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We need information on gender dysphoria, HRT/valium in meds section and the effect jail has had on him.
We suggest you keep up with the times.
My CURRENT church can help me a LOT better than any "professional" because God and Jesus supports them as well.
Chris, in 2008[1]
I am only going to say this Once for those who may think me as delusional, crazy or shit like that. I am Not delusional, crazy, or anything of the sort.

I have my own magic powers that I am still learning about for myself from my family and allies.

I’ve already talked with psychiatrists and therapists years ago, so any new such meetings would be a very moot point.

Chris, 2018[2].

Chris has a troubled relationship with mental health professionals; both psychologists and psychiatrists. He claims that he was held down by the school psychologist in grade school while his screams were recorded, and was forced to see a psychologist for anger management classes after being kicked out of Piedmont Virginia Community College. Chris has refused to see a psychologist of his own volition in the past, opting to see Rocky Shoemaker, his pastoral counselor, instead. The sole exception occurred in 2016, when Chris went to a gender psychologist over his transgender issues. Chris's various run-ins with the law have resulted in mandated therapy such as the Therapeutic Docket, however, Chris has failed to adjust his behavior from such sessions.

The problem(s) with Chris

An insight into Chris's tortured psyche.
Another insight into Chris's tortured psyche.

In his own mind

Chris claims to be autistic, homophobic as a genuine phobia,[3] and a victim of noviophobia, a made-up phobia of girls having boyfriends. He also diagnosed himself with dissociative identity disorder in the August 30th Captain's Log, although he later revealed in Mailbag #4 that it was "a lie to momentarily derail the trolls." (Once again, Chris proved that he had no understanding of how serious mental disorders can be. Pretending to be crazy is an odd sort of Catch-22.)

It's no secret that Chris has always had a very childish mindset and views growing up as some sort of epic, arduous challenge, but it wasn't until a conversation with Kacey that we knew just how serious this was; according to Chris, as a child, he never had any serious idea of what he wanted to be when he grew up (something all healthy children consider at one point or another), nor did the thought of becoming an adult ever truly cross his mind. This implies that Chris may have thought that he would remain a child forever.

Chris also seems to be at a level of incompetence that prevents him from realizing how incompetent he is. A Cornell University psychology journal details this phenomenon:

...when people are incompetent in the strategies they adopt to achieve success and satisfaction, they suffer a dual burden: Not only do they reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices, but their incompetence robs them of the ability to to realize it.
A disturbingly accurate account of Chris’s reaction to reality

The 2004 survey

The psychiatrist who compiled a survey of Chris's issues following his troubles at PVCC in 2004 echoed the diagnosis of autism that Chris received sometime in his youth, and took note of "an obsessional quality to his preoccupation with finding a girlfriend." He also administered a Folstein test, a brief questionnaire designed to detect cognitive impairment. Chris racked up a perfect score, indicating no problems with his memory or basic information processing abilities. On the Global Assessment of Functioning, the doctor rated Chris a 70, roughly halfway between an average adult and someone with socially debilitating mental illness.

Late-onset gender dysphoria

History of medication

According to the 2004 psychiatric survey, at some point in his life, Chris was prescribed the antidepressant medication Imipramine. It's not clear when he was prescribed the drug, or for what exact reason, but it was likely sometime in his younger days. Since the advent of more sophisticated antidepressant drugs like Prozac in the late 1980s, the use of Imipramine to treat depression and other psychological disorders has grown less and less common.

The same document notes that, as of 2004, Chris had been taking the antidepressant Paxil for four years in order to deal with his stress and anger issues. One of the survey's recommendations was an increase in his daily dose of the drug, but it's not clear how long Chris continued taking it afterward. In Mailbag #13, he explained that he had switched to a different medication in order to avoid some of Paxil's side effects, the ones that "only hit adults." However, in his 11th call with Kacey Chris said that the drug he switched to from Paxil is Paroxetine.[4] Since Paxil is just one of Paroxetine's several trade names and not a different drug, it seems that Chris is still taking the same medication, only under a different appellation.

