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Chris has an opinion on almost everything, and through his catalog of videos and encounters with others, we've learned a lot about what these opinions are. The "Chris and..." series is where we take frequently occurring or significant topics and explain Chris's known views on them. This article will inform you on the series itself, contains an index listing all of the articles in alphabetical order, and has rules for contributing to the project.

About the "Chris and..." series

The purpose of this series to inform people new to the Chris Chan bubble about what makes Chris who he is today. Chris and articles are broken up into six categories all of which make up Chris:

Life - Articles related to parts of Chris’ everyday life

Psyche/Personality - Articles related to Chris’ mentality and character

Communication - Articles related to Chris’ means of communicating with other people

Society - Articles related to Chris’ opinions on the world and people around him

Business - Articles related to Chris’ knowledge of business and the industry

Skills - Articles related to Chris’ “skills” and “talents”.



Main article: Chris and anger

Chris has anger management issues that usually surface when he is under stress. Trolls refer to Chris's fits of rage as "tard rage", an expression normally used to describe the seemingly superhuman strength a normally mild-tempered slow-in-the-mind displays when he or she is pushed too far and goes on an anger-fueled rampage. Although in Chris's case "superhuman" and "strength" can easily be replaced with "impotent" and "bawling".


Main article: Chris and art

Art has been, and always will be, Chris's selling point. Ever since the very day Jason Kendrick Howell found out about Chris's creation of Sonichu, many people have taken interest in Chris because of his infamously bad artwork. Encouraging Chris to produce more of it remains a popular objective amongst trolls and weens.

Brand Loyalty

Main article: Chris and brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is a consumer's commitment to repeatedly purchasing a product or service from a particular company or business. Companies use advertising, loyalty programs, product placement and contests to establish a brand which consumers will recognize, consider valuable, and seek out at the expense of other brands. Due to his difficulty separating reality and fiction, Chris tends to think an advertisement is a literal documentation of a product's effectiveness rather than an intrinsically biased attempt to lure consumers and, as a result of his sense of entitlement, he views winning games of chance as a validation of his self worth. These qualities, in combination with his rigid thinking, fear of change and attraction to routine, has led Chris to have intense brand loyalty for certain products as well as hatred for their perceived rivals. His loyalty even extends to areas that would not normally be considered "brands," such as mental disabilities and sexual orientations.


Main article: Chris and business

Chris launched an online business in June 2014, selling custom arts and crafts through eBay. A year later, he moved shop to Etsy, under a brand titled "Cwcville Shopping." He also began selling printed copies of Sonichu on Lulu.


Main article: Chris and censorship

As a result of his massive ego, Chris is very insecure about others' opinions regarding him and his work. This has led to him censoring out various comments and remarks from trolls and innocent bystanders alike.


Main article: Chris and cinematography

Chris's approach to cinematography is all kinds of abysmal, whether we're talking about still photography or videos. Despite years and years of constant and obviously enthusiastic photography and home video making, Chris hasn't learned anything beyond the basics of this craft. In fact, the way he still routinely fucks up things proves that he is handling cameras far worse than your Average Joe...and as we've seen from what Chris has done to his PSEye, "bad camera handling" can be interpreted in 2 ways.


Main article: Chris and contests

Ever since the early 1990s, Chris has entered a number of contests. Chris places great weight on his success and failure with regards to promotional contests. He becomes elated and sees victory as a indication of his own greatness when he wins, yet he becomes enraged and lashes out at the winners when he loses.


Main article: Chris and copyright

As with many things, Chris has a very limited understanding of copyright and of how it's enforced. He is vaguely aware of what it is: some sort of a legal right that creators of things have that lets these creators to tell others what they can and can't do – a very naïve view, though not entirely incorrect.


Main article: Chris and cosplaying

Cosplay, short for "costume play", is a type of performance art in which a person dresses up as a character or idea. The practice is commonly seen in the anime fandom, but can also be seen in other fan realms, such as video games and Star Trek. Chris was first seen in cosplay attire with the famous Ash Ketchum costume. Any attempts at cosplay are usually rare; however, a major wave of cosplaying by Chris, presumably to impress/amuse Jackie, appeared in late 2010.


Main article: Chris and death

Death is a concept that Chris has a notably hard time understanding and/or coping with, be it the death of a human or an animal, or even a fictional character.


Main article: Chris and his ego

Egotism is the most important and self-destructive of Chris's flaws. It is this egotism that may one day lead to someone playing Kick the Autistic in real life.


Main article: Chris and English

Chris's English skills, like most other things he believes he's mastered, leave much to be desired. Much of this can be attributed to his autism, which often results in awkward speech patterns.He spent years of his childhood mute, and took speech therapy classes at James Madison University. Strangely, his grasp of English actually appears to have grown weaker as he's become older, presumably due to his increased isolation, which has affected his English in general.



