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Chris, surrounded by family and friends.

Chris is somewhat capable of socializing, in contrast to the epic failure of his Love Quest. Being a nerd and, as of 2014, a member of the LGBT community, Chris has common interests and values with his friends. Awkwardness arises when Chris attempts to take part in conversations which exceed his limited interests, as his broken social filter and lack of common social etiquette due to his autism can lead to him saying inappropriate things or attempting to steer the topic to cartoons, video games, godhood, or the SLGBTQ.

In real life

Between 2015 and 2018, Chris had a few adult Pokémon League friends who hung out with him outside of the club, until he gave up the socialization for his imaginary friends and internet enablers.

At Cville Pride.

Chris also enjoyed going to LGBT events such as Cville Pride and those held at University of Virginia. Not much is known about how he socialized there.

Over the Internet

In 2017, he began attempts to socialize on Twitter with women he sees as potential gal-pals, including voice actresses from some of his favorite shows. His tweets seem to illustrate how he tries to fit into conversations - namely, that he likes to shoehorn in references to cartoons.[1]

Planet Dolan

Main articles: Planet Dolan, DoopieDoOver, and LadyOfTheCosmo
Chris commissioned this from Doopie.

Doopie is a voice actress/animator for the YouTube channel Planet Dolan. Chris discovered the channel in August 2016 and took a liking to Doopie. He began frequently tweeting to her in 2017. His social awkwardness in full display, he has tweeted to her on the subjects of poop,[2] his hatred of online dating,[3] and he has tried to hit on her by quoting his "I’m Done Adulting" My Little Pony T-shirt.[4]

In June 2017, Chris began to pledge on Doopie’s Patreon. A Like on her post, which is hidden behind a paywall, implies that Chris is pledging $25 per month to her.[5] He has also paid her $25 for a commission to serve as a profile picture. Chris began throwing that money at her in the midst of the Financhu Crisis, and he quickly resorted to begging people on Facebook for $50, ostensibly to help him and his mother.[6]

Doopie is fully aware of Chris’s online reputation, and sees him as just another customer, as she explained:

I've been following the "Chris chan" saga since the beginning. I know everything that (s)he's done. And yeah, it's pretty shitty, but what other people have done to him/her as been pretty shitty too. I'm also just not the type of person to turn someone away when they're being nothing but kind to me. It may be a fake, it may be a show, but I'm not emotionally invested in this enough to really care.

(S)he's paid me to do a commission, and is a patron on my patreon, and as a woman of business, I'm going to treat him/her as every other commissioner and patron.[7]

On 25 August 2017, Chris tweeted to LadyOfTheCosmo, a close friend of Doopie, on Twitter. He consequently got destroyed by her in an ensuing tweet war.

MLP voice actresses

Chris also enjoys tweeting to VAs from My Little Pony.

Tara Strong

Apparently his favorite of the lot. Ironically, in 2013, a few years before Chris started tweeting to her, Tara publicly criticized Chris, saying:

I don't think I've seen anyone put an ugly spin on something this outrageously for their own attention. Anyone who follows me know that I'm on a huge anti-bullying platform, and even wrote and produced a song about it.

All my "twolling" as we on Twitter call it is completely adorable and makes people smile. Christian's article makes me angry & disappointed. Hope I never meet the guy.[8]

Tabitha St. Germain

Chris meets Tabitha after the fact.

She blocked Chris's account on 3 August, explaining that it wasn't because of Chris, but rather the "swarm of trolls" that follow him when he tags her, which causes her Twitter feed to be flooded with spam. Chris created a sockpuppet account, NightStar2891, in order to evade her and DoopieDoOver's blocks. Despite Tabitha's warnings that she does not want to be tagged regarding Internet drama and that she would block anyone who did so, Chris chose to send her a 21-tweet message on 16 August, trying to convince her that he was a kind person who learns from mistakes and wanting to earn her friendship. Tabitha reacted by blocking the NightStar account as well.[9] On 27 July 2018, she met Chris at BronyCon 2018; it is uncertain whether Chris brought up the block in their conversation.

Nicole Oliver

See: BronyCon 2019#Meeting Nicole Oliver

Cathy Weseluck

Chris met her at the August 2017 BronyCon. He proceeded to tweet to her an open letter about how he was asked to remove his unicorn cosplay in church.

Andrea Libman

Chris sent her a link to a video of him singing a Sesame Street song as the Christine Doll.

Michelle Creber

Chris met her at the August 2017 BronyCon. He followed her on Twitter that same month, as well as her mother.[10] He also began pledging to her Patreon.[11]


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