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Gay 4 Sonichu is the Internet's first web forum for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Sonichu fans.


Sonichu at the Gay Pride Parade.

While Gay 4 Sonichu was very short term, with only one instance of direct contact with Chris (in the form of an IRC encounter between Chris and Gay 4 Sonichu founder Ignatius J. Reilly, PhD.) it had a long term impact. Reilly's paper on the homoerotic themes of Sonichu, "Heterosexual Homoeroticism in Internet Subcultures: A Case Study" (published in the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Subculture Studies, fall 2009) seemed to hit Chris hard. From CWCipedia:

I have also heard of My Sonichu being written in College Essays that promote homosexuality. And even worse, promoting him in the Gay Pride Parades. WRONG LABELS; STOP WRITING OR PROMOTING ME OR MY CHARACTERS AS SUCH! ALL Sonichus Are Straight! ALL Rosechus Are Straight! I Am Straight! My Comics are STRAIGHT COMICS. I, Sonichu and Rosechu, We Never Want to be part of ANY AND ALL Homosexual-Promoting Papers or Events, because with EVERY ITEM that is created from NOT OF MY OWN HANDS that EVEN Inklings such Wrongful Labelings upon, ME, Sonichu, Rosechu, and ALL MY STRAIGHT CHARACTERS, WE ARE ALL BEING DISREPECTED!

Chris would also retcon aspects of his comic that could be taken to be gay, such as the Rainbow Chris scene from Sub-Episode 2 and redubbing the Sonichu Balls "Sonichu Crystals."

When Chris was asked why he doesn't just confront the forum, he said that he didn't have the time.

References by Chris

  • In Sonichu #9, Chris alludes to Gay 4 Sonichu and Ignatius J. Reilly based on information from his IRC encounter, where Sonichu appreciates his fans regardless of sexual orientation, but reaffirms that Chris, Sonichu, Rosechu, etc. are STRAIGHT. In fact, he spends a grand total of one paragraph thanking his fans, no matter their orientation, and several pages ranting about being straight and how homosexuality is wrong.


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