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It's no secret that the Chandler home gets many prank calls, thanks to Chris's e-fame and the fact he actually revealed his phone number to the entire Internet. Multiple times. However, many of the weens that call the Chandler home record their calls and upload them to YouTube, providing an insight into the Chandlers' thoughts.

DPF phonecalls

Part 1

Part 2

Prank Call Collection

A collection of various prank calls made to the almighty Internet Lumberjack on a Sunday afternoon.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Failed Prank Call

In this video, a gaggle of unfunny weens attempt to prank call Chris. Due to their unoriginality, all they could think of was yelling JULAYYYYY into the phone in a lame attempt to roast Chris. Instead, they get Bob, who instantly realizes the prank and roasts them. One of the weens appears to be BlueSpike, or at least he has a similar-sounding voice.

Chris Calls Bob

In this video, a troll calls the Chandler home, using a soundboard of Chris-chan to prank the Chandler home. Note how Bob either recognizes that the call is a prank or he doesn't recognize his own son's voice; also, note that he has a caller ID phone. (Prank call starts at 1:32.)

Epic Crazy Lady calls Bob

A troll using the Epic Crazy Lady soundboard yells at Bob over the phone, while Bob throws insults at her and makes comments on how he can't understand her, as she continues to get angrier.

Listen boy, you get your black ass down in the gutter and stay there!

Bob Calls Himself

In this one, Bob seems not to be able to recognize his own voice, and his view on trolls is the same as Chris's, "Internet people who persecute people". Also, Snorlax makes an appearance.

I ain't got no black ass!
Barbara, at Bob

Liquid Bob calls Bob

A troll pretending to be a Liquid version of Bob (which, years later, was revealed to be Jack Z, after he admitted it in his Kiwi Farms thread), calls Bob. In this video we learn that Bob doesn't know of Sonic, and thinks Chris invented Sonichu himself. Also, he seems to think that Chris won "a case in England" over Sonichu's copyright. We learn that the trolls are spoofing the telephone company.

Bob, repeating himself

Snake Productions Calls Bob Chandler

Not much of a prank, but rather an informative call. From this brief conversation between troll and dad we learn that Bob is fully aware that Chris posted their dox in numerous places on the Internet, and actually thinks his son is a better person.

Audio clip [1]

Snake Productions Calls Barbara Chandler

The same troll above makes another call to the Chandlers, this time claiming Chris harassed his 14-year old sister. It should be noted that Barb's behavior when communicating with trolls is eerily similar to that of her equally-delusional son's.

Audio clip [2]

Call Bobby Chandler

Uploaded on 21 September 2010. The two individuals call up Bob and ask him only two questions before the conversation takes a turn for the worse. In the nine minutes that followed, we learned that Bob graduated from Auburn University, was an Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster for 20 years in the Boy Scouts, and (less plausibly) that he may have been a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Many trolls disapproved of the callers' tactics, as they were basically verbally assaulting an 83-year-old man over things he had no idea about.

Chris calls the Po-Po; Po-Po calls Bob

Most of this call is the CWC soundboard trying to get around the standard questions of the Greene County Sheriff Department's receptionist. The last two minutes involve a police soundboard calling Bob. Note: The CWCki doesn't condone or support pranking legitimate business and services (like the police) in order to prank the Chandlers.

Calls to Bob and Chris

A troll posing as a TRUE and LOYAL Sonichu Fan calls Bob and later Chris, demanding new comics. The lumberjack suggests that the trolls come talk with him in public, and gives his daily morning routine. This call was uploaded to YouTube on 19 August 2010, but the actual date in which it took place is not known. With that being said, in a 22 August 2010 post at Trolling Train Chris mentioned that Bob recently had a phone conversation with a self proclaimed Sonichu fan. The call Chris referred to was very reminiscent of this call, suggesting it occurred not long before it was uploaded.

Carlos Chantor Call

A Redneck calls Bob Chandler

A redneck is called with a soundboard of Bob Chandler. The redneck is then made into a soundboard, and the real Bob is called with him.

Merry Christmas, Robert Chandler
Redneck, to, Bob

Batman Call

In this prank call, another gaggle of weens attempt to prank call Chris, but unfortunately for them, they fail, due to their lack of originality when it comes to jokes, and Chris near-immediately handing the phone over to Barb.

Risotto call

In this prank call, a troll uses the Chris-Chan soundboard to prank a risotto restaurant in Virginia.


In this prank call, a troll uses the Chris-Chan soundboard to prank The GAMe PLACe.

Take note of the fact that this was done the day before 28 October 2011. It's very plausible that this was one of many triggers for the incident to occur; Bob died a month before the call, and having to deal with another call from the police station over false events likely caused him and Barb to snap.

Chris Chan calls Time-Life

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"The many Prank Calls of Chris Chan"

In this series of calls, another gaggle of weens repeatedly call Chris under the guise of wanting to conduct an interview with him. Chris goes along with it at first, but quickly hangs up after one of the trolls brings up his sex tapes. After three more failed attempts at calling him, which end with Chris pretending to get feedback, wittering on about how he is STRAIGHT, and quickly hanging up, respectively, he continues on with a call at the very end, when one of the weens poses as a fan named Avril/Lily. "Avril" manages to secure a time and date for the "interview", which never ended up happening.

It's okay to be stupid, but NOT homosexual, you can QUOTE me on that!
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