unconvinced that Chris meant business and neglected to respond. On 10 August Chris released a video, in which he reiterated his demands for Thorg and revealed more information on him. More images of him were released, and Chris disclosed that he was a fan of LARPing.

Chris was also incredibly hostile towards Thorg's atheism, going on a tangent about how, through the power of empathy, Chris could feel what it was like to be Jesus because Jesus was crucified and Chris was trolled. He also mentioned that as a good natured Christian he wouldn't do it, but he would love to chase Thorg out of town with an angry mob wielding pitchforks and torches.

Most of Chris's hostility towards atheism appears to come from Family Guy and simple creationist arguments, likely picked up from the Internet, his father or his congregation.

Exposed - Jeremy Slonwhite of Vancouver, BC Canada

One of the images of Thorg
Main article: Exposed - Jeremy Slonwhite of Vancouver, BC Canada

On 12 August, a full 19 days ahead of the deadline, Chris exposed the dox he had collected on Thorg. This included his age (32), city of residence (Vancouver), place of employment (Gamestop), and nerdy interests. Chris also revealed several full pictures of Thorg.

Wristwatch-SwissWatch for Jeremy "Thorg"

Main article: Wristwatch-SwissWatch for Jeremy "Thorg"

Eight days later, Chris released a song about wristwatches dedicated to Thorg. Although exposing Thorg had no effect, Chris's music video terrified Thorg and caused him to leave the internet.

Victory Rockout

Main article: Victory Rockout

Following Thorgs retirement from trolling, Chris would record a strange video where he jumps up and down pretebding to play guitar, shouting about his 'victory on all damn cyberbullies'. Along with this, he references memes such as Ian Brandon Anderson and JULAYYYY


Main article: Thorg Q&A

After Bob's death, the Calling Out Saga came to an absurd and unexpected end. This cut short many of Thorg's plans, including calling out videos for Clyde Cash. Chris continued to email Thorg, although infrequently, taking around 3-7 days to respond to each of his emails. Chris's emails with Thorg have yet to be released, however Thorg has described Chris crying to him about Bob's death and raging over Michael Snyder. It can be assumed Chris eventually stopped responding to him or Thorg stopped sending him E-mails, ending their communications.


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