Karen Riley

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Hello, Karen! You lookin' fiiine, I saw your picture.
Chris addressing Karen Riley[1]

Karen Riley
Name Karen Riley
Gender Female
Race White
Occupation Kiwi Farms moderator (former)
Saga Business

Karen Riley is a fan and customer of Chris. She was an active member of the Kiwi Farms forum until 2017, where she participated in discussion of Chris.[2]

In late 2015, Karen purchased two artworks from Chris for a total of $70,[3] at a time when Chris was offering commissions on Etsy. The first was a commission for $50 from November, in which she requested Sonichu, Inos and Meaowthkip hanging out. The second was a sketch for $20 from December 2015, in which she sent Chris a photo of her face and asked him for a colored sketch of it.[4][5]

On 25 December 2015, Chris uploaded Holiday Greetings to Karen Riley, a video giving a shout-out to Karen, shortly after he had announced he would be selling personalized video messages.[6] Karen herself was surprised, writing in a Kiwi Farms post, "I didn't pay Chris a penny for this. I told him a sample video greeting would drive up sales, but I didn't, I didn't expect this."[7] The video itself consists of Chris complimenting Karen's looks, reminding her that he has her picture, and mentioning he is recording "this video just for you!" before devolving into poorly singing bits of songs spoofing popular Christmas music.

Despite receiving undue attention from Chris, Karen again reached out and sent Chris a supportive poem she had written. Chris read it aloud in Update 1/25/2016, though did not name the sender. In a Kiwi Farms post, Karen remarked, "I thought Chris being given a poem would make him feel happier and more confident that he has actual fans who'll support him instead of just a sea of faceless haters who wish nothing but failure on him. I'll admit the poem wasn't amazing but if he'd read it with something more than the enthusiasm of a deadpan 'seasick crocodile,' it might have not been just as awful"[8]


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