Main article: Chris and fashion

Christian Weston Chandler has a somewhat peculiar taste in fashion. Although he is willing to spend thousands of dollars on video games, toys, and sex dolls, Chris is very stingy when it comes to shopping for his clothes, which are usually purchased secondhand at thrift stores like The Salvation Army and Goodwill. Prior to the Tomgirl Saga, the majority of shirts he owned were colorful collared shirts and undersized rugby shirts, most of which were decorated with horizontal stripes, making him look even fatter.


Main articles: Chris and gender and Tomgirl

Similar to the topic of faith and the topic of morality, Chris's actual beliefs on gender and how it is classified are more complex than his stated beliefs. For someone so preoccupied with gender identity, Chris displays a staggering ignorance of how either gender typically behaves, and his views of both genders are extremely warped due to him taking the stereotypes he is presented with in television and music at face value.


Main article: Chris and health

Chris, as even those with a cursory knowledge of medicine can plainly see, is not in good health. Considering his obesity, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, refusal to bathe, and the grave uncleanliness of his surroundings, he has an extremely high chance of developing potentially life-threatening medical problems such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, and possibly a premature death.


Main articles: Chris and hypocrisy and List of Chris's lies

Hypocrisy is the act of claiming to have beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that one does not actually have. Chris is an accomplished hypocrite, holding others to standards to which he himself does not live up. This is possibly due to the fact that he's incapable of serious introspection and self-examination due to his autism (but on a more self-inflicted level, his ego). Chris believes that he is a blameless, holy creature that is practically perfect in every way. However, he sees plenty of flaws in the world around him that cause him stress. He blames all of his problems on external factors like trolls, homos, conspiracies or the entire male population. In the past he's faulted the police, store managers and mall security guards for complications during his Love Quest. When Chris can't fault other people for his problems, he relies on autism and stress as fallback excuses.


Main article: Chris and the internet

The Internet is a computational system that allows the transmission of data over long distances through a massive collection of networks connected all over the world. The Internet has grown immensely since its first real conception in the 1980s as a means for the military, and later universities, to communicate with each other; it is said that about 3,300,000,000[1] people are connected to the Internet today. One of those people is Chris, the Internet's battered girlfriend who always comes back for more.


Main article: Chris and journalism

Throughout most of his life, Chris has been a subject of journalism and paparazzi, whether he's aware of it or not. His life is literally documented on the internet on sites like yours truly, the Kiwi Farms, and Encyclopedia Dramatica. The reason for this is due to his own stupidity to openly admit and display his most embarrassing moments at the most inopportune times. Sometimes, people will learn more about Chris' life by interviewing him, or he will flat out do something so embarrassing, people can't help but share it with someone else.


Main article: Chris and kindness

A lot of people that know a bit about Chris’ failures label him as an irredeemable monster due to his more malicious fails. Others view him as a naive but good-natured idiot that doesn’t deserve to be trolled. In reality, Chris’ morality and standards are much more complicated. Despite all of his moments of rage, death threats, lies, and...yuck, Chris does have a soft side, and he is not afraid to show it off. Due to Chris’ willingness to show how benevolent he is, and possibly due to what he’s watched on My Little Pony, Chris will be motivated to act kind towards most other people, even towards complete strangers.


Main articles: Honor Roll and Manchester High Leaks

Chris's presence on the honor roll in high school is something he often brings up as evidence of his intelligence and his deep knowledge. Despite his insistence to the contrary, Chris's past behavior and obvious gullibility, poor communication and self-delusion cast doubt upon this claim. Chris likes to boast of his honor roll status wherever possible as it is one of the easily measurable accomplishments in his life.


Main article: Chris and the law

Laws are rules established by a society to protect its members and ensure the orderly function of society. Their observance is usually maintained by law enforcement and penalties are placed on those who disobey the laws. For Chris, however, these just serve as another deterrent in his endless quest for china and a weapon with which to threaten his real and supposed enemies.


Main article: Chris and mathematics

Mathematics ("math" or "maths" for short) is the study of quantity, numbers, space, and change. Calling Chris's mathematical ability "bad" is putting it lightly, even though he claimed honor roll status. There are many examples of his mathematical errors, including errors of basic arithmetic, as well as quantity, measurement, weight, and time. His poor grasp on math and measurement is a sign of dyscalculia, a common symptom of autism.


