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Then on October 11, 2007, Slaweel and Graduon made another attack on the peace of Cwcville with their squadron of Jerkops and their newly appointed CADD Chef, who always COMPLAINS and GIVES BAD COMMENTS on the buildings EVERYWHERE
Chris on CADD Chef, CWCipedia article on Sonichu[1]
Indeed enormous and badly-proportioned, but his grading system is pretty accurate. Note Mary Lee Walsh flying in the background on a broomstick.
The CADD Chef IRL.

CADD Chef is a villain in the Sonichu comics, based on Christian's actual Computer-Aided Drafting & Design teacher, Kenechukwu C. U. "Kene" Meniru, MArch, PhD, at Piedmont Virginia Community College. His cartoon incarnation is of course patterned after the "Chef" character from South Park.

Based on CADD Chef's dialogue, it is likely that Chris-chan had a dispute involving his CADD teacher: when looking at Chris's "designs" in his comic, such as his design of his CWCville Mall, it's apparent that he cannot make things look proportional worth a shit, and got an "F" like he deserves. But, of course, being the self-centered butthurt dumbass he is, he believes that he did not deserve the "F" and that the teacher was playing "Kick the Autistic" again, particularly evident in the quote above.

Interestingly, CADD Chef is possibly the only character whose retcon name reveals more information about his real-life inspiration than his original name did — in Sonichu #7, instead of simply being called CADD Chef, he is referred to as Keneru-Meneth -CADD Chef-.[2]


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  2. The original name can be seen in the version of Sonichu 7 which appeared on CWC's Sonichu Site!, while the retconned name can be seen in the version of the comic which was uploaded to the CWCipedia

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