Chris didn't specify what side effects Paxil caused him, but his language suggests some sort of a sexual dysfunction. Paxil may have been making it difficult for Chris to achieve orgasm; if his current antidepressant is still Paroxetine (or at least another SSRI) then it might explain why it took him around 20 minutes in order to climax when he cybered with Julie.[5]

Another of Paxil's more notable side effects is the potential for substantial weight gain, which couldn't have mixed well with Chris's diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Past instances of professional help (or lack thereof)

One of the most frustrating elements of Chris is his adamant refusal to take help from any source. In the aftermath of his suspension from PVCC, his evaluators repeatedly recommended further counseling and psychiatric treatment, but Chris and his parents refused. It seems that Borb thinks that the world of mental health hasn't evolved past the turn-of-the-century treatment of straitjackets and lobotomies. The only thing close to therapy that Chris has ever had was a compulsory anger management class, and we all know how much good that did. About the only authority figure he listened to was Rocky Shoemaker, his pastoral counselor; he claimed that he had no need for psychotherapy because his pastor is better at helping him than anyone with, you know, years of training and experience in helping people with psychiatric problems.[6] Chris and Rocky parted ways around 2011. He's shown repeated disregard for the authority of health professionals.[7][8] It is suspected that, even if Chris received professional help, he would disregard most of it and undermine the therapy.

It seems Chris only acknowledges his personal flaws if they get him pity or to demonstrate that he's beaten them already. Notice how often Chris claims to have won the battle over autism,[9] only to fall back on "I have autism!" as an excuse.[10] Similarly, he wrote Nintendo Power Magazine to tell them he conquered his noviophobia, only to say later that his fear "came back like a boomerang."[11]

Regardless of how blatantly stupid his actions are; regardless of how often trolls (including a thirteen-year-old and con artists such as the Idea Guys) trick him into doing horrible, horrible things; regardless of how any mental health worker worth their salt would pin Chris down like a butterfly to get a chance to crack open his impenetrable shell of fail, Chris will carry on as usual, justifying away everything that would inconvenience him even slightly.

Chris has no problem telling other people to seek professional help, however. In the Mailbag, he has occasionally responded to his detractors with retorts like "Go See a Psychiatrist."[12] Funnily enough, were Chris to ever see a psychoanalyst, he or she would probably see this as classic Freudian projection.

Nathanael Greene Elementary School

When Chris attended NGES, there was an incident where he was supposedly restrained or molested, depending on whom you talk to. It has been claimed by Bob that they wanted to send Chris to an "institution." What they meant was likely a place where Chris could see professionals who could work with Chris's problems as opposed to teachers who deal with normal students. What Bob probably thought is he would be sent to a nuthouse. Either way, something that could have done some good in his early development didn't happen.

Mary Lee Walsh

Although not a mental health professional, Walsh has experience at dealing with a large body of students and their individual problems. She has also written a book on coping with college life. Despite her advanced knowledge and experience, Chris chose the better path of cursing her and putting her low on his Scale of Respect.

Psychiatric Papers

Following his outburst towards Mary Lee Walsh, Chris was sent to a psychiatrist for evaluation. The resulting papers easily show a number of things, most of which can easily be told by trolls themselves. Another interesting thing is that, despite the encouragement to follow up on this, Chris's parents refuse to on the account of insurance problems.

The documents note that at some point, Chris received psychiatric evaluation at the Center for Learning Potential in Mount Sidney, Virginia (a small town in northeast Augusta County that's 50 miles west of his Ruckersville home). They don't say when this took place, but given the location of the Center, it was likely either during his elementary school years or sometime after the Chandlers moved back to Charlottesville in the summer of 2000.

Anger management and the shrink

Following his encounter with Mary Lee Walsh, he was ordered to take anger management classes.[13] The only thing that seemed to arise from it were complaints that he had to pay to see a professional, and... Well... He still can't control his anger. There's very little information about his anger management classes, as it occurred in the pre-ED days, and is only mentioned in a few old documents of Chris's that have surfaced. He's never really talked about it since, and it's never come up in comics or videos.

