Deadline for Don "Tito" and Jeremy "Thorg"

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Deadline for Don "Tito" and Jeremy "Thorg" is a video uploaded by Chris on 6 August 2011, and the third video in the Calling Out series. In this short video, Chris sets a deadline for Don and Jeremy to meet his demands, lest the authorities intervene: 31 August, 2011.

Deadline for Don "Tito" and Jeremy "Thorg"
Stardate 6 August 2011
Subject Matter WebsiteWebsite Internet, TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason, SmugSmug Smug
Saga Calling OutCalling Out Calling Out, Surfshack TitoSurfshack Tito Surfshack Tito
Shirt Red with Black TrimRedblacktrim.png The Happy Jack
Calling Out "Thorg" - Jeremy
Calling Out "Alec Benson Leary" - Christopher


[Chris jerks around the camera and makes a wide-eyed, blank face.]

I almost forgot. Between Don and Jeremy, also known as Suresack- Surfshack Tito and Thorg, my demands, I would like them met before August 31st, 2011, the end of this month. And if my demands are not met before then, I'm gonna reveal your respective real life photographs as well as the rest of the personal information of you two in the- respectively, that I have within my possession. And then you two will b- each be trolled by your own trolls, and the police will catch up with you.

So, each of you. Meet my demands. Before August 31st... 2011.

[Chris fumbles with the camera again, almost dropping it.]

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