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Calling Out "Julaaaay" - David is a video uploaded by Chris on 23 August 2011, and part of the Calling Out series. Chris, still high on victory, turns his attention to BlueSpike, believing him to be the cause of weens prank calling his house solely to yell "JULAAAAAAAAAAY!" and call him Ian Brandon Anderson. His reasoning for going after BlueSpike also seemed to be more towards his condition of Asperger's and the fact that he has no job, likes big rooms and is a gamer, despite the fact that BlueSpike would only be about 15-16 by the time of the video and unable to get a proper job, unlike a certain 30-year-old we know. He "outs him" as fellow lolcow David Harlow, a.k.a. nesshelper, which is false for a multitude of reasons.

It, too, was removed from YouTube shortly after being posted due to "hate speech".

Calling Out "Julaaaay" - David
Stardate 23 August 2011
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Saga Calling OutCalling Out Calling Out, JulieJulie Julie
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Re-Calling Ahuvia
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Chris looked at the Ark.

[Chris puts his hand to his mouth and clears his throat] JUUULAYYYYYY! JUUUULAAYY! IT'S IAN BRANDON ANDERSON! [waves his hands while doing the Claw of Fail] JUUULLLAY! Hello, Ian! Why is your last name Brandon Anderson? JUUUUULLAYYY! [blows raspberry while flipping the bird] And that's who we are calling out next. The, uh, person who posed-pretended to be an adult woman but yet was a little, uh, little brat. Al...he was also known as his alias Max, and BlueSpike, but his real name is...[hits pad of paper offscreen] David! And he lives in...[hits pad again] California!

Don't know that much about his age, but he's at least 13 years old. And guess what...he is confirmed to have... [dramatic lean forward] Asperger's! And I don't care much for Aspergians, and I do not care to be associated with, erm, an-... and I do not accept the [makes quote-marks hand gesture] scientific fact that autism is linked to assburgers at any time. I would quote myself as to what I said in the esstra part of my LittleBigPlanet 2 animation, but I don't remember the words at this point.

[picks up camera and turns around, with it facing the back of the room]

Except that it definitely sounds like a bad cut of cow meat. And of course he was responsible for dat Julie fiasco and making me drive all the way to Cleveland, Ohioooo! And cutting up, one of the, cutting up the second medal, and [murmurs, sounding a bit like Popeye] shoving it up my ass. And... he likes [dramatic gesture] big rooms! And he has no job! And he is also a gamer. Here is a close up, featured from his photograph!

[Chris turns the camera around to face the TV]

[high pitched] Look at his buck teeth! normal again Or at least the gap between his teeth. That's a biiiig gap! Look at how big that gap is! Huh? Gap! Teeth! Buck teeth? Perhaps. But definitely a gap.

[Chris turns the camera back towards himself while spinning around]

And, Mr. David, you have until September fifteenth to come up with the apology video, and leave me and my family and my friends at peace, oh, and also in your apology video tell everyone to stop making phonecalls to me that say [the Claw of Fail] JUUULLAAAAY! JUUULLLAAAYYY! And get rid... make sure that no-one ever calls me Ian Brandon Anderson ever again, because, [fast] thatisnotmyname! [long pause] You have until September fifteenth. JUUUULLLLAAAY- [cuts out]

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