Rocky Shoemaker

Religious institutions are fond of providing counseling services to all members of their congregations, sometimes unwisely as a method of hammering them with doctrine to solve their problems, sometimes beneficially by giving them a person to talk to for free and referring them to a real professional if necessary. Whether Rocky is generally beneficial or harmful to the people who come to see her is uncertain, but she is certainly admired for her past work. What remains certain is that she was probably not the best solution for Chris because...

  1. He considered her to be a perfect, all-encompassing alternative to a certified professional.
  2. He barely listened to anything she says.
  3. She was not qualified or experienced in dealing with mentally ill people such as Chris
  4. He misconstrued everything she said, accepting advice he liked and ignoring advice he didn't like.

She told him about his past habits being unacceptable, but Chris remained as determined as ever to be a total idiot. Although she put a stop to trolling plans, his behavior remained the same. She also told him it would be a good idea to stop posting videos on YouTube, since they only feed the trolls. That hasn't really worked out now, has it?

About the only thing that he took away from their sessions is that he can fuck someone before they are married.

Relationship Management Classes

Chris mentioned in a video from October 2009 and told Kacey in a phone call in September 2009 that he had been taking some relationship management classes. Undoubtedly, Chris felt that he had found some form of real life date ed. In reality, Chris came upon a class meant for couples who wanted to manage their already established relationships as opposed to finding out how to get into one.

White knights and trolls

It doesn't take a lot of effort for anyone to see that Chris has virtually no common sense. Likewise, common sense being rather common, white knights and trolls alike are often quick to point out that most of what Chris does is stupid/insane/socially abnormal. To put it bluntly, he doesn't get it. As a result, many trolls have become armchair psychologists pondering why exactly he doesn't get it. It doesn't matter what they come up with, the result is always that Chris doesn't listen to anyone if he doesn't want to. Some white knights like Vivian Gee and Eschcal have gotten so fed up with Chris's adamant refusal to improve himself or heed advice that they turned troll or ween instead.

Court-mandated therapy from 2011 assault-and-battery case

The conditions of Chris's plea bargain in July 2012 required him to undergo psychiatric treatment and evaluation, but it seems to have had little effect.

Court-mandated therapy from 2014 pepper spray case

Chris makes mention of therapy in his video Group Embargo on GameStop, Best Buy, and Simon Shopping Centers and it was also reported by observers viewing his July 23 court hearing. The mental health group he attended was On Our Own of Charlottesville.[14]

Gender psychologist

During 2016, Chris met with a gender psychologist who affirmed to him that he is transgender.[15]

Court-mandated therapy from 2018 mall trespass case

Chris was directed to the Therapeutic Docket program and required to meet with a psychiatrist and therapy group between July 2018 and April 2019. However, he failed to benefit from the resources, instead retreating further to his imaginary world and the bad actors validating his beliefs.

DR Wolf

Chris acted out a therapy session with fictional Brony character DRWolf in the February 2019 video A Moment With Dr Wolf Chris Chan and Greater Struggles.

Western State Hospital

On 28 February 2022, Chris was transferred from Central Virginia Regional Jail to Western State Hospital. While details were initially scarce, Chris eventually confirmed he had been sent there to make him sufficiently competent to stand trial.[16]

Notably, the day before Chris returned to jail, staff members pinned him to the floor, which reminded him of a similar incident at Nathanael Greene Elementary School.[17] He has gone on record to state that if they aren't wiped out by the Dimensional Merge, he would sue the mental hospital in retribution.

Later on, Chris claimed that Western State Hospital was expected to place him in a group home but instead sent him back to jail, allegedly to "free up a room". Once again, he accused hospital staff of being "Abusive As Fuck" and "arrogantly shit-minded with their patients".[18] Whether or not any of this is true, given Chris is a known liar, has yet to be proven.

Gateway Homes


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