Main articles: Chris and money and Financhu Crisis

Chris has repeatedly shown though his actions and words that he has no idea how to handle money or manage his own finances. Between his impulse spending, his greed and selfishness, his unwillingness to save even the smallest amount of money, and his massive sense of entitlement, Chris manages to demonstrate complete incompetence and ineptitude in managing financial affairs. Chris has repeatedly amassed debt on credit cards, only to have his enabling parents bail him out multiple times. Too lazy to work, he refuses to make or follow any type of budget or financial plan, instead spending far beyond his means, and expecting others to pay off his accumulated debt for him. It is clear that Chris has no idea what financial responsibility is and that his enabling, delusional parents taught him nothing about how to handle finances while he was growing up. Irresponsible, careless, and thoughtless, Chris fails at just about every aspect of financial management that can be thought of.


Main article: Chris and music

Chris's taste in music is eclectic, confusing, and awe-inspiring. His favorite acts range from generic 2000s teen pop, to '70s hard rock. Pretty much everything Chris says he's a fan of comes from Guitar Hero, Rock Band, his parents' record collection, or stuff he's heard from television and film--and even then, Chris can't remember lyrics, melodies, or even the instruments used in his favorite songs. He also enjoys music so much, he is turned on by the concept of it.



Main article: Chris and negotiation

When dealing with Chris, trolls often experience a unique form of negotiation. Due to a severe sense of entitlement, a lifetime of coddling and other factors beyond his control, Chris has no grasp of how to compromise, and often fails to understand what sort of bargaining position he's in.


Main article: Chris and nostalgia


Main article: Chris and oration

Whenever Chris wants to make an argument regarding his opinions or his childlike mindset, one way he’ll attempt to move people is through orating his reasoning onto them. Since Chris lacks some of the basic skills needed to make an effective speech, rarely ever plans out anything he makes, has serious communication problems, and never does research, his speeches always turn out lackluster at best and horrifyingly naive at worst.


Main article: Chris and politics

In recent years, Chris has been quite vocal about his political views. He was once a moderate, and then shifted left. During the Tomgirl Saga, he shifted further left. His progressing support of LGBT may have been why he has been more vocal about politics.


Main article: Chris and psychology

Chris has a troubled relationship with psychology. He claims that he was held down by the school psychologist in grade school while his screams were recorded (almost certainly a lie), and was forced to see a psychologist for anger management classes after being kicked out of Piedmont Virginia Community College. Chris has refused to see a psychologist in the past, opting to see a pastoral counselor instead. However, during his trial in July 2012, he was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment and evaluation. Only time will tell if this will finally force Chris to accept the help he needs, or ultimately accomplish nothing more than draining what little remains of Chandlers' already depleted funds.


Main article: Chris and race

Race is a thing that Chris has shown a variety of feelings for; unfortunately, they are not always in a positive light. It is believed by some that Chris's racist tendencies can be traced at least partially to his Southern U.S. heritage. However, certain other factors seem to imply that the rest of his worldview on race comes from stereotypes depicted by popular culture. In some cases, however, Chris seems to be completely unfamiliar with even the stereotypes.


Main article: Chris and reality

Reality is the universe from which Chris is quite detached, more than likely because he rarely leaves his room. Quite a bit of his sketchy worldview can be attributed to his autism, as autistic people generally have trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy, and therefore have a harder time with being critical towards and distancing themselves from events and ideas depicted in any fictional media, be it books, films, cartoons or video games. Because of these difficulties, autistics are also easier to manipulate and deceive, especially by sources they trust, and are as a result very impressionable when it comes to commercials and conspiracy theories.


Main article: Chris and religion

The religion of Christian Weston Chandler is a complicated topic because his stated religious convictions often starkly differ from his actual, peculiar beliefs about God, sinfulness, and the nature of good and evil. That Chris professes a belief in Christianity completes the general stereotype of the naïve hillbilly idiot who thinks that citing divine authority is the way to win arguments about things he doesn't understand. With religion, as with all things, Chris only hears what he wants to hear. For example, he long espoused his religion's teachings condemning homosexuality yet ignores the fact that it also forbids pre-marital sex, pornography, and gluttony.


Main article: Chris and remorse

Every so often, one of Chris's less flattering deeds catches up with him, and he is forced to apologize. These apologies, like most of the other times Chris tries to come off as emotional, often feel very forced and insincere, leading many trolls to wonder if Chris is even capable of feeling remorse.


Main article: Chris and sex

Chris has a warped view of sexual intercourse (a.k.a. hanky-panky) as well as gender, mostly stemming from stunted sexual development, a sheltered upbringing, and the twisted, disjointed worldview he acquired as a result. He first developed an understanding of sex from watching softcore porn on HBO at around age 16. He describes pornographic films as "educational".


Main articles: Women's rights and JERKS


Main articles: Homos and SLGBTQ


Main article: Chris and socialization


Main article: Spanish


Main article: Speech Impediment


Main article: Chris and stress


Main article: Chris and television

Video Games

Main article: Video games


Main article: Chris and writing

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